Shake and Roll dance tutorial now up on Youtube

Take snacking a notch higher with the Jack ‘n Jill’s Shake and Roll moves.

Potato Chips fans can snack like never before with World Hip Hop champions The Crew, in their fun tutorial video for the funky dance created exclusively for Shake and Roll. Angel, Miko, Von, Chinky and Miah of The Crew choreographed catchy steps—open, season, seal, shake and roll—to creatively capture the snack’s one-of-a-kind packaging.

In the short YouTube clip, the Shake and Roll brand ambassadors invite everyone to put on their dancing shoes and let loose as they demonstrate the routine with their fancy footwork. Then they go through the moves one step at a time to make the dance easy to learn.

Join The Crew, as they show you how to make snacking more fun with Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll. 

Whether a dance aficionado or someone who just loves to move to the beat, you too can learn this fun routine that come with a global stamp of approval, with The Crew being internationally-acclaimed performers.

In fact, anyone can channel their inner performer and nail these dynamic moves in no time with this instructional video, backed by an infectious pop tune and supplied with beginner-friendly directions.
“Snacking is more fun when shared, especially when it’s through a shared experience like dancing with your friends,” says Angel.

Check out the video at  and share the Shake and Roll experience with your own crew today! Shake & Roll is sold for P35 (SRP) at groceries nationwide and comes in two unique flavors, Salmon Sushi and Unagi Kabayaki.

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