NOIX Gear : Innovating and Re-defining Urban Street Fashion

Gearing up with my Noix white hoodie 
Photo by: Bedalyn of Beaux Memoir Photo Booth 

I am not a fan of sweat shirts and hoodie. But when it comes to comfort clothing coupled with style and fine texture, I'm so "in" to it! 

When Noix Gear was first introduced to me by my very good friend Stanley, I couldn't fully express my reactions yet, but when I finally geared up on it and headed the streets wearing this Noix white hoodie as my top, the people who were looking back and taking a second look can now attest to its street smart peg! It was so comfy I can even wear it sun up or sun down. 

Wearing Noix Gear gives me the freedom to express myself. I can freely move from one place to another unmindful of the weather. This is so versatile that you can also mix and match this with your skinny pants, like what I am wearing, it's a Uniqlo skinny pants (nice fit!)  and I also opted to put on my Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II black canvas (Climate Change). You can match this hoodie with your jeans, skirts or shorts perhaps. 

Experimental pose! Me and my friends find this pose funny but I still posted it because it's a self-expression. I wanted to show the different side of me. I can be boyish sometimes, you know... :)) 

Joining me during my photoshoot were my very supportive blogger/friends 

Angelyn Demo of , me and Gracee Bongolan of 

Me with Angelyn and Bedalyn Aguas of 

Thanks girls for the time and all the support!!! 

Thanks Noix Gear !!! 


"To impress" or "To Express"? - Well, it could be both.
While it is true that fashion trends is every yuppies sort of medium to express his or her personality, many would agree that along with that raging hormone to self-expression is the longing to be noticed by peers.
The quest for yearning is endless and for unto it, NOIX GEAR is born.  Here's comes a young brand ideal to grow old with. NOIX GEAR in all its potential is well-driven to weather the test of times.
Established in 2016, NOIX GEAR is a lifestyle brand that takes its inspiration from the popular street wear and highlight fine details in-between.
It embodies an individual’s adventurous persona on a wide-range of influences ranging from street style, music, arts and fun. There's so much variety of clothing designs and colors to choose from and each items comes in all sizes.

NOIX GEAR innovates and re-define what urban ‘street fashion’ is.  It introduces a unique approach to COOL, CLEAN and COMFY streetwear that symbolize an exciting lifestyle of a young blood on the GO!.
There is no better way than to gear up with an easy-to-wear COOL, CLEAN and COMFY streetwear that both express and impress. NOIX GEAR powers up with that global feel.
To check its latest array of designs of NOIX GEAR at and enjoy up to 30% OFF on their items.
For more info:  visit or follow “@noixgear” in social media via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. #GearUpAndMove #NOIXGear

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New York City-based acting coach Anthony Vincent Bova conducted a special and exclusive 3-day acting workshop for selected GMA Artist Center talents last August 15-17, 2017.

Also an actor, writer, and artistic director, Anthony Vincent is a protégé of famed acting coach Eric Morris, who has taught some of the best actors in the Philippines, including Armida Siguion-Reyna, Leo Martinez, Michael de Mesa, Joel Torre, and Pinky Amador.  In fact, Anthony Vincent Bova is the only instructor in New York endorsed by Mr. Morris to teach the Eric Morris System of Acting, one of the most popular, effective, and credible acting methods in the world. Anthony Vincent’s credits include Reading Rainbow with Levar Burton, The Emperors Club directed by Michael Hoffman with Kevin Kline (The Pink Panther, Beauty and Beast) and Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy), and the National Tour of Cats. 

Anthony Vincent Bova 

For the special 3-day workshop, Anthony Vincent facilitated classes together with Ana Feleo of Laurice Guillen Actor’s Studio (Ana is a Bova student in New York).

The lucky GMA Artist Center stars that participated include Addy Raj, Andrea Torres, Andre Paras, Ayra Mariano, Bianca Umali, Bruno Gabriel, Chynna Ortaleza, Dave Bornea, Derrick Monasterio, Diva Montelaba, Gabbi Garcia, Gil Cuerva, Isabelle de Leon, Inah de Belen, Jak Roberto, Jazz Ocampo, Jeric Gonzales, Joyce Ching, Juancho Trivino, Julie Anne San Jose, Kate Valdez, Kim Domingo, Klea Pineda, Koreen Medina, Kristoffer Martin, Lindsay de Vera, Matthias Rhoads, Max Collins, Miguel Tanfelix, Mike Tan, Mikee Quintos, Mikoy Morales, Nar Cabico, Pancho Magno, Phytos Ramirez, Rocco Nacino, Rodjun Cruz, Ruru Madrid, Sanya Lopez, Stephanie Sol, Thea Tolentino, Vaness del Moral, and Yasmien Kurdi.

