Matching Mikael Daez's taste buds

Getting to know Mikael Daez's lighter side 

We've onlu known Mikael Daez as an actor, host, model, traveler, blogger/vlogger and an enthusiast. But this time, we got to know him even better and discover the lighter, more jolly, precise and candid side of him. 

It all happened during one sunny aftie at Carnival Food Park in Marikina City. There were a lot of firsts that occurred to me that day. Food parks are a huge fad nowadays and Filipinos really love to eat so, they are always a big hit! I commend the awesome team of GMA Artist Center, Ira, Rochelle and Janica for bringing us there. It was my first time and there were lots of food stalls to choose from. 

Carnival Food Park in Marikina City

When we were told that we'll be divided into 7 pairs and that our task is to search for the best match of food and drinks that will entice Mikael's taste and appetite, I got real excited and nervous at the same time. You see, it was also my first time to participate in a food challenge with a celebrity like Mikael as our judge, oh my it was a real pressure on our part! But nonetheless, after interviewing him and knowing his real kind of food and what he actually digs, we proceeded for the search. 

Meet my food buddy/hunter/co- blogger Edward Santos 

Officially, the hunt that will match Mikael's taste buds is on! At first, we were looking for Beef Caldereta because that was the very first thing that had stuck in my mind when he mentioned it during the interview. Then we came across "Kuxina." I guess it was the smallest stall situated at that food park. 


We decided to choose an all-Pinoy food pairing to match Mikael's mood, and we are truly aware that he is quite adventurous when picking up with the kind of food he eats since he's also a food blogger, but still we opted not to get a should I say, exotic or unusual food and drinks. 

We just wanted to make Mikael feel like he's home eating his not so late lunch and not too early for dinner meal. Do you wanna see what we got for him? 

There's Sisig Roll, TAPALENG, Banana Boat and Watermelon smoothie 

We were given a Php 500.00 budget to furnish everything and it turned out, we still got a change of Php 105.00, isn't it amazing?! Being also a foodie, and a tapsilog lover, I just used my instinct and fortunately my food buddy Edward felt the same way too. 

Mikael's munching on our food challenge entry 

If you want to watch the whole video while he was trying out our entry, please click here .

To make the long story short, we won the battle yey! We finally get to match Mikael's taste buds! Oh yeah! Thank you Mikael for the fact that you appreciate what we have heartfully prepared for you and for being such a cool dude, for your patience in me since I was so "makulit" like you've mentioned in the video. 

If you want to watch his most honest opinion about our entry, please click here .

Hooray for us! That's TAPALENG (we call it Tapa ni darLeng hahaha) kidding aside, Leng is the name of the stall owner. 

Another first for me, we won Mikael Daez's taste buds and appetite! It was such a fun, memorable and gastronomic afternoon with him and my fellow GMA Artist Center bloggers. It was also very refreshing to get to know Mikael more and bond with him even for a short time. 

Please do watch and support Kapuso actor Mikael in "Legally Blind" opposite Janine Gutierrez every weekdays after "Ika-6 na Utos" over GMA Channel 7. 

With him 

So that's it! 

If you wish to watch our interview with him, please click here

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