"She's The One:" Speaks of Friendship, Love, Regrets and Second Chances

How can you say you've found "the one?" And if you haven't found the one yet, have you tried looking closely around instead of searching for someone you never know? If in case you fall for someone and that someone falls for another person, would you fight for your love? Would you rather stay on the side and keep the "feelings" to yourself and just wait for the perfect time (you hope)? What if there won't be a second chance anymore? Remember that, regrets always happens in the end. 

In love and friendship, there's always a struggle, a conflict, an overthrow, a sacrifice and a compromise. In the case of Cat (Bea Alonzo), because of the love for her family, she's devoted most of her precious time with them and for them. Cat is a very responsible and empowered woman who, on her part, doesn't need a man to do things for her, she's a very independent gal who had lost her youth in order to serve her family and be in charge of everything. The only time she can be herself and act herself is when she's with one man... her best friend, Joaqui (Dingdong Dantes).  

Bea Alonzo smiles during "She's the One," blogcon

While on the other hand, Joaqui, in his thirties, a successful host of a local tv program has always been so generous with girls. He's so generous of his love and attention to a lot of girls, he doesn't even notice this one girl... his best friend Cat. He never realize that "the one" that's always been there for him and rendering him an unconditional love and attention might be taken away from him in such a brief occurrence. This is the portion in the movie when viewers can relate and learn to appreciate someone who's always taken for granted. Life is so short, find the courage to speak up and share what you feel. You may never know if that someone would still be there when you finally realize that "She's the One" or he's the one you've been looking for all these years, and that he/ she's been there all along. 

It's Dingdong Dantes' third movie with Star Cinema :))

Then comes David (Enrique Gil), a young, vibrant, courageous, persuasive, idealistic, liberated, happy-go-lucky type of guy. He can never forget what he witnessed and couldn't believe his eyes, when he saw Cat, a very hot chick, as strong and as empowered like a real man, changing the tires of her car while being under the rain, clueless of her identity, he called her, "The Girl in the Rain." David being so interested of "the girl in the rain," launched his search for her via the video he recorded from that one rainy night. It went viral until it had reached Joaqui's attention. As the host of a morning show, he became interested in guesting David to attract more viewers for the said show, not realizing that his daring move, would put him into a different spot that he would later regret. 

"King of the Hill," Enrique Gil, has a lot to give... 

In our real world, this kind of characters and setting really exist right? I hope you would agree with me, it may not happen to you personally but somehow, you've heard stories similar to Cat, Joaqui and David's. And believe me, I know some real stories too ;)). Today, we can see women who fall for guys much younger than them. And in the case of Cat and David, we could see that Cat was also attracted to David despite their age difference. You see, Cat has lost her youth which she feels she never had the time to enjoy it; until this young man showed up who praises and adores her so much, gives her the utmost importance and appreciation, love her for what she is. 

The scenario: Joaqui feels very uncomfortable every time he sees the couple (Cat and David). It's very obvious that he feels for his best friend Cat and that he's very jealous of their relationship. You see, it took the presence of a young man (David) for him to realize that Cat is "the one" for him and that she's been always there for him all along. The question is, if Joaqui was able to find the courage and speak up for his feelings towards Cat, will he be able to achieve and win back Cat's heart? What if it's too late? What if there's no second chance? Will fate favor Cat and Joaqui's love angle after all? 

Please do watch this movie and find out for yourselves the answers to all of those questions. :)) 

During the two separate bloggers conferences for "She's the One" movie held at Wangfu Chinese Resto in Tomas Morato cor Roces Ave., in Quezon City, we asked the lead actors Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil and upcoming teen star, Liza Soberano, this question: "Have you found the one?" 

Bea: "Ang sarap talaga pakinggan kapag may nagsasabi na 'I've already found the one.' Sana masabi ko rin 'yan one day, and I hope he's the one."

Liza: "I think when I'm older probably, I mean everyone wants to find "the one," and wants to be happy with someone when they're older so, probably when I'm older. Quen (Enrique Gil) is a nice person so I couldn't see why he couldn't be." 

Enrique: "Still searching." He elaborated on the qualities he looks for a girl: "Gusto ko 'yung malambing, kahit di marunong magluto basta malambing busog ka na di'ba, 'yun ang importante eh (he giggles), mahilig sa aso, sa animals. Basta malambing, 'yun ang pinakaimportante sa akin."

Dingdong: "Ako tingin ko, oo, pero... I hope I'm right and I'm pretty sure I am." 

Bea and Liza 

Direk Mae Cruz (third from left), Bea Alonzo, Liza Soberano and Vanessa Valdez during one of the movie's blogcons

The two leading men, Dingdong and Enrique of Bea in "She's the One" movie

Miss Vanessa Valdez, screenwriter and Star Cinema's Creative Director wanted the moviegoers to realize and achieve the message of the story which is: "It's not just a best friends story, a lot of people think it's a best friends story but direk Mae and I were discussing that, this is also an epiphany story, a second chances story kasi, it's Cat's second chance at youth, Cat's second chance at finding love, but at the same time it's also about Joaqui's second chance, you know finally manning up and being brave." 

Whereas Liza expressed,"I want them to be more appreciative of the people around them and 'yung pahalagahan po talaga nila kung ano 'yung meron sa kanila and what they taught one another." On the other hand, Bea shared, "It's a story about courage, or being brave about love, na what if wala ka nang second chance di'ba? Parang life is too short, I mean kung meron kang gustong sabihin, sabihin mo. Life should be simple." And finally direk Mae Cruz said, "Love knows no age and no time. Kasi you know, parang Joaqui wasn't ready nung earlier part ng life n'ya, but there is a perfect time for it. Love knows no age because we cannot see when it's gonna happen, how it's gonna happen." 

Congrats direk Mae Cruz for a job well done! 

"She's The One," movie is graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board and is now showing in over 100 theater nationwide. This is still another movie offering in line with Star Cinema's 20th anniversary this year. Other casts include, Maricar Reyes, Tony Mabesa, Perla Bautista, Pinky Amador, Guji Lorenzana, RS Francisco, Marc Solis. Erika Padilla, Garlic Garcia, Coleen Garcia, Daniel Matsunaga, LJ Moreno and Kerwin Garcia. 

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