“It’s rare that a network will groom their artists and invest in them. I’m very impressed by the way GMA is really stepping up and putting up an effort and it’s an honor to be part of that,” said Anthony Vincent Bova. “You might have talent but if it’s not cultivated it’s wasted, the artist will never hit their potential and never hit a high level of creative fulfillment.”

The participants, who were carefully selected to be scholars for this world-class acting workshop, were given individual and group exercises where they had to tap into previous experiences and use those to help them with their acting scenes. The activities were especially crafted for the GMA Artist Center stars to further improve their skills in character development and empower them to become confident, creative, and consistently effective actors. 

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Jerico Estregan stars in "Amalanhig | The Vampire Chronicle"

Jerico Estregan stars in his very first action-horror-thriller movie entitled "Amalanhig" 

This is the very first time that I've heard of the term "Amalanhig." Just like me, I am pretty sure that you would also like to know anything about it. From what we we've known during the film's presscon, "Amalanhig" is an evil creature in Visayan mythology and folklore, particularly among Hiligaynon speaking groups from Panay Island. 

It is a hybrid being (half-man, half-animal) with longer upper canine teeth used to kill its prey. A subspecies living in isolation thirsty for blood. It is a monster cross breed/ mutation between zombies and vampires that may be the missing link between humans and animals. The last survivor of man's genetic ancestors. 

What caught my attention in this movie was the mysterious story itself. And since vampires and zombies are also the "in" plots nowadays, I feel much curious about what this movie "Amalanhig The Vampire Chronicle" could offer, a Pinoy version of zombie-vampire genre. 

Sanya Lopez 

Joining the newest action star if the millennial age is the "Encantadia" star, Sanya Lopez who plays Jerico's girlfriend in the story who also went out with him to pursue the search for "Amalanhig" in a very remote place called San Esteban. 

During the presscon, Jerico related to us that, her leading lady in the movie, Sanya was direk Jun Posadas' personal choice. The young Estregan also shared us, "Habang nag-shushoot kami, dahan-dahan din naman nadedevelop 'yung friendship namin through out the set because indirectly, at the back of my mind, we had to because in this movie, girlfriend ko s'ya dito. Kailangan, I had to be charming towards her, I had to be caring towards her so I had to show in the movie na 'hey this girl is whom I love . Na-build naman ang friendship namin througout this movie kasi we had a kissing scene " Jerico also shared to us that he did all the minor and major stunts in this movie. 'Atta boy!!! 

Jerico and Sanya 

Jerico Estregan showed his super fit body during "Amalanhig" presscon. It was surely worth every sweat he shed and effort he made. 

The newest millennial action star, Jerico Estregan who is also Jorge Antonio Genaro J. Ejercito in real life belongs to the very iconic showbiz clan. He was the third son of action star in the 80's and former Laguna governor E.R. Ejercito (Jeorge Estregan) and Pagsanjan, Laguna Mayor and former actress Girlie Maita Ejercito. Jerico is also the grandson of the multi-awarded movie actor, the late George Estregan and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. 

He has appeared in several films like his dad's film, "General Emilio Aguinaldo," "Asiong Salonga,"  where he played the young Asiong , also in "Muslim Magnum 357," "Across the Crescent Moon," and "Mandirigma." We should also take note that Jerico has still two upcoming action films entitled "Ben Tumbling Robinhood ng Malabon" and "Pancho Villa" where he plays the legendary Filipino boxer. 

During our interview, he was proud to say that, his family wanted to consistently produce quality movies for the moviegoers to see and to give jobs to the people not only from the main scene but to the people behind the camera.

As of now, he is taking his Masteral Degree in Communications Major in Applied Mass Media in De La Salle University Manila and is currently Nike's ambassador. Apart from his numerous awards and recognitions, Jerico remains grounded. The 25 year old actor is very well-rounded and is very active in sports and other physical activities such as athletics/ track and field, mixed martial arts (MMA), Parkour, gymnastics, and Arnis de Mano. He is also knowledgeable in Microsoft programs, photo & video editing and is currently active in media production communication, hosting, acting, dancing and sports coaching. 

