Gearing up for a Lifestyle Change

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Who else could ever change our own lifestyle? Nobody and no one but us, right? In today's very fast, fleeting and transitional style of living, most of us find it difficult to keep up the pace. I know you'd agree with me. 

Every single day, we establish a plan and some of us, even had it posted on their "what to do" list. As a full-time single mom and a part-time blogger, I see to it that I plan ahead just to be sure that I do some of the household chores and errands first, especially with my "unico hijo," who goes to school and even if he's in college, I do believe that he still needs my TLC (tender, love and care.) 

Apart from being busy as a mom, I am also socially active, as you can see, I do attend events, press launches, blogcons (bloggers conferences), coverages, interviews, product launches, awareness, advocacies, etc. And during each and every event that I go to, there's this "thing" that is always present and never neglected. You wanna make a wild guess? 

It's food! Yes, you're right! I admit, I maybe socially active but I confess, I lack physical activity (before). I guess, my own way of living or lifestyle isn't enough to make me physically fit and healthy. I can also feel that my metabolism is getting slow (uh-oh!). 

They say that the only permanent in this world is "change." I agree with that. And I also believe that, at some point in time of our lives, we'd come to realize some significant things. Things that matters to us, things that would put us to constant contemplation then eventually, we'd come up with a resolution. Have you reached that point? 

Well, I did. You know, before I've come to that realization, I was inspired first. And I can now firmly say that these two: inspiration and realization, did a great job for me. I wanna share with you some of my experiences from my blogging world that really furnished my decision to gear up for a "lifestyle change."

The following pics were taken during our 80's inspired Zumba party held at Plana Forma in Centris Walk, Q.C., courtesy of GLUTAMAXPOSH NAILS.Hand and FootSpa and Nice Day Coffee 

Hmm... what do you think of my 80's themed Zumba party outfit? :))

This really looks so enjoyable huh! ;))

Got the chance to pose with Zumba buddy, GMA Network's artist, LJ Reyes

I've met LJ for several times in different occasions and venues and I find her truly inspiring. Well, aside from her pretty face and very fit and fab physique, she's also a single mom and has a son named Ethan. 

with Zumba instructor, the very vibrant Gino and my very good friend Marcie Linao of Love and Light Productions

Those people that I've been before and up to present has been an inspiration for me in various ways. Like Coach Gino Ong of Plana Forma, he inspired me to do more, his hyperactive and energizing attitude is so contagious that you get to enjoy the zumba routines more. Whew! I can still feel the adrenalin rush, coach. ;)) My good friend Marcie, who's lovely and amiable as always. She inspires me to workout on my figure and to be as sweet as her. She's also into yoga so, I'm also considering this option. 

Gearing up for a lifestyle change requires me to also look for a change in my outfit. This plays an essential part of "change," that would definitely boost our character and confidence. Since I've mentioned above that we live in a transitional world, online shopping is so "in." And I find ZALORA the perfect place to shop online since it has wide range of sportswear, go check it out! 

Lastly, I wanna share with you my dear amazing readers my pics from my recent yoga class I attended. 

This was taken before the yoga class that was held at the posh White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio located at Regis Center along Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. 

Love my yoga outfit! This time, I'm with another GMA artist, my yoga buddy, the beautiful and sexy Sheena Halili. 

This fun-to-be-with lady is has a very positive outlook in life. Though she chooses to be single (as of now), she stays happy, grounded and full of hope. There's no dull moment with her. Another inspiring person I've met. 

I can indicate numerous people here who'd been an inspiration for me, (aside from my family and loved ones, of course), but these people has helped me realized a specific aspect of my life... it's time for a lifestyle change, I am not getting any younger, but the world is changing so, we have to make the most of our stay here. I hope I was able to also inspire you , amazing peeps. Think about it, it's never too late...  

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