Ms. Gloria Romero in GMA's Sunday Grande via "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko"

Ms. Gloria Romero with the kids of "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko,"  David Remo, Chlaui Malayao, Jillian Ward and Julius Miguel.

Ms. Gloria Romero, tagged as the "Millennial Lola," for her funny and cool role in "Meant To Be," has another project in GMA Network. She'll be playing as Lola Goreng, a fairy grandmother of  Alice and Elvis portrayed by Jillian Ward and David Remo, respectively via the new kid-friendly, family oriented tv show "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko." 

Ms. Gloria Romero as Lola Goreng 

This new Kapuso tv show caters to the kids, kids at heart and adults since it delivers good family values, and lessons depicted in a playful manner that everyone would surely love. The magical adventures of Lola Goreng together with Alice, Elvis, Moira (Chlaui Maglayao), the girl who they found on the streets and to add more magic in the story, there's Jomel (Julius Miguel) will definitely make all your Sunday afternoons grand! 

Ms. Gloria Romero, has nothing but all praises to all the kids in the cast. She said that she finds them commendable because they must've really love their craft. She said, "Sa totoo lang, itong mga batang kasama ko dito ang gagaling, I can see their passion in acting. Minsan nahihiya nga ako kasi ako 'yung madalas magkamali. Sila, they van deliver their dialogues right away. Alam nila agad 'yung lines nila. They come to the set prepared. So ako, nahihiya ako whenever nagkakamali ako." 

The wholle cast of "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko" with direk Rico Gutierrez 

During the presscon, Ms. Gloria aka Lola Goreng even told the press that, "Actually, I am so blessed talaga noh, sa edad kong ito, nabibigyan pa ako ng isang role na ganito, sa edad kong 83 years old, di ko na kailangang mag-prosthetics pa para maging lola haha. This particular one, talagang matagal kong inintay ang role na 'to, nakakabata talaga, kay gagaling na mga artista at kay direk, direk thank you for your patience and I'm sure this is going to be a wonderful project for all of us." 

Ms. Gloria Romero was once local showbiz's Queen of Philippines movies during her era. I remember my mom and my grandma how they recall Ms. Gloria's angelic and perfect face like no other. She was the real epitome of a queen. I feel so happy for her that until now, she still can act and she's A-ok healthy with a sharp memory. Good thing that GMA Network is so trustful to her and still believe in her capabilities as an actress. 

"Daig Kayo ng Lola" ko premieres this April 30 on Sunday Grande over Kapuso network with the Queen of Primetime, Marian Rivera-Dantes as their celebrity guest for their pilot episode. 

As for me, I also feel fortunate and privileged to finally see and meet her. Close enough to have her picture taken with me. 

With  Ms. Gloria Romero as "Lola Goreng" 

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