Gabbi Garcia: Pantene Ambassador and her story

Gabbi Garcia, Pantene Ambassador

At her very tender age of eighteen, GMA Artist Center's  Gabbi Garcia has probably achieved a lot basing from her accomplishments starting with her family life, in academics, and from her passion to scuba diving, advocacies, music, acting career down to the latest feather in her cap which is being the latest Pantene Ambassador to represent the whole of Asia. 

We've known the sweet Gabbi girl since she was still starting her showbiz career in GMA Network. Her first acting break came in June 2014 when she was one of the cast members of GMA's Telebabad Primetime block, "My Destiny." From there, we kept on encouraging her to join beauty pageants since she got this very distinct Filipina beauty and queenly features that we believe could align her to full stardom. You see Gabbi has this innocent-like aura with a pure charm that you'll be hooked on her once you get to know her better. 

After three years, look what she has become! She's now the first Filipina to become the front wiman of the international shampoo brand, Pantene. Her latest Pantene TVC, was being aired in 10 Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Philippines and Australia. 

She flew all the way to Australia to shoot the entire Pantene TVC and print campaign. Gabbi shares that being the only Filipina out there with a fantastic crew that includes the award-winning photographer and film-maker Olive Straub, Sydney-based Hollywood stylist Ellie Goodman, celebrity hairstylist Ken Arthur, and high profile Filipino make-up artist Robbie Piñera, is very overwhelming. 

She has a lot of stories to tell from her audition down to the challenges of shooting the tvc and staying in Australia for ten days, we could really tell how happy and proud she is of her present ststus. I can also imagine how she makes her parents and whole family proud. You see, she bested several other potential celebrities and other auditionees. By that alone, the Pantene organizers themselves may have keenly seen "something" special with our girl Gabbi. According to her, she was just being herself the whole time of the audition and interview. So I guess, it really pays to be true to yourself and showcase the real you right?! While she and her manager were telling us the stories behind her latest success, we can't help but to experience goosebumps all throughout the blogcon. 

For some, it may seem surreal but for Gabbi, it's so real!!! 

Alongside with her international Pantene TVC, a print campaign was also created to highlight her being an international brand ambassadress for Pantene. She's the April cover of Preview magazine. You see, I do believe that when it rains, it really pours and that's what's going on with Gabbi and I know she deserves everything. She's even making raves and gaining more popularity by playing Sang'gre Alena in "Encantadia," a fantasy, drama, adventure, romance, action-drama series which is consistently high in tv ratings and owing to this, it has been extended several times. 

Gabbi has set a new path for her career and she is just getting started. For the meantime, she'll just focus on her showbiz career first and probably have an album this year to cater her musical prowess, then she might be able to join beauty pageants a bit later, it depends. She takes being Asia's newest Pantene ambassador as a platform to send every Filipina, teen a message that believing anything is possible can make dreams come true. 'Atta girl!!! 

Cheers to a more successful you my dear Gabbi!!! 
You make us all very happy and proud! 

Here are my youtube links to the videos of our interview with Gabbi during the blogcon hope you'll enjoy watching: 

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