Chef's Noodle Korean Dishes to Savor at The Block in SM City North Edsa

It was one rainy lunchtime when me and my blogger/ friends together with Ms. Ana Liza Reyes had scheduled a visit to one of Chef's Noodles' newest branches located here in ground level of The Block in SM City North Edsa in Quezon City. 

It was a rather gloomy weather but for me, it was just perfect when you're having their signature dish, of course it's no other than, Chef's Noodle! Most especially when it's steaming hot with full of flavors and texture. A healthy option for everyone 'coz its "good to share." :))

Korean fresh noodles with beef and anchovy broth topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onion, red pepper, egg roll and bulgogi all for only PhP 150.00

We've also tried their Seafood Pajun, it's a Korean pancake with seafood for only PhP 99.00

Do you know what this is? I have to really commend this since I love Japchae noodles and seaweeds! This is called Kimari Twigim. You see, my favorite Japchae noodles and seaweeds were literally rolled into one in special Tempura battered mix! Thanks to my blogger/ friend Bedalyn Aguas who recommended and ordered this. This is also worth your money for a price of PhP 99.00 only. Another additional to my "what to order" list at Chef's Noodle. ;)) 

Oops! Here's another Korean dish, Bibimbap that'll surely fill- up your appetite and tummies! I guess they've even improved this and you can order it with a single served ice tea for only PhP 99.00, such a budget-friendly meal! It consists of traditional Korean steamed rice with seasoned vegetables (love this!) and egg, you also have the option for chicken, beef or pork. :))

So, you think we had enough? Not yet, haha we also had, Sensun Kas, it's a breaded white snapper topped with cream kas sauce in egg, onion leeks and sesame seeds. This is a must-try, promise! 

Chef Choi In Sun, a popular Korean chef featured a dish in a Korean food show titled Starking Show, thus his signature dish was called Starking Fire Sushi, it is a falvorful dish which consists of sushi rice topped with thinly sliced premium beef torched and served with soy and wasabi. But you also have the option of either shrimp or tuna. Chef's Noodle never missed the chance to tap Chef Choi and then they've also developed the menu. 

Philippine-based Korean tv and radio personality and Chef's Noodle celebrity endorser Ms. Grace Lee together with Chef Choi In Sun

This is an image of a raw shrimp Starking Fire Sushi

Carefully watch while it is being torched! 

This is it! Amazing! You can enjoy it with their special sushi sauce, wasabi and lemon. 
This costs PhP 160.00 

Oh well, I really feel full but seeing this being served on our table, who would dare to resist? This is the Spicy Ddukbokki, it is a spicy and sweet rice cake seasoned with various fruit juices for the price of PhP 150.00. I also had this in Hongkong in one of the fastfood stores there inside the Ocean Park, and it was different. I must admit, I like this, even better. ;))

And now... been preserving a special space for this hahaha! I wouldn't miss this for the world! You haven't been to Chef's Noodle if you weren't able to have at least ordered their Japchae, my all-time favorite!!! Actually we all enjoyed this noodle dish, we had even re-ordered it for several times (bitin!), a real proof of must-try Korean dish! This traditional glass noodle dish with beef and veggies that is seasoned with special soy sauce costs only PhP 130.00. Such a real deal huh! 


The ambiance is so light, a bit edgy and homey for dining with family and friends! The staff is so accommodating and friendly too... 

Friends and co-bloggers at Chef's Noodle at The Block SM City North Edsa

There are a lot more Korean Dishes to savor at Chef's Noodle! Visit their Facebook page and Twitter for more updates, promos and details! 

Chef's Noodle is now also open for franchising!

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