Jerico poses with his very supportive dad, E.R. Ejercito during the presscon 

Just a brief plot of "Amalanhig The Vampire Chronicle:" 

Jerico and Sanya both belong to the graduating medical students who found a mysterious unfinished letter with blood stains and infos about human vampirism virus. Finding this, their group proceeded with their research. They went to a San Esteban, one of the barangays of the remote municipality called Pilar. The letter by the way came from the Chief of Police of that place. 

Their search started on Maundy Thursday during the Holy Week, their main mission is to interview a cult leader and faith healer known as Amang Kulas. In the event of their quest, the group still decided to pursue their mission despite the warning of Amang Kulas. Incidentally, the following day, which is Good Friday, a lunar eclipse will take place, blood moon or Hunter's moon on a Good Friday is a bad omen for the people of Pilar. An impending doom and danger for the group who are also strangers to the place awaits. They had even suspected Amang Kulas as the "Amalanhig." 

With this plot, you would now imagine how terrifying and horrible the scenes would be! A mixture of zombie and vampire in the middle of nowhere?! My gosh! No way! I wouldn't risk my life. But these millennials were so brave, risk-taker and adventurous. I really wanna find out how would they face the real struggle that they have to experience. 

So if you're a fan of zombies and vamoires and action/ horror/ thriller films, this one's for you! 

Brought to us by Viva Films and VicVal BlueShowing Sapphire Productions, this movie is showing on September 20, 2017 in cinemas nationwide! 

See you there!!! 

Me and my blogger/friends with Jerico Estregan and his dad, Mr. ER Ejercito during "Amalanhig" presscon 

You can watch the full videos during the film's presscon here. 

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Discover the World-class Taste of Two Well-Loved Filipino Brands

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach for Goya 

While most Filipinos know Goya to be a brand that they grew up with, little is known about the struggles that the brand had gone through. From the time that it was established to produce confectionary and coffee in 1956, it had gone through five decades of tumultuous ownership changes that left the brand a little worse for wear. None of the entrepreneurial families nor the foreign and local investors that took ownership of the brand would give it the direction it needed to make a mark in the local chocolate industry.

It wasn’t until Goya was acquired by Delfi in 2006 (then a wholly-owned subsidiary of Petrafoods, and one of the top global players in the cocoa industry), that it began to find its rightful place in the Philippine chocolate market. With a chocolate expert like Delfi at the helm, Goya went on its long but steady journey of reinvention and innovation while maintaining its equity as a Filipino heritage brand.

 While more popularly known for its bite-size chocolates, Goya would have to compete in the bars category if it was to be considered a serious contender in the minds and hearts of chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. Beyond the challenge of venturing into a new format, is the more daunting task of havibng to compete within a category long-dominated by well-established, imported giants. Despite these odds, Goya was determined to be the best chocolate in its class.

With Delfi’s focus on innovation, Goya was able to come up with a high quality chocolate bar that suited the taste of the Filipino chocolate lover: Goya Dark Chocolate. Taking the sweetness of the good old chocolate that Filipinos love and rounding it off with the right amount of bitterness, Goya defined for Filipinos what good chocolate should taste like. It is with that distinct taste that Goya Dark Chocolate would dominate the moulded non-bitesize category, besting even popular foreign brands to make it the No. 1 chocolate bar in the country and making it a truly World-Class brand.

To further solidify its place among confectionary brands, Delfi beefed up the Goya range, expanding the portfolio beyond bars to include chocolate coated dragess, enrobed chocolates, novelty chocolates, and even other segments such as biscuits, wafers, spreads, ready-to-drink beverages, and culinary chocolates. To-date, Goya has over a hundred SKUs to offer each and every Filipino – all home-grown, all world-class.

As Goya sets its sights on bigger conquests, it sought a personality who can embody what it stands for as a brand – a world-class Filipino icon who has withstood adversity and persevered to emerge triumphant. Goya found its personification in none other than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

But more than the similar paths of these two Filipino icons, Pia’s love for Goya despite having tasted the best chocolates in the world – the Universe rather – is further testament that Goya truly is world-class.

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Show your love to them, celebrate "Grandparents' Day" at SM Supermalls

Celebrate Grandparents' Day at 63 SM Supermalls nationwide! 

