KooBits makes Math easy for our kids

Yes, I absolutely agree that Math is one of the toughest subjects that we learn from school. It may not be everybody's favorite but for some, it is. Based on my experience with my son, I really didn't have a hard time teaching him his mathematical subjects, actually, modesty aside, he always gets high grades and sometimes he either perfects his scores in the tests/ exams or he only had few mistakes. 

Well, that is something that I am really thankful for. Since he is so good in Math, we decided that probably it is better for him to take up E.C.E. (Electronics and Communications Engineering) in one of the prestigious schools here in Metro Manila. Actually, he is now on his second year and a scholar, thank God ;)) 

But what about those parents who are having difficulties in looking for ways or much easier means for their kids to learn math? Are you one of them? Or do you know anyone who are into that kind of situation? You know what, dear amazing readers, wanna tell you that, you're reading the right article! This is the perfect time to tell you that, KooBits, a group of innovative educators and technologists developing digital tools and platforms to help children learn better, offers a happier ending through its latest product, ProblemSums.

It transforms Math problem-solving into daily learning activities, and enables students to tackle Math challenges as and when they are free and willing, yet retain the element of competition.

At the same time, ProblemSums responds to the technology boom in smartphones and tablet computers which has transformed lifestyles and created a lot of opportunities for learning on-the- go.

Stanley Han, Koobits Pte. Ltd. Singapore CEO, talks about Motivation Dynamics and how it’s making learning more fun for kids

“There is an increasing need to re-design traditional learning systems and content delivery to cater to a world where mobile technologies are proliferating,” says Stanley Han, the CEO and co-founder of Personal e-Motion Pte Ltd/ KooBits. “Lifestyles have shifted away from the time when learners had a couple of uninterrupted hours to immerse themselves in educational activities."

Han observes that a student's time is being eroded by things outside of education in the modern world. "We want to redesign our content to cater to the new lifestyle in order to effectively engage today’s digital natives,” he says.

Designed to cultivate the potential of children in the subject, ProblemSums features challenging word problems as well as a differentiated skills map to maximize their level of proficiency.

Giselle Toengi-Walters talks about her wonderful experience with Koobits 

“Each question from standard skills has 100 variations with their context, objects, quantities, and answers change with different permutations,” explains Loh Cheng Yee, chief education consultant for the KooBits Math portal. “But each one follows a consistent problem-solving pattern.”

The questions also go beyond the fill-in-the blank format as individual problem-solving process is documented, notes Yee, who has authored several texts and workbooks for primary schools.

A teacher in Catholic High School and Hwa Chong Institution for 18 years, she also highlights the importance of immediate feedback mechanisms in ProblemSums as well as the inclusion of homework, tests, and auto-checking to guide the students. Official Math Olympiad questions were added to challenge them.

“The non-routine high-ability questions aim to stretch students’ thinking and deepen their understanding. And every topic has sub-topics for a variety of question types so we provide detailed analysis of their proficiency,” says Yee, also a member of the Question Committee of the Singapore-Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (AMPOPS).

Against expectation, technology does not constrain the proven benefits of personalized learning or traditional classroom teaching. Similarly, ProblemSums enables individual performance analysis, while students can even form study groups to encourage both collaboration and healthy competition.

“Koobits tackled the most difficult part of a child’s learning journey—motivation. By letting a child compete for top honour, my daughter is motivated to become the highest scorer and was actually learning along the way without knowing that she was actually learning,” admits Koh Shoon Kuan, parent of Koh Kai Qi of Anchor Green Primary School, a ProblemSums patron. “She plays and learns. It is great!”  

Operations Director Julienne Sison-Vital; Program Director Joanne Tabora-Sison , CEO and Marketing Director Ina Sehwani; partners at Koobits Philippines and Expolrarium Co Ltd, and educational services provider in the Philippines.

The Koobits Team

Hope dear parents that this blogpost can be helpful to you and your kids. As the saying goes, will do anything for the sake of our kids, right? As long as it would not cause us any harm and it's for the "betterment" of our kids, after all. Why don't you try it, so you'll discover that KooBits makes Math easy for our kids and us, too!  ;))

KooBits complete addtess: 
Unit 27 3/F Cedar Executive 1,
1006 A. Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City
Tel: 219-4103

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