Do the #AXEApolloing, join the Zero-Gravity Photo Contest and win GO PRO Cameras!

We're floating, we're floating! This is such an amazing experience, we felt like floating in zero-gravity inside the AXE Apollo Space Simulator situated at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City just recently. 

When I was just a little girlie (he he), one of my ultimate fantasies was to become a lady astronaut. I've always told my dad, that one day, I'm gonna ride a spaceship and explore the universe. Those were part of our childish dreams... 

Surprisingly, what happened to me just recently was so ironic. I do not have to ride a rocket ship and go to the space to experience the zero-gravity effect which is basically --- FLOATING on air! 

Life is really full of amazing surprises! Just recently, AXE Philippines and FOX International Channels didn't have anything better to do last weekend but to set up the “AXE Apollo Space Simulator” – a specially-designed facility for all you people who won’t make it to actual space.  And lucky enough, I was able to try this! 

The Axe Apollo Space Simulator in Bonifacio High Street

Look! I'm floating with co-blogger Ning Buning! Yipee! 

If you wanted to see the my #AXEApolloing moment in a 360-degree video, please do visit we're on the 182nd slide and you'll also get to watch other videos of hundreds of peeps who were able to use the AXE's space simulator. 

Special thanks to AXE Philippines, the no. 1 fragrance brand on the planet, Fox International ChannelsCanon and Bonifacio Global City for this unforgettable and amazing space-like experience! 

AXE Apollo

In celebration of the launch of AXE Apollo, AXE's is actually swending 23 people to space! Bet you've heard that, unless you’re one of the 112 people on Earth set to train at the international AXE Apollo Global Space Camp in Florida this December, you probably won’t be one of them, but don't falter... if you didn't get invited to the AXE's space camp and you weren't able to catch AXE's space simulator, you can still be like an astronaut, and win GO PRO Cameras while you’re at it.  It’s called “Apollo-ing”.  If you’ve ever taken a jump shot, then you were almost there.  “Apollo-ing” is taking a photo that’s made to look like you’re floating in zero-Gs.  It’s quite enjoyable, and the photos come in handy when you’re trying to spark up a conversation – or win a GO PRO Camera.  

Here’s how:

Step 1: Take an epic photo of yourself suspended in mid-air.  (Tip: Make sure you look like you didn’t exert an ounce of effort jumping up in the air and striking a pose, so you look like you’re really in zero-Gs)
Step 2: Post the photo on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #AXEApolloing
Step 3: Show the photo to all your friends and perhaps even to total strangers (optional)
Step 4: You get a chance to win a GO PRO Camera!

For more information about how to Apollo, check out  AXE Space Simulator and AXE Apollo-ing are brought to you by FOX International Channels, Canon, and Bonifacio Global City.

I'd still like to share with you my dear readers, that we had also the privilege to meet two of the three Filipino candidates who will represent our country and fly in space :))

These two awesome guys with me were AXE's Filipino representatives to space: Ramil Santos (middle) and Chino Roque (far right)

Btw, the wacky, witty and Youtube sensation also graced the said event...
It's no other that Mr. Ramon Bautista (sorry didn't have a frontal shot of him)

So, what are you waiting for? Don't waste any moment my dear readers, upload your effortless "jump-shots" and tag- away #AXEApolloing either on your Facebook accounts, Twitter or Instagram. Much better if you could upload your pics on those the social networks mentioned. 

Who knows, you might be the lucky winner of GO PRO Camera!!! 

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