Get 100% Monsterized with Lactum 3+&6+

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Kids really enjoy watching animated movies like that of Monsters, Inc. before, right? They had even shared with us their wild imaginations of the monsters they had created from their ignorant and fresh minds. Right now, Mead Johnson Nutrition, through Lactum 3+&6+, in partnership with Disney/Pixar, encourages kids to get creative through their 100% Monsterized  promo  on! This is the right time to let your kids explore their creative abilities, let us assist and motivate them in our own little way with the help of Lactum 3+6+.

Check out Mikko Andrei B. Ramos' entry 

Moms can upload their child's photo wearing a mask which their child has created inspired by any of Disney/Pixar's latest movie offering, "Monster's University" characters while posing with any Lactum 3+/6+ Monsters University Mealtime Surprise to join the Facebook promo. Moms, parents or guardians can submit as many entries as they can but there will only be 1 winner per immediate family.

Maia Vivo's entry, cute! ;)

Check out Perlin Sasil's entry 

The promo is open to all parents or guardian with kids aged 37 months to 9 years old as of contest date. Promo ends on July 15, 2013.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and join now! Visit for more details.

Per DOH-FDA permit no. 0065 s.2013 and 0823 s. 2013.

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