A Hero's Farewell for "Juan dela Cruz"

It's been eights months since the tv premiere of "Juan dela Cruz" aired in Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN Channel 2. Coco Martin's character as "Juan" has inspired a lot of people most especially the kids and a lot of lives including Coco, himself. "Because of the show and our advocacy projects, I do not only delight people through acting, I also get the chance to get to know, bond, and help our viewers who are in need. It's a different kind of joy when people, especially the youth, tell me that I inspire them, Coco explained. 

"Sa trabaho talaga namin, bilang artista at sa hirap ng ginagawa naming soap ngayon, honestly napapabayaan namin 'yung personal namin na buhay, ganun kabigat 'yung trabahong pinasok namin. Pero sabi ko nga, never kong pinagsisihan dahil alam ko nung pinasok ko 'tong trabahong 'to, alam kong kaakibat at kasama 'yun, sa trabahong ito. Basta ang importante, para sa'kin, sa bawa't soap opera na ginagawa ko, alam ko na napapaligaya ko 'yung mga manonood at masaya ako, kung ano ang dahilan kung bakit mahilig ako mag- mall show, pumunta sa iba't- ibang probinsya para mag- show dun, kasi gusto ko magpasalamat sa mga tao sa pagtulong nila at sa pagtanggap nila sa mga soap opera na ginagawa ko. Yun 'yung paraan ko para makapagpasalamat sa kanila "direct" kasi di'ba pwede akong magpasalamat sa kanila sa tv, pero iba kasi kapag nakita at narinig mo sila sa personal eh. Kumbaga, mas ramdam mo 'yung pagmamahal at suporta nila sa'yo," Coco said in his most sincere tone. 

The Drama King Coco Martin, who's now the "most- loved actor of the masses," has a never failing goal to help the less fortunate students in different parts of the country by actively participating in several "Juan Fun School Day" activities at the same time entertaining them and giving his most genuine and heartfelt "thank you." These main characteristics of Coco in real life-  his humbleness, being grounded, a very greatful person, helpful and always thinking of others ahead of him had also reflected to his character as Juan in his top-rating tv series, "Juan dela Cruz." And this contributed to the success of his soap which will soon bid farewell to the loyal viewers, followers and supporters and finally come to an end on October 25. 

Asked what was the character of "Juan" that had really put a great mark on him, he answered, "Bawa't soap na ginagawa ko, nilalagay ko kasi talaga 'yung kung ano ko, 'yung pagkatao ko, kung mapapansin ninyo sa bawa't soap opera ko lagi akong may lola, kadalasan nga 'yung leading lady ko, hindi 'yung leading lady ko eh, ang lola ko lagi akong may lola. Kasi nga lagi kong sinasabi na ako 'to, hindi character lang 'yan kumbaga, pinapasok ko 'yan, kung bakit ako part ng creative kasi nag-iinput ako, kung ano 'yung kaalaman ko o kung anuman 'yung totoong pagkatao ko dun sa bawa't character na ginagampanan ko. Kumbaga si "Juan dela Cruz" at ako, ako 'yan, iisa 'yan, hindi dahil karakter lang 'yan, kumbaga kung ano 'yung napapanood n'yo, hindi ko sinasabing hero ako ha (he giggles), pinapasok ko 'yan dahil ako 'yan, merong parte ng pagkatao ko na nilalagay ko dun sa karakter ko." 

Coco Martin during "Juan dela Cruz" blogcon

Coco still admitted that, as an actor, he is also a fan until now and still idolizes Piolo Pascual. He hopes to do a movie or project with Ms. Kris Aquino, Marian Rivera (as Kris' suggested in Kris TV) and his idol Piolo Pascual. Coco in his younger years, remembers idolizing Pinoy superheroes like "Panday," FPJ, and "Captain Barbell." He also hopes that "Juan dela Cruz" will have a comics version someday since Juan's life story and character is very interesting. He's very thankful to the legendary works of the late FPJ (Fernando Poe Jr.) who had greatly contributed to Philippine Cinema in giving life to the "Panday" character. He's also looking forward that someday, "Juan dela Cruz" will also have a place in local showbusiness and that be remembered by the Filipino people. 

As for me, "Juan dela Cruz," is already there. The character and the life story of Juan may be fictional but for most of us, especially the kids, had considered Juan to be their modern superhero. A superhero that represents such positive characters which is very inspiring for them. Juan exemplifies what a true Pinoy should be, strong, helpful, has the willingness to learn and accept mistakes, family- oriented, chivalrous, humble, God- fearing and God- loving and most of all selfless. Juan is the epitome of what a true human should be. Coco Martin is very thankful he was chosen to do this character which had made him a better actor and more responsible Filipino citizen. 

Don't fail to watch remaining two weeks of "Juan dela Cruz" after "TV Patrol" on Primetime Bida. A lot of struggles and revelations will be showcased in the last few nights of this very successful tv action/ drama series. Will Juan succeed in the battle against Peruha (Diana Zubiri) to save the world from the dangers of other mythical creatures? Will Juan and Rosario have a happy ending after all? There are a lot of reasons to stick to "Juan dela Cruz," the tv series that had been part of our nightly routine for more than half of the year (8 months to be exact), Juan, being one of the most well-loved characters/ superheroes in Philippine television, deserves a "Hero's Farewell" from all of us. 

Bye for now, Juan... our Pinoy Superhero...

But definitely we'll be seeing each other again soon, Papa Coco! ;-)

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Watch video of Coco Martin interview during his conference with the bloggers

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