We always look forward to celebrating "Grandparents' Day" every second Sunday of September right?! Aside from celebrating Mother's Day in May and Father's Day in June, this celebration of love and appreciation must not be overlooked or taken for granted at all. They were mainly the reason why we are all here... the root of our family. 

Just recently, we were able to attend the media launch of #DateWithLoloAndLolaAtSM held at Mall of Asia Arena Annex (MAAX). Present during the launch were celebrity lolas Miss Angelie Pangilinan and Miss Jackielou Blanco, together with Mr. TJ Cuenca, SM Supermalls AVP for Marketing and Mr. Danny Chavez, Program Director for SM Cares Committee on Senior Citizens. 

Celebrity grandparents present during the media launch were Miss Angelie Pangilinan and Miss Jackielou Blanco, together with Mr. TJ Cuenca, SM Supermalls AVP for Marketing and Mr. Danny Chavez, Program Director for SM Cares Committee on Senior Citizens.  

The two beautiful and happy lolas went to talk about how they had discovered that they are goin' to be first time grandmoms. It was so refreshing to see these two fab lolas telling stories about their apos (grandkids). For me, I still couldn't believe that they are already in that status. 

During the launch, SM Supermalls was very generous in raffling off SM GCs and yours truly was also fortunate to bag the grand prize which was a 24" LG Led TV!!! My utmost gratitude goes to the Lord for this brand new blessing and of course to SM Supermalls! It was a belated birthday gift for me! XOXO 

This is me!!! Yey! To God be the glory!!! 

I would like to share you amazing peeps this picture with my Loli (Lola/ grandma) from my mother side. She was the only living proof of our family's roots. My Loli Luding is so precious to me, I only wanted her to be happy and comfortable always. Whenever we have free time, we see to it that we make quality bonding that we can forever cherish. I love her so dearly and I do believe that we should render full respect and understanding to all elderlies, relative or not because someday we are all going to be like them too, right?!

My Loli, me and my son Jigo. This was taken just recently at SM Mall of Asia during my pre-birthday celebration. 

My son Jigo, was so fortunate that he was able to be with his great grandmother. With this alone, is a great blessing itself and another reason to celebrate. 

Me and my Loli 

 To my Loli, happy happy Grandparents' Day! I love you very much more than you'll ever know. 


Grandparents’ Day at SM. Janine Gutierrez and her “Mamita,” Pilita Corrales, Asia’s Queen of Songs, grace the cover of Shopmag this September as SM Supermalls ushers in a “grand” two-week celebration of Grandparents’ Day in 63 malls nationwide. (Photo courtesy of SM Shopmag)

“She’s very maalaga, always making sure everyone around her is having a good time and being taken care of,” remarked Janine Gutierrez when asked about her “Mamita,” Pilita Corrales, Asia’s Queen of Songs. The cover shoot outtakes undeniably characterize the special connection that Filipinos share with their elders.

This September, SM Supermalls underscores this meaningful bond as SM celebrates Grandparents’ Day in 63 SM malls nationwide. Recognizing our beloved seniors’ tenderness towards the family, this season also allows grandparents to express their love for their grandkids through a host of fun-filled activities at SM.

Starting August 29, “grand” treats and activities for lolos and lolas include exciting shopping and dining deals, and the Sounds of the 60s Fitness Party, where mallgoers can join our elderly as they get fit with fun fitness classes.

Also not to be missed are the App with Apo (Sept. 2, 3, 9, 10), an activity where grandparents can learn useful mobile apps with their grandkids at SM Cyberzone; and the Art with Apo (Sept. 9, 10), where lolos and lolas can enjoy meaningful bonding moments with their aposthrough arts and crafts. Come Grandparents’ Day (Sept. 10), there will be a special blessing for grandparents after the Sunday Mass.

Mallgoers can also join the digital promo where they only need to share on Facebook their plans on how they will spend their family’s happiest #DateWithLoloAndLola for a chance to win PhP10,000 worth of SM GCs. For more details about Grandparents’ Day at SM, check out

With the nationwide Grandparents’ Day celebration, SM promotes new and fun experiences in the malls, as well as enables customers of all ages to create memorable, family-first moments for everyone to enjoy and cherish in the years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Visit any SM Supermalls nationwide, show love to your lolos and lolas and celebrate "Grandparents' Day!" 

