Jessy Mendiola: The Perfect Pinay Maria Mercedes

Pinay Maria Mercedes Jessy Mendiola with co-stars Nikki Gil, Jake Cuenca and Jason Abalos during Maria Mercedes blog conference 

Way back the 90's era, a Mexican Telenovela was welcomed by most of the Pinoy televiewers and had received a very warm and great impact in its tv ratings, in short, it was a "trending" topic among households, offices, variety stores, establishments and among peers. I am talking about the well-loved "Maria Mercedes," originally played by Thalia, a Mexican actress, singer, songwriter, published author and businesswoman. The Filipinos, most especially the Pinays, were able to relate to Thalia's character in "Maria Mercedes," very sweet, loving daughter and sibling, responsible, cheerful, a girl with full of dreams for her family and at the same time, God-fearing. 

And today, as part of ABS-CBN's 60th anniversary, they are now offering the remake of "Maria Mercedes," with the very beautiful, sexy and talented actress Jessy Mendiola as the title-roler. ABS-CBN had conducted a series of audition for the main character but Jessy admitted that the role was directly given to her which she is very thankful and promises to give her best in this project. 

The 20-year old fresh and gorgeous actress shared that she had undergone several workshops with direk Chito Roño to be able to adapt and be the perfect Pinay Maria Mercedes. Being truthful to what she's promised, she really aims to be "in character" of Maria Mercedes, she even engaged in dance lessons to be able to move more gracefully like Thalia. 

"Happy ako na nabigay sa'kin ito... originally kasi dapat non-prime show ito, siguro napakita namin 'yung  gusto naming maiparating sa kanila na mahal namin 'yung project na'to, ginawa nilang primetime. Hindi lang 'yun kasi this October kasi is celebration of 60th anniversary of soap opera, so I'm really happy na, they consider our show to be one of their offerings so I'm actually really happy na it is more than what we were asking for... I feel like we are really blessed and the management really loves us," the Pinay Maria Mercedes said when I asked about her newest tv series being placed finally in a primetime slot (Primetime Bida). 

The perfect Pinay Maria Mercedes, Jessy Mendiola 

In my own opinion, and for sure, majority would agree with me, for claiming that Jessy Mendiola is the perfect if not the best Maria Mercedes our country could ever have! She is not just a pretty face, you know, Jessy is a smart, bubbly, very positive, friendly, family-oriented, dream-weaver, a fighter, so natural, humble and empowering kind of girl. Asked what does she think is the basic quality that she and Maria Mercedes have in common... she said, "Palaban ako, mas lalo na pagdating sa pamilya, sobrang lahat na gawin n'yo sa 'kin 'wag n'yo lang papakialaman ang pamilya ko. So ganun din si Maria Mercedes, kapag may umapi sa mga kapatid n'ya, sa pamilya n'ya, aawayin talaga n'ya. So kapag inaway talaga ang pamilya ko (she's giggling), aawayin ko and si Maria Mercedes kasi, s'yempre sabi nga nila maraming nagkakagusto kay Maria Mercedes... inaantay n'ya 'yung tamang panahon, kung kelan s'ya mai-inlove ng todo-todo, at ganun din ako in real life na mag-aantay ako ng tamang panahon hindi 'yung agad-agad. Sa ngayon, pamilya muna, kasi mahal ko talagang sobra 'yung pamilya ko at ganun din si Maria Mercedes, palaban pero pagdating sa pamilya mahina s'ya..." 

Yep, the true essence of a real and modern Filipina, Jessy Mendiola has it! Watch her and be inspired with the story of the Pinay "Maria Mercedes" in ABS-CBN Kapamilya network, nightly in Primetime Bida, right after "Got To Believe." Joing her are co-stars: 

Jake Cuenca as Luis Sancuevas 

Jason Abalos as Clavio Mondejar

Nikki Gil as Mistica

The cast of "Maria Mercedes" catch them in Kapamilya Primetime Bida

Senorita Jessy Mendiola, my sweet and lovable Maria Mercedes!

with the ever pretty and fashionable Nikki Gil

with awesome Jake Cuenca

with the hunk Jason Abalos

More pics from Maria Mercedes blogcon here!!!

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