SM Southmall Bowling Center Opening

Family time has always been such a fun time. It is that special bonding moment you share with your loved ones regardless of how long you spend it with them, it's so precious and always worth remembering. Our kids' happiness is our heart's content as long as our family's welfare and safety is not compromised. We make it a point to share common interests with our kids, even if it is not that interesting for us, parents, we still manage to blend with them and enjoy every single minute.  I'm pretty sure, you would all agree with me dear parents. :))

Just recently, me and my family were invited to the grand opening of SM Southmall Bowling Center which is conveniently located across the basement carpark.  Everyone was so excited since it would be the first time for all of us to try the 10 pin ball (8.5" in diameter, weighs around 7 kg.) bowling than the usual duck pin (4.75 to 5" in diameter, weighs 1.5- 1.7kg.) bowling that we've been playing in amusement arcades. Since it is really much bigger in diameter and heavier, we had a difficulty at first but eventually we all got used to it, most especially the kids who never seemed to mind the ball's weight and all they intended to do was to have fun, enjoy the game and each other's company. 

Blessing of SM Southmall Bowling Center in Las Pinas City

After the blessing of the SM Southmall Bowling Center, the guests, media, management and staff lavished on an appetizing lunch served by Racks; to complete the very light but lively mood, there was a band singing on the background. 

having lunch with family and friends 

This new Bowling Center is just like a one-stop shop wherein you can avail of almost everything about total recreation, fun experience and entertainment thus, it is a one-stop-entertainment hub not just with your family, but you can also tag along your friends, relatives and officemates or whoever you're comfortable to be with. 

It offers 14 fully-automated and synthetic bowling lanes

My son Jigo loves to roll the ball :))

12 Billiard tables

23 PS3 Gaming stations (the kids stayed here for countless hours hihi)

Our princess Lianne loves to munch on popcorns while watching his Kuya Jigo play 

Hey, wazzup, Kuya Marky?!

Hmmm... seems like you're havin' a good time huh, right CJ? hihi

Thanks for the nice smile :) Kuya Ian! 

10 arcade machines 

Kuya Jigo, loosen up! hahaha

Ate KC and Kuya Mark tandem! Whoooaaa!

Go Nikko, go nikko, go nikko! 

My friend Jenny posing in front of the shooting gallery

Princess Lianne havin' fun at the Kinect Consoles with Ate KC 

Hey, look! Kuya Nikko and Kuya CJ too! 

Nikko and Lianne trying it out Kinect Dancing game and they had 3 sets huh! Not so obvious that they enjoyed a lot! 

And for all the music lovers and wanted to unwind by singing their hearts loud, there are two modern videoke rooms for you guys. You see, there are numerous ways for everyone to release all those stress, feel comfy and be entertained. :))

Of course, if you wanna have your refreshments and snacks, you don't have to go out, they have such a nice and cool area inside wherein you can relax for awhile and have chit-chats with your family or friends :))

And at the end of the day, all of us were very much delighted! Look at what we've earned by merely playing bowling, having fun and enjoying each other's company! They awarded us with a real ten-pin bowling pin, yey! (special thanks to my friend Jenny of for this photo)

"It's the ideal place for bonding all year round. And that is whether you're a top-class bowler, a newbie at the lanes, a billiard enthusiast, or a hardcore gamer," said Bonifacio M. Solis, Senior Operations Manager  of SM Bowling Center. 

To date, SM Bowling Center operates five branches in key cities of the Metro: SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, SM Southmall, SM City Fairview, SM City Valenzuela, and two in the prime cities of the South- SM City Cebu and SM Lanang. 

Thank you SM Southmall for making our day extra special with family and friends! 

So come and visit SM Southmall Bowling Center, it's now open !!! 

For more exciting pics from our SM Southmall Bowling Center getaway,
 you could see those here.

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