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The Biggest Mobile Shopping Day in Southeast Asia is on! It's the "Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day!"

It's the "Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day!"

What else could you ask for if you see a mobile shopping platform like that of Shopee, having an almost 99% off on selected items at the most huh?! This September 09 (9.9), will be the official start of the the biggest mobile shopping in Southeast Asia! 

Just recently, we were there during the launch of this biggest sale to date! It was a very engaging experience, it was like going to a fair or an amusement park and you indulge yourself into games! Games that you encounter in real life while being at the "real" fair or circus, the ambience is quite a knock-out, so kudos to the organizer. 

This is me, while targeting balloons which when you get to pop it, it has certain points

This time, I was able to put rings on the bottles with the highest points, yey! 

These are part of the nice items that you'll get when you spin the roullette

Look what I got! Great products from Mustela, Lysol, Shopee, Sandisk and Scholl

The very sexy Ina Raymundo

Miss Ina Raymundo, who is also a self-confessed  "Shopee-holic," like me, was there during the media launch of "Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day!"

 Shopee, the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, today announced the start of its annual shopping event - Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day. Shopee will offer a wide range of promotions, including discounts of up to 99% off, top picks under P99, and flash sales. Shopee partners with more than 1,000 sellers, including leading brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Oppo, Lysol, Sandisk, Mustela, and Makeup World, to make 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day the biggest online shopping event of the year.

“Last year, our 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day successfully achieved a five-fold increase in orders and three-fold increase in traffic within 24 hours. This year, with over ₱50 million worth of marketing activities, we aim to increase traffic by five times and triple our sales. We look forward to having all users across the Philippines join us in the biggest sale of the year,” said Macy Castillo, Head of Commercial Business at Shopee.

Since its launch in 2015, Shopee has experienced significant growth across the region. To date, Shopee has surpassed USD 3 billion annualized GMV with over 50 million downloads and more than 100 active million listings. In the Philippines, Shopee has garnered more than 4 million downloads.

Based on a 2017 study by Google and Temasek, the Philippines’ e-commerce market is projected to reach $9.7 billion (₱498 billion) in 2025 and 34% annual growth rate, which is said to be above the global average growth rate.

“The Philippines is an important market for us given its immense potential. As we scale up our product selection to cater to a wider audience, we are pleased to have leading brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Lysol joining our 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day this year. This is a major milestone for us in establishing Shopee as a one-stop shopping destination for users to enjoy a wide variety of products. Together with our 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day partners, including PLDT and Coke, we are confident that this will be a record-breaking year for Shopee in the Philippines,” added Castillo.

Luigi Casas, AVP and Head of Corporate Relationship Management at PLDT Alpha Enterprise, said, “We are very excited and proud to partner Shopee Philippines. Their business platform contributes enormously to the retail industry, as well as the overall digital transformation of the country and our economy. Together, we aim to increase awareness on the benefits of eCommerce adoption and how it drives the country’s economic growth as we redefine the retail industry.“

Starting from 1 September, Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day will begin with daily deals up to 99% off across multiple categories, including fashion, health and beauty, gadgets and electronics, and home and baby products. Users can also enjoy daily giveaways on Shopee’s social media accounts.

“Looking ahead, the future of the Philippines’ e-commerce market is very promising. We are highly confident that 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day will continue to be celebrated as an iconic day that appeals to the needs of the increasing number of online shoppers in the country,” Castillo ended.

Join Shopee in celebrating 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day. For more information, visit and download the Shopee app via the App Store or Google Play. 

So what are you waiting for? Get ready with your Shopee Apps and let's get your orders rolling!!! 

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There's more liberty in the new show G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It's New Day)

G.R.I.N.D. cast : Bruno Gabriel, Jazz Ocampo, Ayra Mariano and Benedict Campos

Is it really that difficult to understand the millennials? Been hearing some qualms about the generation gap we are facing today. The Generation Y or the so-called Millennials have seemed to leaped quite big making them the most "hard-to-understand" class in the community today.  

Well, falter not, because the right show has come to the rescue! GMA 7 has also evolved its viewing market, making "G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It's New Day)," put to a late evening time slot which is every Saturday, right after "iWitness." Basically this new more mature kinda' show tackles the life of the millennials. Their back stories, struggles, visions, hang-ups, tantrums, bratty manners, sentiments, how they deal with different relationships, interacting with people around them, how they come up, how they can survive in this world, how they love and dream! 

