Say Aloha to Jeff James' "GoGoGo" album under GMA Records

Jeff James with his newest album, "GoGoGo" 

Hawaiian singer, Jeff James (Jeffro) is now finally here and creating raves in our local music industry. His album, "GoGoGo," is being released under GMA records. For those who haven't checked out its official music video yet, it was shot in Puerto Galera along with the Filipino dancers whom Jeff James admired so much. His carrier single "GoGoGo," a dance anthem from the islands which appeals to all generations; it is also a collaboration with International Reggae recording artist Da'Ville who's behind the songs "Mirrors" and "Always on my Mind." You can check his video and other updates on his Facebook page.

Jeff James' character in person is very vibrant, friendly that exhibits positivity. He's believes so much in "good vibes," no wonder it all echoes to his kind of music and songs. Aside from being a multi-talented singer and songwriter, he also plays guitar, ukulele, timbales and drums. If you wanna check out his cover of "Buko" which he played during his blogcon just recently at Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe in South Triangle, Quezon City, well, here's the link to my Youtube channel:

Jeff James during his "GoGoGo"  album blogcon

He may really look foreign to us but I tell you, he's a real Filipino by heart, as he says, "Pusong Pinoy." He digs "balut" so much and loves Filipina girls, and in fact, presently, he has a Pinay girlfriend. 

Jeff  (in blue) with his family in Hawaii (Photo taken from

Jeff is the son of Chuck James, owner of "Chuck James Music School," a popular music school in Hawaii, and is one of its top instructors. He formed his own band "Talk To You Music" (TTYM) and in 2010 their debut single "Hawaiian Girls" hit the #1 spot in Hawaii Charts. In 2011 Jeff's band TTYM won the biggest battle of the bands in Hawaii called the "MaiTai Rumble" which jump-started the band's popularity. His awards include the 2011 Nahoku Hanohano Award (Hawaii Grammy Awards) for "Hawaiian Girls," the 2013 Top Brand Awards Most Inspiring International Male Performer of the Year and the 2013 Peoples' Choice Asia Award for Best New Male Recording Artist. 

Recently, he gained social media popularity in the Philippines by covering Tagalog songs, the most recent one is his own Tagalog version of "Happy" that gained 100K plus views in 6 days of release on Youtube. 

He describes his type of music as a mixture of R&B, Pop and Reggae Music. He admits he just do rap for fun but he hasn't come up with a rap album/ song yet. Asked why he chose Philippines to expand his career in music? Jeff answered, "When I first came here, the first time, about three years ago, I said, 'Wait a minute it's the perfect market. The tao, they know how to speak english, everybody is always on their iphones, they're very hooked up on social media, so if it's very trending you can become popular. All the Filipinos they love music, you go to a bar, it's always music, music, music. You've been on the streets, they're always singing with Karaoke machines, something like that you know... everybody sing.' " 

This soft-spoken singer is open to other opportunities like acting. He cheerfully shared to us that, he once participated in a musical play in high school back there in Hawaii, it was a "Charlie Brown Play," where he played Snoopy. Cool right? ;))

The collection of titles in Jeff James' new album "GoGoGo" work together to inspire "go with the flow" enjoyment as suggested in that song's lyrics. "Come everybody, feel it in your soul. Now is the time to go, go, go. Ya feel it in your soul, Come on, let's go." The album also includes other tracks such as I mo' love song, 169- feat Mindy Mcpeek, Good, Hawaiian Girls, Isa Pang Love Song which is his original Tagalog song, Let's not pretend- feat. Jegaan Faye, Love Me, Top of the World, Wildside, Woowoowoo (I think I'm in love) and Love I.

"I'm already doin' what I want to do, I feel successful." --- Jeff James 

He's signing up my "GoGoGo" album

Yey! Thanks for the album GMA Records and Jeff! 

Hope you'd buy and keep listening to Jeff James' "GoGoGo" album. Super thanks to you Jeff, more power!!!

The album was recorded at Chuck James Music Studio in Hawaii, USA and in Rockman Music Studio, Pasig City, Philippines and is now available from GMA Records via digital downloads and also in your favorite local music stores like Astroplus, Astro Vision, Odyssey and SM Music & Video. 

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