Aljur Abrenica: Come and Get him on his first major concert at the Music Museum

Hunk actor/ singer Aljur Abrenica in his  "Come & Get Me" concert
Singing is actually, Aljur Abrenica's first passion before he got into acting. He admitted this during the bloggers' conference of his "Come & Get Me" concert held at Congo Grille in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Coming from a musically inclined family, he became a member of a band, before he entered show business. 

Aljur even narrated how he discovered his ability as a singer. It was when he joined a pageant in their school when he was only 13 years old. During the talent portion, he had thought of singing Rico J. Puno's "Macho Gwapito" (Aljur even rendered us a 'sample' of few lines from the song mentioned). 

Aljur was happily singing in front of us, such a cool guy!

And soon after hearing those people cheer for him and applauded after he sang, he was so overwhelmed and felt a different kind of satisfaction, he had also realized one thing in his life... the next day, he started to have voice lessons and eventually learned how to play guitar and piano. Fascinating enough, Aljur even writes songs though his poems. He gets his inspiration and passion in writing from life's experiences. If he is to choose between acting and singing, he wants to pursue those two kinds of fields. 

GMA Artist Center prime artist Aljur promises to his live audience a different kind of full performances with band and his special guests that includes Julie Ann San Jose, Rochelle Pangilinan, Aljur's younger brother, Vin Abrenica and his leading lady in GMA Network's weeknight primetime series, "Princesa ng Masa," Kris Bernal. Expect more surprises on November 7, 2013, Thursday at the Music Museum. 

Aljur is such an awesome actor and singer, very accommodating and humble

I asked how did they come up with the title "Come & Get Me" for his concert, Aljur said, it was really conceptualized by all of them since they all agreed that it fits his image and personality. "Sabi daw nila sexy ako," (he smiled), according to him. No doubt about that dear Aljur, I totally agree too without batting an eyelash! :)) We can expect a bolder and more daring Aljur here, especially when he performs his song and dance number with sexy Rochelle Pangilinan. 

Aljur continues to entertain us with the song "Bakit Ganun," originally written by his dad

Aljur still admitted that he's still in the process of exploring his own style but he is so versatile that he can sing different music genres such as pop, rock and jazz. In his upcoming album (untitled), this will include another brand new genre for him which is RnB and of course there's also pop. He likes to sing selections of Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, and Adam Levine; for local artists, he admires Gary Valenciano, Gloc 9, and Yael of Spongecola.  He hopes to have a collaboration with Ariana Grande. He also said he'll be singing some tracks from his album in his first major concert. 

The 23 year-old dreamer also revealed that he is really a family-oriented type of person and always thinks of others ahead of him. But in this point in time of his career, he is now starting to think of himself and having plans for the future. During his early career as Starstruck grand winner, he had prayed in Manoag and now he had achieved his fame, a car, to have endorsements, tv series, and have his dream house for his family here in Manila that they can call their own. 

Two years from now, (he'll be 25 then) Aljur hopes to have more passion in his work, to be more mature and to achieve a sexier body (he laughed). He also aims to reach his goal of becoming a successful actor, to have an award and be a musician. 

Back to his "Come & Get Me" concert, he feels very proud of his younger brother Vin, because he also won in TV5's "Artista Academy," and now they will be performing together in his concert and that thought has been so overwhelming for him. "Bilang isang kuya, napaka-proud ko talaga, pinagmamalaki ko nang sobra 'yung kapatid ko, sarap ng pakiramdam, it's a success eh parang binigyan n'ya lalo ng  karangalan 'yung apelyidong Abrenica," he said. 

Want to know more hints about what to expect from Aljur's "Come & Get Me" concert? Well, Aljur said, we should look forward to his opening number, his acoustic number, the guests and their numbers together, his "abs," hihihi and last one is, according to him, people will get to know him better as a person after "catching" and "getting" him. ;))

Finally had a bonding moment with Aljur, he's such a sweet soul!

To Aljur, best of luck to your first major concert, we all believe in you, we know you can do it!!! Wish you more great opportunities to come in your career as an actor and musician. Achieve it and claim it! You deserve it! 

Ticket prices for "Come & Get Me" concert are as follows

VIP: PhP 2,000

Orchestra Side: PhP 1,500

Balcony: PhP 1,000


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