G.R.I N.D. (Get Ready It's New Day), has a very positive title right? Need not to extract it further, the program wanted to bridge the "unspoken gap" between the X and Y gens. I guess this will help us understand them more and know what they actually want and need. And what is their main purpose in life, and with this we can all make amends and meet in the middle (try harder) to make a brand new and positive beginning because, as the title implies, "G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It's New Day)!" 

Just recently we were able to meet and know more about the show and its cast via the GMA Artist Center's blogcon for the G.R.I.N.D. 

If you want to get to know the cast and their characters, we start with ...

Jazz Ocampo a.k.a. Solanj Martinez in the story 

Solanj is Solangermina Tamara Martinez, the Artsy Millennial, she's from a well-off family, quite bratty, her hair color depends on her mood, an undergraduate daughter who is still indecisive of what she wanted to pursue in her life. Jumping from one course to another as well as her relationships with different types of men. Her failures make her stronger in the outside but once you've get her deeply, she has a soft heart. Her ultimate goal is she wants to be her own person! She wants to be accepted by her family for what she is and what she is not! 

Ayra Mariano a.k.a. Lui

Lui is Luisa Carmela Gonzales, a 23 year old gal. You can tag her ad "The Hopeless Romantic" and "Miss Pangkabuhayan Showcase." A fresh graduate of Communication Arts and an Advertising assistant. Her being naive and eager-beaver has also a back story. Most of her shoutouts in life pertains to questioning why does she has to be the bread-winner, and why does her mother has to rely to the notion that hooking a foreigner is the only way to save them from being poor, thus, she has siblings of different nationalities from their different fathers. One last thing, she's a certified member of NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) community. Her biggest secret? She has a huge crush on Carlo! 

Bruno Gabriel a.k.a. Carlo Yuson 

Carlo is the risk-taker and ambitious millennial. He has good looks but sometimes moody and bossy. He has a flourishing career as an Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Manager in one of the largest ad agencies in town. His great looks and status in life make him one of the most sought-after eligible bachelors in the country. But wait! There's a catch! He is already taken! 
He come from a poor family before that's why he had worked hard for where he is right now. His biggest secret??? 
Carlo is drawn to older women because his mother had left them that's why he seeks the kind of nurturing, comfort and love from mature women. 

Benedict Campos a.k.a. RK

RK is actually Reynaldo Katakutan Jr. I can say the one character that's so "gay" in many ways! He's outlook in life is so positive despite the fact that he's financially challenged. We can attribute his "good vibes" attitude maybe because he belongs to a happy and complete family whom he feel so much love and very well accepted as what he truly is. A metro gay who is family-oriented and hard-working. He works as a part-time dance instructor, part-time gym instructor/salesman/networking agent/manicurista, masahista and a lot more! 

Jazz Ocampo, Bruno Gabriel and Ayra Mariano during G.R.I.N.D. blogcon (minus Benedict) 

This show has a big potential. It is a platform for enlightenment, entertainment and inspiration. The Millennials, Generation Y, Generation Me, Echo Boomers and Peter Pan Generation can now be well understood through this new tv show. As the show's vision states, "G.R.I.N.D. hopes to inspire this generation to keep them motivated and driven in reaching for their dreams but still value the things that matter more in life like family, education and faith in our creator." 

Exciting G.R.I.N.D. episodes awaits us peeps! So do check it out! 

Please don't fail to visit my 
Youtube Channel if you want to see our interview with the cast. 

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Marvin Agustin and Ricky Kim for Gen Korean BBQ House in SM Mall of Asia

                                                             August 25, 2017

Actor and celebrity entrepreneur Marvin Agustin and Korean-American, L.A. based actor and businessman Ricky Kim together in one gastronomic food partnership, the GEN Korean BBQ House located in SM MOA , SM By the Bay in Pasay City.

Maybe some of you might be wondering how these two who are very successful actors in their respective countries end up being restaurateurs and have flourishing careers as well in their business fields. 

Oh well we happened to see these two dashing men having dinner at the first Gen Korean BBQ House here in the Philippines with their adorable kids. 

