The Creamy side of Fog City

Fog City Creamery now offers its newest delightful and luxurious creation: 
the  Fruit and Nuts Deluxe

Who would've thought that ice cream and an alcoholic beverage like brandy when blended well, could create fascinating gastronomic adventure and entice one's delicate taste? I was so surprised from what I've found out! And I'm not kidding, you should try it yourself! This is the first! This is so unique! 

I was invited by blogger/ friend Richard Mamuyac of and Rochelle Rivera of to join them in a different kind of ice cream tasting held at Focaccia located at the ground floor of A. Venue Mall in Makati Ave., Makati City. It was odd at first knowing that you get to taste an ice cream blended with brandy, specifically the Emperador Deluxe brand. Good thing though, I am a woman of great adventures, especially when it comes to FOOD!!! :P 

And what do you know, my curiosity didn't fail my expectations! 

This oh so luscious Fog City Creamery creation called Fruit and Nuts Deluxe has the signature touch of Emperador Deluxe’s distinct flavors of Palomino grapes toffee, almonds and honey. This perfectly complements the rich taste of different fruits and nuts and the creamy goodness of ice cream.

Every scoop of Fruit and Nuts Deluxe will change the experience of eating ice cream, tasting dried apricots, pistachios, almonds and Emperador Deluxe, highlighting the delightful and luxurious ice cream FOG City and Emperador Distillers, Inc. made.

Ms. Edlyn Gamboa, owner of Fog City Creamery

Ms. Edy was challenged by Mr. Carlos Alfredo C. Vergara, Marketing Director for International Spirit of EMPERADOR Distillers Inc. (EDI) to create an ice cream based on their product, Edy didn't have second thoughts at all so she accepted the challenge. She shared, "I took the challenge, I said, why not? Apparently, the daughter of the President of Emperador, tasted our ice cream, since our flavor is very indulgent, we use very high end quality ingredients, she said 'Hey, this is a perfect partnership!' That's how the partnership began." 

If you wanna know, how much amount of alcohol (brandy) they put in their creamy Fruit and Nuts Deluxe, well, Ms. Edy answered, "The amount of alcohol we put is enough for the person to really feel the flavors or the enhanced flavors of the brandy itself and yet still not making it too strong or too overwhelming." 

“More is not always better,” Ms. Edy Gamboa points out, “but by using only the finest and purest ingredients, and by meticulously mixing all of these ingredients together, we can have a creation that has more depth in flavor and in taste. Having Emperador Deluxe as one of the key ingredients is a big privilege for us.”

(L-R): Mr. Carlos Alfredo C. Vergara, Marketing Director for International Spirit of EMPERADOR Distillers Inc., Ms. Edlyn Gamboa, Fog City Creamery owner and Mr. Edward Gador, Brand Manager for International Spirits at Emperador Distillers, Inc. at Focaccia Italian Restaurant in Makati City

Emperador Deluxe is a luxurious blend that allows people to savor everyday luxury,” Mr. Edward Gador, Brand Manager for Emperador Deluxe said. “Why not have that taste of luxury in an ice cream? We are very happy to have Fog City as a partner in achieving this very unique creation!” adds Mr. Carlos Vergara, Managing Director for International Spirits.

Hmmm, isn't it a very intriguing yet creamy product? Something new, something luxurious is now blending in our society. So if you wanna feel the indulgence and experience the creamy side of  Fog City (Facebook), have your orders placed, just call these nos. (+632) 729-9403 or Mobile (0917) 883-3344. They also have their pick-up points: 

  • Focaccia Italian Restaurant at the G/F of A. Venue Mall in Makati Ave., Makati City
  • Valle Verde 5 Pasig City
For more info and details on Emperador Deluxe, visit or follow them on Facebook at

Blogger/friends Bedalyn Aguas, Jenny Roxas, Rochelle Rivera and me (of course! hihi) at Focaccia Italian Restaurant

To give you an idea, here's what you will encounter inside the Focaccia Italian Restaurant-- the Fog City Creamery corner, they also offer other flavors, check it out!

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