Super sandwiches perfect for family trips this summer

Gardenia's NewBake Super Slice 

With every family activity or bonding moment with our family, food or snacks will always be there. And with every food that we serve to them we see to it that it's of best quality but yet very affordable. 

What’s the most popular activities for families this summer? Road trips! It can be a trip to the province or your hometown to visit your relatives. Another option is a beach trip where everyone can have fun under the sun while enjoying the cool water. Or, it can be a quick drive to a nearby park for a nice picnic with the family. Wherever your road trip destination is, it’s sure to be fun for the entire family.

And where there’s a road trip, there has to be baon. Sandwiches are one of the must-have snacks because it’s easy to prepare and convenient to eat while on the road. Good thing there is now NeuBake Super Slice, the newest loaf bread from Gardenia that has bigger slices, yet affordable at P29. With NeuBake Super Slice, you can create bigger sandwiches that can satisfy your big appetites.

Everything about NeuBake is exciting and new – from the slices, bigger than your regular white bread, to the horizontal packaging format, to the enjoyment that your family will get when you start preparing sandwiches for your summer trips.

Aside from its Super Slice, NeuBake also comes in a new Super Tipid Pack! This new, horizontal pack gives you 10 slices of big, delicious white bread, for only P29! That means you can make big, delicious sandwiches without taking a big bite out of your budget.  

NeuBake Super Slice Super Tipid Pack is available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. It comes in white bread and wheaten bread variants. That’s more choices for you to satisfy the summer sandwich cravings of your kids and the whole family.

For more information about NeuBake, visit  

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Give Mom the Healthy and Delicious Hurom Squeeze This Mother’s Day

Moms have always made sure that their kids are in the pink of health. They have undertaken countless ways, both stealthy and overt, to make sure you eat your vegetables, take your vitamins and consume good nutritive food you may not have always been so inclined to eat. Now that you’re older, you owe your good health to your mother. It’s time to give that gift of health back to her. 
We are all aware that many health campaigns all over the world advice the intake of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables for better health.  According to a 13-year study by University College London, a daily average of more than seven plates of fruits and vegetable drastically reduces the risk of all-cause mortality. Fruits and vegetables are not only abundant in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, but in phytochemicals and enzymes as well. These substances have powerful antioxidant effects such as anti-aging, skin care, promoting immunity, among many others.  

The amount of enzymes in our bodies gradually decreases with age and they do not replace themselves. So, why is this important? Enzymes are essential to creating energy in your body. If you lack enzymes, it is harder for your body to convert food into energy, making you more easily fatigued. They must be supplemented by food, and fruits and vegetables contain the most enzymes. Consuming five to seven plates of fruits and vegetables is easier than done.  An alternative to supplement your required daily intake of fruit and vegetables is to drink it. These liquid vitamins taste better, too:  a refreshing glass of vitamins, minerals and enzymes? No wonder juicing is now at an all time high, a trend that is set to become a fixture in daily life. The popularity of juicing has resulted in a proliferation of juicers, so how do you pick the one that best suits your needs, or better yet, one that keeps your health at the forefront of their research.

Hurom has spent over 40 years perfecting juice. Their patented Slow Squeeze Technology uses an auger to squeeze out juice (similar to how you would hand-squeeze an orange) instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades like other juicers and blenders. This motion minimizes damage to ingredients, keeping natural taste and nutrition intact.  In microscopic close ups of Hurom-made tomato juice, the juice retains its natural color and cellular structure.
 Hurom juicers are also built to last since maximum juicing health ideally means a daily diet of fresh juices. Materials like ultem, tritan, and stainless steel, some of which are used to build spaceships, make up your Hurom juicer. Hurom results in a higher yield of healthy unprocessed juice that will taste great for 72 hours.
Of course you don’t want the same juice every day, so whether you like sweet and sour fruits or leafy greens or nut milk, a Hurom juicer lets you pick from a wide array of fruits & vegetables, nuts and seeds, and herbs & spices. Hurom is more than just a juicer. Depending on the model, there are many preparations you can do with Hurom such as almond milk and even fresh noodles. Certain Hurom models even have an attachment where you can make healthy pure fruit sherbets and ice cream.  