Ricky Kim with his son Asher and Marvin Agustin with his twins Santiago and Sebastian happily dining together at GEN Korean BBQ House 

        Marvin Agustin, a managing partner of Excello Restaurant Management Group,  brought in Gen Korean BBQ House, a giant “cook and order-all-you can” Korean barbeque concept from California. He and his kids got together with Ricky Kim’s family to celebrate the success of Gen’s grand opening. 

Korean-American L.A. based actor Ricky Kim 

Ricky Kim, who is an LA-based Korean-American actor, is in the country to oversee the very first Gen Korean BBQ branch outside the US as Gen’s Marketing Director. Like Agustin, Kim also transitioned from being an actor to an entrepreneur. He and his family are known for appearing on a Korean show “Oh my Baby” and has also appeared in several Korean dramas. 

Being an international actor, Ricky was quoted as saying, " Being an actor is something I always gonna do. Sometimes I might take a small break from acting as a business. As an actor, it's the art of creating conversations. I think I'll always be acting.. eother promoting stuff or Hollywood movies, or tv shows or entertainment tv, game show or whatever it is, I'm always trying to be an artist doing it. As a businessman though, sometimes you have to joggle both of them." 

He also shares being a celebrity, "Gives you the chamce to eat really good food, to travel the world and meet great people, so when you make a new restaurant, you have good food, good people and a great atmosphere, know what's the trend, what's the new thing, being an actor gives me a quick way to get there, to experience everything, I mean when you're building a business, you're biilding a restaurant that you kinda learn from what  other people have done." He hopes to visit the Philippines at least twice a year and whishes to do some collaborstions here like tv show, a movie or he might produce a film here. 

Ricky was so proud to share what Gen Korean BBQ has to offer, he said, "Gen Korean BBQ is somewhere that we could have a great time, you're gonna get great food, which is bottomline the best that you can do, you've got great atmosphere and you're gonna leave here like wow, that was a lot of fun and I'm full. So I guarantee when you get to eat at Gen Korean BBQ, you're not gonna feel like you've wasted your money, your time, you wanted to comeback, you'll have more reason to est so much food, you're gonna be ppsting on social media, what you did here then your friends are gonna see that, then they're gonna comeback. You're gonna have a happy time and happy tummy and a great experience. So I am challenge all the people in the Philippines to come and try it out. 

Marvin Agustin

Meanwhile Marvin Agustin, a popular Filipino actor and a celebpreneur, shares his back story why he got interested in building and owning food chains. He said, "I was a waiter, even a mascot, before becoming an actor, and then I was able to save money I said this is the business that is very close to my heart then I decided to have my own food business." 
When asked about the similarities of being in the entertainment industry and the restaurant business, Agustin shared that both end goals are to make people happy at the end of the day. “As youe fans and casual viewers happy with your work in movies and TV, and as a restaurateur we make people content with good food that we deliver,” said Agustin.   

  The two men are definitely hard-working and devoted dads with time to spare at a sizzling hot new resto, with the best meats you can grill.     
The success stories of these two good-looking and very dedicated men was very inspiring. It's just goes to show that, if you think you can do it, go for what you reallly dream for, go for your passion and never be discouraged hence be inspired and diligent plus always have the positive outlook in life. 

Gen Korean BBQ House accepts private functions and that they assure us that when you get to dine in there, you get the same "feel" like you you dine at their L.A. and Vegas branches or any of their branches. The tips that Marvin and Ricky shared when ordering? They said, never fail to try the premium steak, garlic chicken, pork belly and a lot more, you can order all you can eat anyway. 

Finally, we get to try these!!! 

Hello, Gen Korean BBQ house!!! 

mEAT all you can here at Gen Korean BBQ house with my blogger/friends 

Hawaiian beef

Premium steak


Chicken pops

Beef slices and Japchae



Garlic Chicken

Rice cake

Pork with leeks

Aside from all those meats, they also have shrimps! My fave!!! 

So do you think we've had enough? Na' ah, because we'll be back! 

Thank you Marvin and Ricky for the time and for having us! 

Weekdays except holidays 
from 10AM-3PM 
Php 798+ /person
25  menu items

from 3PM to close
Php 1288+ /person
35 menu items

For great tasting meat, delectable Korean side dishes and great service, visit the Fil-Am fave at SM Moa by the Bay. For more information, like Gen Korean BBQ on Facebook @GenKBBQPH and follow us on Instagram @genkbbq_ph.

I 💘 Gen Korean BBQ House 

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