NOIX Gear : Innovating and Re-defining Urban Street Fashion

Gearing up with my Noix white hoodie 
Photo by: Bedalyn of Beaux Memoir Photo Booth 

I am not a fan of sweat shirts and hoodie. But when it comes to comfort clothing coupled with style and fine texture, I'm so "in" to it! 

When Noix Gear was first introduced to me by my very good friend Stanley, I couldn't fully express my reactions yet, but when I finally geared up on it and headed the streets wearing this Noix white hoodie as my top, the people who were looking back and taking a second look can now attest to its street smart peg! It was so comfy I can even wear it sun up or sun down. 

Wearing Noix Gear gives me the freedom to express myself. I can freely move from one place to another unmindful of the weather. This is so versatile that you can also mix and match this with your skinny pants, like what I am wearing, it's a Uniqlo skinny pants (nice fit!)  and I also opted to put on my Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II black canvas (Climate Change). You can match this hoodie with your jeans, skirts or shorts perhaps. 

Experimental pose! Me and my friends find this pose funny but I still posted it because it's a self-expression. I wanted to show the different side of me. I can be boyish sometimes, you know... :)) 

Joining me during my photoshoot were my very supportive blogger/friends 

Angelyn Demo of , me and Gracee Bongolan of 

Me with Angelyn and Bedalyn Aguas of 

Thanks girls for the time and all the support!!! 

Thanks Noix Gear !!! 


"To impress" or "To Express"? - Well, it could be both.
While it is true that fashion trends is every yuppies sort of medium to express his or her personality, many would agree that along with that raging hormone to self-expression is the longing to be noticed by peers.
The quest for yearning is endless and for unto it, NOIX GEAR is born.  Here's comes a young brand ideal to grow old with. NOIX GEAR in all its potential is well-driven to weather the test of times.
Established in 2016, NOIX GEAR is a lifestyle brand that takes its inspiration from the popular street wear and highlight fine details in-between.
It embodies an individual’s adventurous persona on a wide-range of influences ranging from street style, music, arts and fun. There's so much variety of clothing designs and colors to choose from and each items comes in all sizes.

NOIX GEAR innovates and re-define what urban ‘street fashion’ is.  It introduces a unique approach to COOL, CLEAN and COMFY streetwear that symbolize an exciting lifestyle of a young blood on the GO!.
There is no better way than to gear up with an easy-to-wear COOL, CLEAN and COMFY streetwear that both express and impress. NOIX GEAR powers up with that global feel.
To check its latest array of designs of NOIX GEAR at and enjoy up to 30% OFF on their items.
For more info:  visit or follow “@noixgear” in social media via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. #GearUpAndMove #NOIXGear

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