The battle between "D' Originals" and the Mistresses is now on!

"D' Originals" tv series cast during blogcon 

They say, when you know that you are in the good position and you have all the rights in this world, better fight for it or else live with it! 

GMA Network's creative team has probably thought that it's high time that there should be a face-off between the legal wife and their philandering husband's other women but this time, it is a drama-comedy way so expect more hilarious confrontation, exciting and hugot scenes from the characters of the story. So there's always something new to look forward to everyday. 

Imagine, having  2016 Cannes Best Actress Ms. Jaclyn Jose, 2016 Gawad Urian Best Actress LJ Reyes and the newest "Pantasya ng Bayan," Kim Domingo as the main women or otherwise known as "D' Originals." 

(L-R): Meg Imperial, Jestoni Alarcon. Katrina Halili, LJ Reyes, Direk Adolf Alix Jr. and Ms. Jaclyn Jose

Kim Domingo

LJ Reyes 

Together with Katrina Halili, Jestoni Alarcon, Mark Herras, Meg Imperial, Archie Alemania, and Lovely Abella, the stellar cast brings to life a sexy comedy drama about three wives, three mistresses, and the three husbands in between them.
Jaclyn plays the domestic diva whose prowess in the kitchen is matched only by her rival, Katrina. Jestoni, meanwhile, plays the role of Jaclyn’s used-to-be loyal husband who strays when faced with the excitement of an affair at mid-life.            
LJ is an entrepreneur who is forced to be the family’s breadwinner when husband Mark chooses to sit it out at home while waiting for his dream job. When his wife becomes too busy for his amorous advances, he finds more than enough comfort in the company of his sister-in-law, Lovely.
Kim plays a sexy Zumba instructor who has become a veteran of husband Archie’s numerous affairs. However, the latest woman, Meg, is proving to be more destructive than usual. To top it off, the other woman reveals a secret that shocks the life out of the legal wife.

Joining them are Mikoy Morales, Arny Ross, Elyson De Dios, and Chlaui Malayao. This sexy dramedy series is directed by Adolf Alix Jr. 

Kim Domingo, Mark Herras, Lovely Abella and Archie Alemania 

Watch how their respective characters tackle each and every challenging situation which they themselves caught into. This latest dramedy from Kapuso Network is sure to tickle your lazy afternoons away! 

Beginning this April 17, Monday, after "Legally Blind" and before "Wowowin." 
The battle between "D' Originals" and the mistresses in now on!!! 

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