Star Magic's Jessy Mendiola is Korea's Tourism Ambassador

Filipina actress Jessy Mendiola was appointed as Korea Tourism Ambassador 

Philippines' most well- loved actress and famous personality is also one of Korea's most well- loved person. Jessy Mendiola is now the appointed Korea Tourism Ambassador. She was awarded such prestigious title and position last October 31, 2013 by the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO), a government agency dedicated to tourism promotion of the Republic of Korea. 

As we all know, Jessy had been to Korea last year, to participate in the KBS channel's World Date with K-pop stars Shinee. She has received a very warm welcome by most of the Korean audience there. Since then, Jessy has been visiting the country often and gladly accepted the duty of Korea Tourism Ambassador in the Philippines. Jessy shared, "Korea is a very beautiful country, I'm very interested in their culture and the people." 

Jessy Mendiola received her honorary Korea Tourism Ambassador appointment

Jessy in Changdeokgung Royal Palace in Korea

Director of KTO Manila Office, Mr. Sangyong Zhu says, "We, Korean citizens, are very happy to have Jessy as our Honorary Tourism Ambassador. We think Jessy is the right person to be an Honorary Ambassador because she is one of the most popular actresses and models as a rising star in the field of showbiz in hte Philippines. She is still young but already became one of the most influential celebrities in the Philippine society. Particularly, we would like to give her more chances to publicize Korean premium tours and Korean beauty and wellness tourism in that she does possess both external and internal beauty and attractiveness. As you are aware, her image is bright, amiable, good-natured and even noble. Additionally, more than 660,000 fans from her SNS such as Twitter and Facebook could also be potential supporters of Korean like herself."

Jessy enjoys her travel to Korea's nicest tourist spots

The KTO Manila Office is promoting and developing the tourism products especially they are targeting high-end market for K-beauty and Wellness. Jessy experienced Korea's Premium Tour when she visited last October 29. For five days, she went to three Korean hospitals, Changdeokgung Royal Palace, N-Seoul Tower, Lotte World and other famous tourism spots. She also met and interviewed 2NE1's sandara Park and K-pop Idol group Boyfriend. 

Jessy interviews Korea's  one of 2NE1's members Sandara Parks

K-pop idol group Boyfriend poses with Jessy Mendiola 

In the Philippines, Jessy is a celebrity endorser for Bench and McDonald's. She is also the lead star in ABS-CBN's remake of famous Mexican telenovela "Maria Mercedes," which is currently among the top shows of the network. 

Jessy had also done a Star Cinema comedy film with Pokwang, entitled "Call Center Girl," which is still showing in theaters near you. 

KTO appointed honorary ambassadors previously and these include PSY, Super Junior, 2PM, Miss A and other popular stars. Also overseas, England opera singer Paul Potts and Hollywood star Lindsay Price were named ambassadors. 

Congratulations my love, Jessy! I am so proud of you! Wish you the best of both worlds (career and personal life)! I love you Jessy! 'Til we meet again! 

I bet you're excited to watch Jessy's tour around Korea's famous tourist spots as well as her unforgettable experiences being a Korea Tourism Ambassador, like me, right? Well, the good news is, her special trip will be shown on ABS-CBN's "Matanglawin" on December 1, 2013, Sunday.

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