A Hurom juicer is also easy to use & clean. This is something important to the makers because they know if it’s easy to assemble and clean, consumers will use it more. Hurom juicers are 100% BPA free and come without any blades or sharp parts, making it safe for children to use. The narrow hoppers are designed so that even the smallest hands can’t fit inside.
Hurom ambassador Lee Young Ae, better known as Dae Jang Geum, her character in “Jewel in the Palace” is a health conscious mom, “I make fruit and veggie juice with Hurom for myself and my family. My kids don’t like fruits and vegetables,” she admits, which is a common problem all parents share. “But if I make fruit and veggie juice with Hurom, they love it. This is my secret to make them to eat fruit and veggies.” In a commercial that aired on Korean TV, Young Ae is shown juicing apples and carrots on a Hurom juicer for her son, and he drinks it up happily, none the wiser that it’s packed with nutrition. In other ads she is seen holding a juicing party with friends and another one, where she pours her fresh juice in bottles and takes them to work.  “I make different juices every day,” she says referring to Hurom recipe book. “But my mom loves to make soy noodle with the Hurom slow juicer.” As you can see, Hurom is for all generations of women. 
 The result is over a million in more than 70 countries make juice with a Hurom juicer, making Hurom the global leader. Wouldn’t you want to give your mom the best? 

2016 New Hurom H-AA Series Slow Juicers are available in Abenson, Anson Link, Duty Free, Gourdo’s, Rustan’s, Landmark, Royal Duty Free, S&R, SM Appliance, SM Home, True Value, and Western Appliances. To learn more about Hurom Slow Juicers, visit the official website at and follow us on our social media accounts: (Facebook), and (Twitter & Instagram) @HuromPHofficial. You may contact directly to hotlines (+632) 926-8038 / (+632) 926-8009.


1 cup coconut water
Handful of whole almonds
Half a banana

1. Soak almonds in water.
2. Peel banana and slice in appropriate sizes.
3. Pour in coconut water and add almonds, one spoonful at a time.
4. Add banana to juicer.
5. Enjoy! Pour over ice, if desired.  

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Dermcare Brings Beauty and Care

Ms. Nina Robertson, Mutya ng Pilipinas - Overseas Communities 2015

Channeling your beauty to radiate doesn’t come overnight, your skin requires pampering and care of a professional center that understands your needs. A center that provides all your skin pampering necessities has now come into full bloom as it introduces its new look and logo. 
For 2 decades, Dermcare have continuously shared their unfailing love and concern for their customers, delivering utmost satisfaction to your every vanity regardless of gender, age, social standing, and personal preferences.
Dermcare have been like a second home to their clients as the center treats each customer as part of their family. The care that Dermcare delivers manifest through repeat customers that keeps coming back for the very reason that they feel that they belong.

Understandably, you would only want the best for the ones you hold dear to your heart. This is why Dermcare has up the ante, so everyone in your family and social circle can experience the care and passion that only Dermcare can give. 

Pag-IBIG Recognizes Dermcare’s contribution to the community

Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card recently awarded Dermcare the “Loyalty Cardholder’s Favorite Partner” which equated to the number of cardholders who had the privilege to enjoy discounts at Dermcare branches nationwide.

Pag-IBIG Fund launched its Pag-IBIG Loyalty card Program in the year 2014. The program aims to extend the benefits given by Pag-ibig Fund to its members not just thru short term and housing loans but also to give them additional privilege in other necessities. Dermcare has been a Partner of Pag-IBIG Loyalty card since then.
Dermcare has served the Pag-IBIG members nationwide thru its more than 80 branches.  In 2016 alone, Dermcare has already extended an accumulated amount of more than P500,000 worth of discounts to around 2,000 Pag-IBIG Loyalty card members  who enjoyed up to 50% discount of Dermcare services and products.

New Logo, New Face

Dermcare's new logo is fused together with the care-centric ideals that they have at present. The flowers represent their growing clientele and how it has captured the hearts and gained the trust of the public.

In line with the new logo, Dermcare also launches the face of Dermcare - Ms. Nina Robertson, Mutya ng Pilipinas - Overseas Communities 2015. Nina embodies all the qualities that represents Dermcare, vibrant and full of energy!
True to its mission, Dermcare desires to foster care to its numerous clients by providing top-quality skin, hair and wellness services, as well as encompass the years of remarkable love and care for their customers.

