Be Fit, Fab and #deLITEful with Magnolia Chicken Station LITE

Who wouldn't want their chickens to be clean, lean, fresh and healthy? Of we course we all wanted our chickens to be as fit and fab as we'd like ourselves to be. Magnolia Chicken Station (MCS) has been with us for nine years now and are located in your favorite supermarkets carrying frozen chicken at first, but Magnolia has thought of offering fresh chicken in MCS either in bulk, by piece or by 100 grams and consumers have also the option to choose specific cuts for themselves. 

As a mom who takes care of everything and anything from household chores, cooking, taking care of my family down to choosing what's best for my family especially when it comes to products or items to be picked from supermarkets, I buy Magnolia Fresh Chicken in MCS located in SM's Savemore near our place. I find it easier and comfy for me to get those Alagang Magnolia fresh chicken there since it's more sanitized and cleaner than wet markets. I can choose different customized chicken options from fillets, deboned whole chicken, ground chicken, and other dish- specific chicken cuts (adobo, tinola, recado, menudo, etc.), it's so convenient and helpful. 

And for "pambaon" or "ulam" options, I could choose from MCS cook-easy line up: special marinated cuts in a variety of flavors such as Chicken Teriyaki (my personal fave!), Inasal, Korean BBQ, Breaded Chicken Fingers, Savory Fried Chicken and a lot more. 

But wait, another great news from Magnolia has been cooked once again! Just recently, they've launched the Magnolia Chicken Station Lite (MCS Lite) at SM Mall of Asia with guest, the ever fit and fab and gorgeous Ms. Angel Aquino. 

Ms. Angel Aquino during the Magnolia Chicken Station "Deliteful Day" 

Ms. Llena Tan Arcenas, In- House Nutritionist, San Miguel Pure Foods 

During that one deLITEful day by Magnolia Chicken Station, we were able to gather facts and be reminded of the things that we sometimes neglect when it comes to health and wellness and that is basically the MCS theme. Ms. llena has discussed about embracing the proper nutrition by elaborating about the principles of a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, healthy eating tips and the proper storage of foods in the fridge which were all very helpful and useful. 

Of course, who wouldn't want to miss healthy cooking demo? :)) 

There's FREE consultation

Food tasting!

Fun,  dancing and games!!!

Magnolia Chicken Station wanted to promote a healthier line of fresh chicken products since it would come from a leaner and healthier chicken parts or products. The current MCS line-up includes the high protein, less fat Magnolia free Range Chicken as well as lean, skinless breast cuts like breast fillet, chicken strips, chicken chunks and lean ground chicken. The brand is also set to come up with a healthy cook-easy line, lean cuts lightly marinated in natural herb and fruit-based flavors that can be used for salads, pastas and sandwiches like this:

So there's no reason for us not to be fit, fab and deLITEful with Magnolia Chicken Station Lite. Just visit them in SM Supermarkets, SM Savemore and SM Hypermarket outlets nationwide! 

Special thanks to Fitness First, YSA Botanica, Taylor Tyler, My Great Food Club, San Miguel Pure Foods, the Magnolia Chicken Station Raffle booth and Jonel Uy of Blogger Circles for the invite. 

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