Wings of the World, produced by an all-Filipino team, will unveil its majestic charm from March 28 onwards at the same outdoor theatre as Winged Wonders (The 100 Birds Show).

The show will present an ensemble of our bird buddies in order to promote the protection of our environment. This 25-30 minute spectacular will take the audiences in an immersive experience before unlike anything they've ever encountered.

As for the first time ever in the world, Wings of the World’s grand finale will bring half a thousand birds on stage from all directions of the Alula Amphitheater at Magaul Bird Park.

Watch as hundreds of pigeons circle your seats. Feel a hundred guinea fowls graze your heads as they descend towards the stage. Marvel as our Rufous Hornbills, and our majestic Macaws fly over your heads. Look up in awe as the giant wings of our white bellied sea eagle cast a shadow over you. Gaze upon the colourful spectacle as Sun Conures bring a shine to your eyes.

Join us this March 28, Saturday as we redefine history by bringing together a breathtaking adventure with an animal show as never been seen before.

Wings of the World will be included in the admission ticket to Magaul Bird Park located at JEST Camp Subic, and will be shown during Weekends and Public Holidays at 11am, 1:30pm and 4pm starting March 28. During weekdays, The Winged Wonders 100 Birds Show will be shown at 11am and 1:30Pm.  For more information, please visit or call their  Subic Office at 0472521489 or text 09177964668 or the Manila booking office at 02 2189023 or text 0922 3844227 / 09175310992

About Magaul Bird Park at JEST Camp

Magaul Bird Park at JEST Camp is the leading bird park in the Philippines. The park is privately owned by the Lacap family, which works with various

The 2 hectare theme park is home to an exciting array of attractions - being named as Subic’s Ultimate Sky adventure. With

Annex: About Magaul Bird Park’s Wings of the World
Wings of Time tells the story of a fantastic journey through time and space. A bird-like creature, Shahbaz, from prehistoric times goes on an adventure with two modern-day teenagers in search of home. Along the way, they discover the world by exploring wondrous locations around the world. As the teenagers assist their newfound friend to find his way home, they too must face a test of their courage and friendship. What decisions will they make and will they too, be able to find their way home?
Starting from 17 June 2014
Show Times
Weekends: 11AM, 1:30PM & 4PM, Weekdays: Winged Wonders’ 100 Birds Show at 11AM & 1:30PM
Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099538
Nearest Station
Harbourfront MRT
[take the train from Sentosa Station (located in VivoCity) to Beach Station]
Show Tickets
Premium seats: S$23
Standard Seats: S$18 [Local rates: S$15]
(Ticket prices are inclusive of taxes)
How to Buy Tickets
Available online from 12 May 2014 onwards at

For more information, please contact Magaul Bird Park at JEST Camp at 09177964668 and 09223844227 or email us at MAGAULBIRDPARK@JESTCAMP.COM

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