Cartoon Network's Irregular Halloween Adventure & DIY Guide for Princess Bubblegum

It's this time of year, when almost everyone's anticipating and excited to participate in various "Halloween" activities like, trick or treats, costume parties, zombie-themed fun runs, ghost-huntings, etc. This year, Cartoon Network has created the "Irregular Halloween Adventure" on October 31, 2013, 11AM- 7PM at the Event Center of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. If you wanna join the fun and adventure, all you have to do is to present a receipt of at least worth PhP 500 bought from Toy Kingdom. 

Moms, dads, kids, don't let this special event pass this Halloween season! If you want to be creepy, kooky and spooky at the same time, come join the fun! Cartoon Network has an "Irregular Halloween Adventure" for everyone! There would be lots of games, challenges and contests with matching meet and greet with your favorites from Adventure Time and Regular Show. If you'd be coming with your kookiest and spookiest Cartoon Network costume, you'll have the chance to win in the hourly costume contest!

The fun never stops there, dear readers! How would you like to experience creating your own one of Adventure Time's main characters, Princess Bubblegum costume? Well, it's so easy! All you have to do is gather all the materials needed, follow the step by step instructions and you'll see... you and your little princess could have the best bonding time too!

Here's the easy DIY guide to make the perfect Princess Bubblegum headdress:


Materials needed:

Cartolina (Yellow and Pink)
Scotch Tape
Pencil and ruler
Measuring tape
Pentel pen

Glitters / gems


The Crown

Step 1: Measure your little princess’ head using the measuring tape. Allot an inch and a half for binding the crown later.

Step 2: Measure the length on one edge of the yellow cartolina and mark it with a pencil.

Step 3: For the band of the crown, measure 1 and a half inch from the edge of the cartolina. (Sweet hint: this measurement may vary according to your personal choice.)

Step 5: Using a reference photo, a pencil and your best drawing skills, draw half the outline of the top of Princess Bubblegum’s crown. Use a light touch so that you can make corrections until you make the perfect outline. Fold the cartolina in half based on the middle part line. This will help you cut the outlines of the crown easily!

Step 6: The finishing touch to the crown: Use a blue marker to draw the crown jewel.

Princess Bubblegum's Hair:

Step 7: PB’s signature is her long, flowing pink hair.  To make this, on a piece of pink cartolina, mark your daughter’s head circumference (on one of the shorter sides of the sheet) and draw a line upwards.

Step 8: Cut the cartolina along the line and use scotch tape to join both ends of the sheet to create a cylinder shape.

Step 9: Topping off the headdress.  Measure the height of your daughter’s forehead and double it.  Measure that same length from the top of one end of the cylinder and mark it on the cartolina – this will be the height of the headdress. 

Step 10: Face-forward!  Measure the space between your little girl’s temples and mark that measurement by drawing a line crosswise on the cylinder just below the mark you just made for the height of the headdress.   Next, draw lines perpendicular to the ends of that line.  Now you are ready to create the front of the headdress by cutting along the lines you just drew. 

Additional hint: 
To create Princess Bubblegum’s hair flaps, make two perpendicular cuts about three inches away from the front opening of the headdress.

Step 11:  Princess Hair! Give PB’s hair some body by adding curves at the end of her hair.

Step 12:  Mathematical! To close the top of the headdress, cut the cylinder into 4 equal parts.  Then cut each resulting square into triangles, bind the triangles together with scotch tape and - ooo-la-lah - your darling now has a crown fit for a princess!

Presenting... my little princess Lianne wearing our own self-made Princess Bubblegum headdress! 

Look at what my baby Lianne has made out of the unused cartolina! She's really fond Cartoon Network's Adventure Time!!! 

So, see you all on October 31, 2013, Thursday at SM Megamall!!! 

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