Visit your nearest Dermcare branch today. For more information, follow them on Facebook:

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Give your Mom what's best... only from Goldilocks

Mothers are the best people in the world and I believe so. This coming Mother's day, why don't we give our Moms the best they truly deserve and express it thru Goldilocks' special Mother's day cakes!!! 

If love were personified, it would undoubtedly be in the form of a mother. Mothers are unfathomably strong, unconditionally loving, endlessly caring, deeply affectionate, and so much more. They sacrifice so much for their families and do the work of twenty people all by themselves, seeking nothing in return. Indeed, mothers are the epitome of love.

This Mother’s Day, it’s time to show you mom some appreciation for all the hard work and love she’s given throughout the years. Mother’s don’t only deserve something good – they deserve the very best. For the past 50 years, Goldilocks has been the go-to bakeshop for beautiful and delightful cakes, and is truly the best choice when it comes to expressing gratitude and affection. For this very special occasion, the country’s number one bakeshop would like to present mothers with a selection of special Mother’s Day Cakes fit for sharing the love.

Choose between three specially made cakes: a sweet Strawberry Delight cake topped with fresh Strawberries, a delicious Tres Leches Cake topped with white chocolate and icing, and for those who love the classics, the best-selling Black Forest Cake in the shape of a heart. Moms everywhere will surely love the deliciously sweet treats at Goldilocks, and will appreciate the equally sweet gesture. 

For more information, visit or join the conversation through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at backslash GoldilocksPH 

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So happy that McDonald's Shake Shake Fries is back with new flavors!!!

McDonald's Shake Shake Fries 

Waiting for exciting news to shake up your day? Starting May 2, McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries is back as your ideal flavorful snack! It is the World Famous Fries made even more exciting with new flavors that you can have and enjoy your way. 

But there’s more—McDonald’s introduces two new delicious Shake Shake Fries flavors: Creamy Truffle and Cheddar & Sour Cream. Creamy Truffle is a rich and savory truffle flavor balanced with a hint of creamy cheese and chives that will keep you coming back for more. If you’re looking for a tasty creamy cheddar flavor blended with a light sour cream twist, then Cheddar & Sour Cream is the way to go! The Shake Shake Fries is also available in the classic BBQ flavor that has just the right spice.  

Get movin’ and shakin’ when you try out all three (3) exciting Shake Shake Fries flavors that are available for a limited time only! Shake Shake Fries comes free for every medium or large meal with Fries and drink. You can also pair it with a McFloat or Creamy McFreeze for a fun snack time experience!

Add flavor to your day with McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries when you dine in any time at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. You can also enjoy it via Drive-Thru or McDelivery by dialing 86-2-36, visiting, or using the McDo PH app.

Invite your friends and loved ones to shake up their day with the McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries! Share your photos on Facebook, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.

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Allianz PNB Life Backs National Youth Futsal Cup

Rei Abrazaldo, Allianz PNB Life Branding Communications and Digital Director; Gae Martinez, Allianz PNB Life Chief Marketing Officer; Danny Moran, Henry Moran Foundation President; and Ake Pastoral, Philippine Football Federation National Grassroots Officer.

Allianz PNB Life in cooperation with the Henry Moran Foundation and the 
Philippine Football Federation (PFF) will be holding the National Youth Futsal Cup on May 6, Saturday, 7am to 5pm, at the University of Asia and the Pacific. 

The event will mark the beginning of the selection process for the Philippines’ participation to the Allianz Junior Football Camp (AJFC). Allianz, the official partner of FC Bayern Munich, is host to an annual international football camp held in Munich, Germany. The camp gives teenagers (between the ages of 14-16) from across the world a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with the FC Bayern Munich coaches. 

This is the first year Allianz PNB Life will be sponsoring five male players from the friendly tournament to the AJFC to be held this July in Bali, Indonesia. Two winners out of the five players will be given the chance to represent the Philippines in the global camp this year in Munich, Germany.

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It always starts with a possibility of an encounter.

Garnering over 4 million views on Facebook and still counting, the latest Doublemint commercial about Sarah & Juan’s love story has touched the hearts of many Filipinos. It’s a love story filled with simple gestures of Sarah, offering Doublemint to Juan, and the latter, sketching the moment onto the wrappers.


