"Bet On Your Baby," Judy Ann's newest bet

Philippines' newest television game show "Bet on your Baby" host Mrs. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo still sexy and fab during the show's presscon

"Totoo pala 'yung sinabi nila na, when you become a mother, nagiging selfless ka, una 'yun... pangalawa,  hindi ka nawawalan ng energy basta gising ang anak mo, gising ka din, ura-urada ka magluluto, maglilinis ng bahay, makikipaglaro sa kanila. Pag tulog na sila, dun mo lang mare-realize na... pagud na pagod pala ko (she laughs)! Pero mas 'yung pag umuuwi ka, you look forward to going home because you want to check on your kids, you want to see them before they go to sleep, totoo 'yun eh, 'yung wala kang ibang gustong gawin kundi bahay-trabaho, trabaho-bahay. Hangga't maaari, kung pupwedeng 'yung building mo nasa paligid lang ng bahay n'yo, kung pupwedeng kakatukin ka na lang sa bahay mo, dun na tyo magmiting para di na ko umalis. Ahm... you just become 100%, 'yung pagiging instinct mo bilang isang ina, lumalabas lang pala talaga 'yun, akala ko aaralin mo pa, hindi pala. Iba- iba tayo ng experiences sa mga mommies natin, mga kaibigan natin na naging mommies, hindi pwedeng i-compare, ako, ang nangyari sa'kin nang naging nanay ako, mas naging energetic ako, napapansin ko 'yung mas madalas ako nakangiti para sa mga anak ko... hindi dahil kailangan ako nakangiti, pero ano lang, you're just happy complete when you're a mommy," Mrs. Judy Ann Santos- Agoncillo sincerely shared when asked about the things she's learned about being a mother during "Bet on your Baby" presscon held at the 9501 14th floor, ELJ building in ABS-CBN compound, Quezon City. 

"Bet on your Baby," is ABS-CBN's newest game show and family treat, hosted by well loved, highly acclaimed tv personality and hands-on mom, Judy Ann Santos- Agoncillo that will have its pilot episode this Saturday, October 19, 2013 after TV Patrol. Judy Ann is so proud of this show as it shares both education and enjoyment to the televiewers, the participating kids and their respective parents or families. 

Ms. Judy Ann was so excited to tell that during one of the newest game show's tapings, she had her son, Lucho, who's now almost three years old,  played in one of the challenges there. Juday was so proud of her son because they succeeded in that particular task, Lucho had to put all the towers down except for the yellow ones. Too bad, they weren't able to record it, but I can see on Ms. Juday's eyes and reaction how she really enjoyed and was so thrilled about her upcoming game show, "Bet on your Baby," and will be the first of its kind here in the Philippines, since it was originated from United States that premiered on ABC just last April 13, 2013. 

Judy Ann, having a great time while on the "Bet on your Baby" set

A lot were curious and asking, why did they choose the age group of 2-3 1/2 years old to be the required age for the babies to qualify for the show, Ms. Juday has explained very well that, during that age of our kids, they get to listen to their parents and at the same time, curious of the things happening around them. It is the stage wherein they are at their most active mode or in other words, super hyper. They do things because they like to, doesn't matter if it's right or wrong, and those characteristics are the best requirements for the show. Kids love colors, when they see different colors, they all feel they're already in Disneyland. She also said that, this is the most "innocent" moment of their lives. 

Still about the show, there's a portion there where Juday gets to converse with the parents that join the show, Juday admitted that she was able to relate with them and she immediately took a liking to the kids she has met on the show, "It's easy to love the program because you're dealing with babies, and you can't go wrong with that," according to the host. The connection that she formed with the families that she has met on the show so far is one that she hopes will branch out to inspire other Filipino families, especially with the show presenting techniques that parents and children can take into their own homes. 

"I'm just hopeful that we can inspire people to enjoy having their kids around. 'Bet on your Baby' is here to help parents enjoy their kids more. Besides, being a parent, I learned that, when it comes to your children, you don't want to miss any moment. It's important to be beside them in whatever they go through. I think when you come to that point, it's true that you become selfless. It's true that you smile without reason. All of a sudden there's so much more value in your being alive," according to Juday. 

Another great reason to look forward to every Saturday night for us, dear readers. But wait! We can also expect some dance moves from Ms. Judy Ann :-), isn't it so exciting?! Miss her 'That's Entertainment" days! Well definitely, "Bet on your Baby," is Judy Ann's newest bet!!!


The first episode of the highly-anticipated game show “Bet On Your Baby” hosted by well-loved showbiz personality and hands-on mom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is finally taking to television screens this Saturday (Oct 19) with none other than three favorite Kapamilya stars and their babies as the show’s very first contestants.

Ai Ai delas Alas, Anthony Taberna and Benjie Paras, along with their babies, are set to take on the “Bet On Your Baby” stage. Along with their respective companions, the three will be taking on the three different rounds of the game show, namely the initial round, the puzzle round, and the jackpot round.
In the first round, Ai Ai, Tunying and Benjie will be asked to guess how things will turn out inside the “Baby Dome”, where their babies will be. Whoever guesses right will be rewarded with P10,000.
After that, the three celebrities will all look on as their babies dive into a pile of toys, slowly revealing a picture puzzle underneath. 

Aiai delas alas with son Sancho

Judy Ann with broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna

Benjie Paras and wife Lyxen

The first contestant to figure the puzzle out in the second round will proceed to the jackpot round.
Reaching the jackpot round is already a win in itself, as the family that makes it through will already be taking home a minimum of P50,000. However, the major jackpot prize in the show’s final round amounts to P1 million.

Don’t miss out on the first episode of “Bet On Your Baby” to see how it all plays out. “Bet On Your Baby” airs on Saturday (Oct 19) after “TV Patrol Weekend” on ABS-CBN. For updates, visit “Bet On Your Baby” on Facebook (www.facebook.com/betonyourbabyph) and follow @betonyourbabyph on Twitter or @betonyourbabyphilippines on Instagram.

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