Talk Back and You're Dead: Another Phenomenal Movie

"Talk Back and You're Dead" cast: Yassi Pressman, direk Andoy Ranay, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, screenplay writer Ms. Keiko Aquino and novelist Alesana Marie during the movie's grand presscon

Remember the Meteor Garden fever, the Taiwanese drama which aired here in the Philippines sometime in the year 2001? I bet you do, because ABS-CBN has aired the very popular Taiwanese tv series here in the Philippines again last April and surprisingly, it gained an enormous high ratings in Kapamilya Gold time slot. 

Following the trend that Meteor Garden has started, novelist Alesana Marie admitted that she was inspired by the story of Meteor Garden when she wrote "Talk Back and You're Dead" novel in the year 2009-2010, published by Psicom Publishing Inc. This gained mainstream popularity not only in paperback but also on Wattpad as well. 

"Talk Back and You're Dead," is definitely another phenomenal movie to boot. This is a follow-up movie of lead stars James Reid and Nadine Lustre from their one of most-talked-about and also high earning movie, "Diary ng Panget," which was shown only this March, 2014. It was also adapted from a series of romantic novels by a Wattpad author under the name of HaveYouSeenThisGirl. Viva Films caught its attention and decided to do a film adaptation of the novel. The turn-out of their movie was a huge success thus, the love team of #JaDine was born. 

Popularity and fame is always correlated by intrigues and issues. The #JaDine tandem was soon compared to the No. 1 teenage love team in local show business, the #KathNiel tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Ironically, Nadine is directly being compared to Kathryn because seemingly, they have a great resemblance (you do the judging hehe). During the "Talk Back and You're Dead" presscon, James Reid and Nadine Lustre finally answered the running comparison between them and #KathNiel. 

Please watch this: 

"Talk Back and You're Dead" lead cast: James Reid, Nadine Lustre and Joseph Marco during the movie's grand presscon

James Reid as Top

Nadine Lustre as Sam

"Talk Back and You're Dead" (TBYD) is a different love story of teen romance coupled with high-pumping adrenaline of action and the pulsating component of danger. The movie depicts also of the love triangle involving Top (James Reid), Sam (Nadine Lustre) and Red (Joseph Marco). It is like "good girl meets bad boy" thingy plot but still has the elements and main components of the novel as assured by Ms. Keiko Aquino, screenplay writer so as not to disappoint its loyal readers. 

Fans of the novel can look forward to witnessing their favorite characters come to life in this live-action version that cleverly instills the narrative's witty lines and romantic encounters as well as its unforgettable and colorful characters such as The Crazy Trio and The Lucky 13

During the presscon, Direk Andoy Ranay explained that, TBYD has a different story and concept apart from "Diary ng Panget: The Movie" since he also directed this first JaDine film.. He even admitted that working with Joseph Marco for the first time, was a lovely experience, he complimented Joseph's patience and professionalism since Joseph has to temporarily dye his hair with color red for most of the scenes. 

Joseph Marco as Red

Joseph Marco is considered one of the hottest talents of ABS-CBN today, being one of the cover boys, sought after celebrity endorsers and top leading men, I tag him as "The Next Big Star." He shared that, "Ito po 'yung pinaka-major film ko na nagawa. Working with direk... sobrang patient s'ya tska talagang inaaral n'ya talaga 'yung scene and gina-guide n'ya kami, kapag nagtatanong po ako... kung ano 'yung gusto n'yang atake talagang sinasabi n'ya. Sobrang thankful ako na si direk (Andoy) 'yung direktor namin." 

The JaDine love team: James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Nadine shared that, she feels very blessed and that they were very confident about the movie (TBYD) and that, a lot has changed since the success of their last movie "Diary ng Panget." They have now gained a lot of fans and supporters. "It's really amazing eh, 'yung changes, ako po personally, I really didn't expect na magiging ganun s'ya, in less than a year, ang bilis po, sobra in a couple of months lang, 'yun po," she said.
To follow up the topic, James answered, "Actually the JaDine fan base for now, it came out of nowhere, in just about three months, we have such a huge following and they are very supportive and I'm very thankful." 
Skylight Films creates another historic and phenomenal milestones as it teams-up with Viva Films for the very first time via this screen adaptation of "Talk Back and You're Dead." So expect a lot more from this movie. This is also like a homecoming of sorts for James as a Kapamilya who gained nationwide popularity as the big winner of 2010's "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash." TBYD also stars Yassi Pressman as Audrey, Red's sister, who really hates Nadine's character as Sam because she feels intimidated by her since she also has a "thing" for James who plays the leader of the gang as Top.

Yassi Pressman as Audrey

More exciting scenes from your fave stars. Expect much hotter and bolder scenes from JaDine tandem. So, don't forget to watch "Talk Back and You're Dead." (TBYD) showing in all theaters nationwide!!! 

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