Vhong Navarro's operation now set for today!

Vhong Navarro in "It's Showtime" acting as "Juan dela Cruz" 

Hot copy in today's trending world, "It's Showtime" host and actor/ dancer, Vhong Navarro is at the darkest times of his life. As we all know, Vhong with real name Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro, has been allegedly mauled inside a condominium unit in Forbeswood, The Fort owned by model Deniece Cornejo who was claiming that Vhong had attempted to rape her at the night of January 22, 2014 prompting boyfriend and businessman Cedric Lee to brutally beat Vhong together with the rest of Lee's friends, this was according to the statement of Cornejo and Lee.

There's always two sides of a coin, right? Vhong, had already voiced out his side via the show "Buzz ng Bayan," which aired last Sunday, January 26, 2014 through the show's host, Boy Abunda. He was badly beaten up, tortured, had experienced malicious procedures by Lee's group and was even blackmailed by them. Those were the most remarkable things he stated during the exclusive interview.

Anytime today, Navarro's camp will be filing the case with the Department of Justice. Possible charges are serious physical injuries and serious illegal detention which is non bailable, the same charge that Benhur Luy had pressed against Janet Napoles.

Yesterday, Navarro's "It's Showtime" family had expressed their deepest love, concern and support to their fellow host and very good friend. I felt lucky enough to be able to talk to Kuya Kim Atienza during The Generic Pharmacy's Paracetamol launch yesterday, January 27, 2014 held at Makati Shangrila Hotel. Kuya Kim is TGP's newest brand ambassador actually and according to him, after Vhong's tv appearance last Sunday at "Buzz ng Bayan," Vhong is doing good. And is set to have his operation today due to the minor fractures and damages caused by the allegedly mauling incident.

Kuya Kim Atienza during The Generic Pharmacy media launch yesterday

This "nightmare" that Vhong Navarro's facing today shall pass. Of course, this would be a very, very long and tough process for him, but what's most important is that, he is alive and will serve his purpose as a father, as an artist, as a friend and companion. All I wish for Vhong now is for him to recover soon, physically and emotionally. Apparently, Vhong had already apologized to his present girlfriend for compromising her trust. And I guess, if there is one fault that he had only committed, is that he was "moonlighting."

That was me with Vhong Navarro during our Nestea TVC shoot few years back. He was so amiable, so grounded and very friendly, the kind of traits that the showbiz personalities should possess. He's so real.

Vhong Navarro in one of his candid moments in "It's Showtime." Hope you recover soon Vhong and we wanna see you bouncing back again! 

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  1. Just waiting for the truth to come out. Good luck sa mga taong involved! :)

    1. yeah sis, good luck talaga sa kanila hihi


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