Netizens have expressed their kilig for the couple and their story

Oh, I love this commercial, so much feels! Good job for creating this wonderful commercial Doublemint.”  says Vera Reyes. Inchet Flores complimented Wrigley’s Doublemint Team saying that the commercial is perfect and she loved the story of the commercial.

Being the sentimental lot we are, one can't help but document moments like these--the first conversation, first date, anything that is a memory worth keeping. The story of Sarah and Juan has reached through our deepest feelings of finding love in the simplest things. We watched their story unfold and were glued to our monitors just to see how the story ends.

Now imagine if you could put your love story in those wrappers and share it to the world, just like what 
Juan did. 

This April, Doublemint will make this possible through LoveWraps. LoveWraps is your sweetest kilig moments turned into sketches on Doublemint wrappers. Just log in to, upload three pictures that best tell your love story, and voila, your DoublemintLovewraps are ready! If that isn't enough, the best entries of the promo can win a trip to Boracay, giving a new moment for the winners to share. 

Your favourite celebrity couples have already taken part and have shared their love stories through LoveWraps.

“It’s the little gestures that get me all the time,” says Ruru Madrid, Encantadia Star of GMA7. “Yung mga simpleng bagay na  will make your day brighter, like those surprise texts and little notes that make your  heart melt. What more if they were drawings of your love story?” 

LoveWraps will be Doublemint’s most romantic activation to date, which will run from April 17 to May 21, 2017.Visit now and start sharing!

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Chanel Olive Thomas: Jake Cuenca's ex-gf is now Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2017

L-R: Bb. Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel de Leon, Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2017 Rachel Peters and Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2017 Chanel Olive Thomas 

The newly-crowned Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2017 is a Fil-Australian beauty, Chanel Olive Thomas. She was raised in Australia with a Filipina mother who hails from San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. She fell in love with the Philippines when she visited last 2014 and never came back to Australia since she had modelling job offers here while she had no commitments back in Australia. 

Her romantic ties with Kapamilya actor Jake Cuenca began sometime in April 2014 but didn't last for a year even if they tried to reconcile. Oh well, when it was time for Chanel to move on and start anew with her career, she has engaged herself into something she has never done before. 

She has joined a beauty pageant for the first time in May 2015, at the Miss Philippines Earth. It was the time when I met her personally during the delegates' welcome luncheon hosted by Yoshinoya Phils. SM Megamall branch. She has a ready-smile for everyone and very friendly too. Fortunate enough, she was crowned Miss Philippines Air 2015 while Angelia Ong got the main title, Miss Philippines Earth 2015. 

This is me with the newly-crowned Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2017 Chanel Olive Thomas during their Yoshinoya luncheon

If I will be given a chance again, I'd love to see her again and have a one-on-one interview with her. Would like to congratulate her personally and learn more of her success journey as a beauty queen. 

Congratulations Chanel and good luck on the coming international competition!!! 

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The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 List of Winners and Special Awards

The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 winners

Finally, the Bb. Pilipinas 2017 final results can now be told! First of all, congratulations to all the 40 candidates most especially to all those who emerged as winners! This pageant was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with main hosts Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and the dashing Xian Lim together with Miss Universe 4th runner-up Venus Raj. 

So here are the complete list of Bb. Pilipinas 2017: 


2nd Runner up: #40 Kristen Guelos
1st Runner Up: #33 Charmaine Elima

Winners Circle to represent the Philippines in International pageants: 

Bb. Pilipinas - Globe 2017: #18 Nelda Ibe
Bb. Pilipinas - Intercontinental: #31 Katarina Rodgriguez
Bb. Pilipinas - Grand International: #39 Elizabeth Durado Clenci
Bb. Pilipinas - Supranational: #22 Chanel Olive Thomas
Bb. Pilipinas - International: #15 Mariel De Leon
Miss Universe Philippines 2017: #19 Rachel Peters

 Rachel Peters #19:  Best in Swimsuit, Miss Photogenic, She's So JAG
Maria Angelica de Leon #15: Best in Long Gown, Miss Cream Silk
 Chanel Olive Thomas #22: Miss Friendship, Best in National Costume
Dane Felisse Marasigan #1:  Best in Talent
Katarina Rodriguez #31: Miss Philippine Airlines
Christagale Borja #20: Manila Bulletin Readers' Choice

