Taters at its Grandest! #LeGrand20

The grandest anniversary festival celebration of Taters happened a day after my birthday! The 20th anniversary of Taters was held at the Trinoma activity center, on the night of August 28, 2014. You must be thinking how did they turn the whole place into a grandiose ambiance and that everything else was there? Kudos to the organizers and the special people behind that grand celebration, they turned the activity center into a magnificent, magical- like venue that everyone else was in awe by just merely seeing the entrance alone! It was so admirable and we all felt like a kiddo  entering the circus-like festivity! 

Can you see those two 'Tall Men" inviting us at the entrance? hihi

I guess that was the "feeling" that they're trying to imply on their guests. To be like a kid again, have the liberty to consume as much as munchers, burgers, hotdog sandwiches, popcorns, fries, chips, totillas,  different beverages as we can... have fun, watch the show, participate in the games and activities, have our pictures taken at the photo booth... in short, be merry and have a good time as if there is no tomorrow! hahaha 

Upon entering, me and my friends were given VIP tags, that looked like this. 

Feeling so overwhelmed by what we have witnessed right in front of our eyes, we all hurriedly grabbed some food that was readily available from each respective food booths. That was the first time that I've experienced a "snacks and drinks overload" and it was no ordinary snacks, everything's from Taters Snack League! 

You see, every time we watch  movies, there's always a long line of customers wanting to buy and munch out on Taters while watching the movie, you'll just think and wonder why do this people (including us) have so much patience in waiting for their cue, right? What could Taters have that customers tend to really stick on them and cling on them? Let me share you my thoughts: It's because, aside from the very good quality of the products, Taters is being considered as the only branded "premiere entertainment snack establishment" here in the Philippines. Another good point also is that Taters staff can also deliver your orders right to your cinema seats, just present your movie tickets guys. See, how convenient, right? ;-) 

Going back to the celebration, (hehe) my point was, we were all rewarded! We did not have to wait much for our cues, we can grab everything we want! It was a sort of like a food trip galore as in major, major league (hehe). And what are you supposed to do if you have a tag such as this one?

It says, "Entitles the user to unlimited snacks, drinks and games." See what I mean? ;) 

Since the show hasn't started yet, I took the chance to take some photos from the event so you'll somehow have an idea of what it looked like being in a different world. I felt like Alice, the main character in  "Alice in Wonderland" that time, to tell you honestly, it was like we've stepped into a different dimension that we were all there, unmindful of all the stress from the outside world, and all we ever thought of was to eat, have fun, fill our hearts with joy and celebrate with Taters!!! 

People patiently waiting for the show to start. Some are still having their snacks. See the splashy stage? :))

Here's the Hotdogs, Tortillas, Onion Rings and Munchers station. BTW, I've tried their Mexican munchers, it goes perfectly well with sour cream dip and I liked it! The beef hotdogs were so juicy! 

The Burgers, House Fryes and Tater Chips booth. Churkey burger, anyone? A Churkey burger  was a combination of chicken and turkey in a burger patty. If you haven't tried it yet, then you should!

This is where I get my fave cheese-flavored House Fryes and Taters Chips. Ohhh, now I miss them all! I want, I want! ;))

Of course, we all need some drinks! I ordered for a sugar-free lemonade! There are actually more choices; Pepsi products and a variety of iced tea beverages were also available if you could see in this picture. I also tried red iced tea, actually. 

I was not able to furnish a clear copy of the popcorn booth but unlimited popcorn was also readily available! I got a pack of cheese-flavored popcorn. Everything was actually #unlimited . The night was full of unlimited food, drinks, laughter, games, prizes, adventure, spectacular show and everything that will make you wish that the night won't come to an end. 

While I was touring the whole area, I was so caught up and got engaged until I bumped into a very friendly Mime artist, look what he asked me to do, and I totally got his hand gestures huh, well, that was so simple... look! 

He wanted to have a #LeGrand20 #selfie photo with me hahaha 

Wanna try the Popcorn Drive? Are you ready to be drowned in a compartment filled with popcorn? hihi

Do you want to "Fill My Burger?" Game!

If you want to test your power, "Mister Strengthman" is the right game for you!

For every game, you get the chance to win tickets, then claiming of the prizes happens here at the ticket and prize booth.

