Amazing acts come alive with the Jollibee Magician’s Kit

There’s a hidden surprise waiting to amaze audiences with the Jollibee Magic Hat.

Magic, magic, who doesn't believe in magic? We must all admit that for once or for several times in our lives when we were still kids, we used to believe in magic, right? We were all captivated and fascinated by what magic has in store for all of us. Be it real or not, believing in magic is part of our childhood. That's why, everything that comes with a touch of magic, really creates "MAGIC" to every kid's pair of sparkling eyes! So make your kids do their own tricks and acts with Jollibee's Amazing Magician's Kit! 

Now you see it, now you don’t! Kids can now pull their own abracadabra stunts and wow their friends and family as the new Jollibee Kids Meal (JKM) offers the Jollibee Magician’s Kit along with their favorite meals. The Jollibee Magician’s Kit lets young aspiring magicians perform three different awesome acts with the Magic Wand, Magic Hat and Magic Ball.

Read invisible messages with every flick of the Jollibee Magic Wand.

With their Magic Wand, kids can read secret messages or see drawings of their friends. They simply need to ask their friends to write or draw on the illusion card using the magic wand. While no text or image will appear, they can use the blue light on the other end of the wand to reveal the secret!

For a cool surprise, young magicians can use their Magic Hat to stamp Jollibee designs onto any type of paper. Just remove the cap to reveal the stamper and watch Jollibee pop up with every stamp.

And last but definitely not the least, kids can perform an extreme illusion trick with the Magic Ball, which they can make mysteriously disappear from a cup and reappear in their hands. Simply hide the real ball from the audience and put the trick ball in the cup. Open the cup to reveal the trick ball to the audience, close the cup then open again to reveal the missing ball. To complete the trick, show the previous hidden ball to the audience, creating the illusion that you magically removed the ball from the cup!

Kids can now make their own disappearing trick with the Jollibee Magic Ball.

Each toy comes free with their choice of Jollibee Kids Meal: Yumburger Meal for only P80, the Jolly Spaghetti meal for only P83 and the 1-piece Chickenjoy meal for only P100. And as a new year treat for all kids, every purchase of a Jollibee Kids Meal also comes with a FREE Vanilla Twirl.

The Jollibee Kids Meal Magician’s Kit is available from January 1 to 31, 2014 at all Jollibee stores for dine-in, take-out and delivery. Those who want to have their meals and toys delivered via Jollibee Express Delivery Service can call at 8-7000 or go online at

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