TOP 25:
#18 Nelda Ibe
#2 Arienne Louise Calingo
#19 Rachel Louise Peters
#27 Beatrice Valente
#1 Dane Felisse Marasigan 
#31 Katarina Rodriguez
#28 Juliana Kapeundl
#17 Camille Manalo
#37 Sammie Anne Legaspi
#22 Chanel Olive Thomas
#39 Elizabeth Clenci
#6 Ma. Bejieleen Nama
#13 Sirene Sutton
#40 Kristel Guelos
#7 Jennyline Carla Malpaya
#15 Maria Angelica de Leon
#32 Charmaine Elima
#9 Vanessa Saliba
#33 Kristi Rose Cequeña
#16 Larah Grace Lacap
#20 Christagale Borja
#26 Ruffa Nava
#34 Gabriela Ortega
#10 Jehza Huelar
#38 Ana Patricia Asturias

TOP 15:
#39 Elizabeth Clenci
#15 Maria Angelica de Leon
#22 Chanel Olive Thomas
#31 Katarina Rodriguez
#10 Jehza Mae Huelar
#13 Sirene Sutton
#40 Kristel Guelos
#18 Nelda Ibe
#32 Charmaine Elima
#20 Christagale Borja
#17 Maria Camille Manalo
#34 Gabriela Patricia Ortega
#16 Larah Grace Lacap
#19 Rachel Louise Peters
#28 Juliana Kapeundl (SMART Texters' Choice)

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Ms. Gloria Romero in GMA's Sunday Grande via "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko"

Ms. Gloria Romero with the kids of "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko,"  David Remo, Chlaui Malayao, Jillian Ward and Julius Miguel.

Ms. Gloria Romero, tagged as the "Millennial Lola," for her funny and cool role in "Meant To Be," has another project in GMA Network. She'll be playing as Lola Goreng, a fairy grandmother of  Alice and Elvis portrayed by Jillian Ward and David Remo, respectively via the new kid-friendly, family oriented tv show "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko." 

Ms. Gloria Romero as Lola Goreng 

This new Kapuso tv show caters to the kids, kids at heart and adults since it delivers good family values, and lessons depicted in a playful manner that everyone would surely love. The magical adventures of Lola Goreng together with Alice, Elvis, Moira (Chlaui Maglayao), the girl who they found on the streets and to add more magic in the story, there's Jomel (Julius Miguel) will definitely make all your Sunday afternoons grand! 

Ms. Gloria Romero, has nothing but all praises to all the kids in the cast. She said that she finds them commendable because they must've really love their craft. She said, "Sa totoo lang, itong mga batang kasama ko dito ang gagaling, I can see their passion in acting. Minsan nahihiya nga ako kasi ako 'yung madalas magkamali. Sila, they van deliver their dialogues right away. Alam nila agad 'yung lines nila. They come to the set prepared. So ako, nahihiya ako whenever nagkakamali ako." 

The wholle cast of "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko" with direk Rico Gutierrez 

During the presscon, Ms. Gloria aka Lola Goreng even told the press that, "Actually, I am so blessed talaga noh, sa edad kong ito, nabibigyan pa ako ng isang role na ganito, sa edad kong 83 years old, di ko na kailangang mag-prosthetics pa para maging lola haha. This particular one, talagang matagal kong inintay ang role na 'to, nakakabata talaga, kay gagaling na mga artista at kay direk, direk thank you for your patience and I'm sure this is going to be a wonderful project for all of us." 

Ms. Gloria Romero was once local showbiz's Queen of Philippines movies during her era. I remember my mom and my grandma how they recall Ms. Gloria's angelic and perfect face like no other. She was the real epitome of a queen. I feel so happy for her that until now, she still can act and she's A-ok healthy with a sharp memory. Good thing that GMA Network is so trustful to her and still believe in her capabilities as an actress. 

"Daig Kayo ng Lola" ko premieres this April 30 on Sunday Grande over Kapuso network with the Queen of Primetime, Marian Rivera-Dantes as their celebrity guest for their pilot episode. 

As for me, I also feel fortunate and privileged to finally see and meet her. Close enough to have her picture taken with me. 

With  Ms. Gloria Romero as "Lola Goreng" 

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