All those games including the "Pop Thy Corn," "Pepsi Tac Toe" and "Onion Ring Toss," made the whole fair even more fun and exciting plus the photo booth if I may add. Me and my gurlfriends who are also bloggers, were so much engrossed in chatting while munching that's why when we 6were about to join the games, the show finally started. 

For a fresh, bombastic start, they all caught our attention. These performers did a modern opera type of singing that earned a lot of praises from the audience. Bravo, bravo!!!

Another operatic performance by these guys while the sexy belles were dancing

There was also an array of world class carnival performances: 

Talk about #unlimited , they have an unlimited balance and discipline! Whew! Bravo!!!

Uh oh, too risky, but they passed with flying colors! 

The audience were very much glued to the spectacular show happening. I guess we can commit to one thinking that we were all very impressed! 

Final bow of the amazing performers. Encore, encore, encore! They really got me, indeed! Job well done everyone! From what I've learned, they also perform at the Resorts World Manila. So, if you wanna check them out, you know where to find them. ;) 

So, do you think that was the final moment of the night? Nuh uh... for the first time, I get to see the founder & president of Taters who primarily made all these things possible and successful plus also with the help and support of her family, relatives, friends and staff. 

Madam Annie Tanchanco,  Founder and President of Taters Enterprises, Inc. 

During Madam Annie's speech, she wishes to thank everyone including their suppliers, their partners, the crew and everyone who had helped Taters reach this far. She's looking forward to a bigger and better Taters in the next 20 years to come. 

Madam Annie together with her family on stage initiating the blowing up and popping out of popcorn pouches during the final ceremony of Taters' 20th anniversary celebration

She requested the guests to smash those air-filled popcorn pouches because according to her, "We're going to end this with a bang for more triumph, more joy, more excellence and innovation to come!" 

The guests interestingly heed her request

Applause! Congratulations and happy 20th anniversary Taters family!!!

Me and my blogger-friends Angelyn Demo, Bedalyn Aguas and Gracee Bongolan

We all had the grandest ever celebration where everything else was overflowing, unlimited, overloaded and free! I can never forget Taters 20th anniversary celebration where I also get to have a sort of post birthday bonding with my friends, yey! Thanks Gracee for the Vanilla birthday Cupcake! Just like Taters, I wish to have more triumph, also great health, happiness and more blessings to share in the next infinite years to come! Thank you Lord for all the love, guidance and blessings... and of course special thanks to my very loving family. Thank you Taters, hope to be invited again next year! hihi 

True enough, it was a celebration of TATERS at its Grandest! #LeGrand20

*** Taters has an ongoing promo called "Le Grand Treats" and it will run until September 15, 2014. If you wish to join, just go to their Facebook page and hope you'll "like" it as well. ***


Taters Enterprises Inc. has recently been confirmed as an awardee of the Philippine Quality Challenge (PQC) Challenge II. 

The PQC offers small medium enterprises an opportunity to be part of the Philippine Quality Awards (PQA). This recognizes organizational improvement and performance excellence on a national level to achieve world-class standards comparable to the Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award of the US and those in Europe and Asia. 

Taters achieved this milestone in its first year only of applying for the PQC. It also happens to be the first company in the food industry here in the Philippines to receive level II recognition by the PQC. 

Founder and President Tater Enterprises, Inc., Annie Tanchanco states,"I think our culture of innovation and improvement for the past twenty years has allowed us to get to this level in our organization and the PQC recognition is just another example of our commitment to excellence."

From Humble Beginnings

Taters' twentieth year anniversary serves as a tribute to the entrepreneurial drive of the Filipino. Founded in 1994 by Tanchanco, the first Taters stall was located in a cramped mall space measuring only 8.5 sq. m. "The store initially carried three products - popcorn, peanuts and fries. At that time, there were no other branded food outlets in the cinemas, only the generic popcorn concessionaires. Taters became the first branded entertainment snack store," explains Tanchanco. 

The very first Taters stall in Greenbelt

Taters has since then included other snack items that has defined its innovative approach to the snack industry. A wide selection of toppings and dips that go great with any order, premium New York Beef Hotdogs, and healthy choices such as Tofu chips and tuna mushroom sandwiches have raised the bar for the entertainment snacking in the Philippines. 

Founder & President Annie Tanchanco together with Taters crew 

Tireless hours and sleepless nights have allowed Taters to become the premiere entertainment food provider it is today. With 23 outlets across the country, it is still the only branded entertainment snack food establishment in the Philippines today and is further expanding its reach to other possibilities beyond cinema snacks.

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