Sangobion brings Giselle Sanchez as the "Salaminkera" at SM Megamall on June 9!

Ms. Giselle Sanchez during her media preview of "Salaminkera"

Wonder what "Salaminkera" means? It coined from the Filipino word "salamingkera" which means a lady magician or wizard. Salaminkera is most fitting for those who love mincing words and always being told the truth. 

Last May 30, I, together with some other bloggers, media people and guests had a nice and fun time to fortunately watch the beauteous comedienne, Ms. Giselle Sanchez, in her very educational and entertaining comedy act held at the Conservatory of the Peninsula Manila. The show was organized to promote the awareness of iron deficiency that predominantly occurs in 3 out of 5 women of reproductive age. Compliments to Sangobion, because through the "Salaminkera" show, we were able to be reminded to take care of our health especially in our case as a busy, working, multi-tasking mom who's always "on the go." 

Ms. Giselle Sanchez touring us around the globe during her show

And because we've to keep up with the fast pace of time in this new generation, we sometimes overlook our health condition. During the show, Ms. Giselle had pointed out about the three signs of iron deficiency that includes lack of focus, looking pale and always feeling fatigued. We often take these signs for granted, right? Sangobion hopes to help women be more empowered in their everyday lives not to mention be more conscious about our lifestyle. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutritional disorder in the entire world particularly among women and children. 

Iron is a necessary element for optimum health. It is needed to replace blood loss during menstrual cycles, cure bouts of dizziness caused by anemia, correct weariness and fatigue, help gain more focus & concentration, and aid in periods of gestation, lactation, pregnancy, and such periods surrounding childbirth. It is also required for the normal functioning of the immune system. Some sources of iron in our daily diet include red meat, eggs, liver, oatmeal,nuts, as well as food supplements and formulations like Sangobion.

That's the main reason why Sangobion had chosen Ms. Giselle Sanchez as the talent for the show because she represents the modern Sangobion woman. She is an epitome of a beautiful, sexy, active, happy, loving wife, mother of two, and an established career woman. Being a regular Sangobiom user herself, she's been able to hurdle all the challenges that women usually face from her love life, family life beauty and personal life. “These days, women play multiple roles. These overlapping tasks can take its toll on your health, making you haggard and tired, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Women need balance juggling all of these acts. Drained energy will leave women feeling empty and tired. Luckily, iron supplement Sangobion is there to help us,” shared the multi-talented comedienne.

"Salaminkera" was inspired by the evil queen from the timeless tale of Snow White, as the well-loved comedienne tackles the issues relevant to today's women, she plays the truthful "woman in the mirror (salamin)" Complete with dance, musical and acting production, Ms. Giselle was able to carry the whole show which deserves an encore in the near future, or a sequel perhaps. :)) Kudos to the organizers of the whole show, they were able to emphasize also the importance of iron supplement in our body- Ms. Giselle interviewed her guests just like what usually occurs in a regular talk show while they were seating on a red, lovely couch. That part of the show was so informative; her lines and jokes were delivered in very witty and funny way even her gestures and her guests' reactions to every situation blended so well. I can never forget her fave line from the show, "Remember, I am not here to criticize!" 

Ms. Giselle Sanchez, "Ang prangka na salamin nguni't palengkera!" :))

One of her wacky acts during the show

Hahaha She's so funny with a giant "compact" face powder that was literally on her. 

"Salaminkera," talking to one of her guests

"Salaminkera" was being informed everything about Sangobion and its great effects

Another portion of the show which am sure, the audience would really enjoy watching was when Ms. Giselle, together with her dancers performed a spoof cover of  "Gwiyomi," inspired by the Korean trending music video. That was so funny and wacky; her lyrics was so creatively done to put a rhyme with their topic and the Korean song itself, hahaha! We all had a great laugh! :D

The very funny "Gwiyomi" musical performance

Oh yeah! This spells F-U-N! 

More fun, laughter, entertainment and very essential infos awaits us all! Catch Ms. Giselle Sanchez perform live at the Lower Ground Level of SM Megamall Building A on Sunday, June 9, 2013. This is a FREE show so, bring your families and friends!!! Don't miss it!

Ms. Giselle Sanchez with Sangobion executives and other Sangobion women- Mrs. Chesca Garcia-Kramer (seated 2nd from left) and beside her was fashion icon Jenni Epperson. 

About Sangobion:
Sangobion is an organic iron supplement that has benefitted Filipinos for over 30 years. It fights signs of iron deficiency such as fatigue, paleness, lack of concentration, dizziness, and weakness.

Sangobion is primarily made up of ferrous gluconate, which is organic in origin, isthe most easily absorbed of all ferrous salt, and has less gastrointestinal side effects compared to ferrous sulfate. The supplement also contains other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, Sorbitol, and other minerals.

Among the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Merck constantly aims to provide the best pharmaceuticals and life science solutions to patients and customers across the entire country. Sangobion comes in capsule, syrup and drop form, and is available in all major and leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, visit and its Facebook page.

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