Jerico Estregan stars in "Amalanhig | The Vampire Chronicle"

Jerico Estregan stars in his very first action-horror-thriller movie entitled "Amalanhig" 

This is the very first time that I've heard of the term "Amalanhig." Just like me, I am pretty sure that you would also like to know anything about it. From what we we've known during the film's presscon, "Amalanhig" is an evil creature in Visayan mythology and folklore, particularly among Hiligaynon speaking groups from Panay Island. 

It is a hybrid being (half-man, half-animal) with longer upper canine teeth used to kill its prey. A subspecies living in isolation thirsty for blood. It is a monster cross breed/ mutation between zombies and vampires that may be the missing link between humans and animals. The last survivor of man's genetic ancestors. 

What caught my attention in this movie was the mysterious story itself. And since vampires and zombies are also the "in" plots nowadays, I feel much curious about what this movie "Amalanhig The Vampire Chronicle" could offer, a Pinoy version of zombie-vampire genre. 

Sanya Lopez 

Joining the newest action star if the millennial age is the "Encantadia" star, Sanya Lopez who plays Jerico's girlfriend in the story who also went out with him to pursue the search for "Amalanhig" in a very remote place called San Esteban. 

During the presscon, Jerico related to us that, her leading lady in the movie, Sanya was direk Jun Posadas' personal choice. The young Estregan also shared us, "Habang nag-shushoot kami, dahan-dahan din naman nadedevelop 'yung friendship namin through out the set because indirectly, at the back of my mind, we had to because in this movie, girlfriend ko s'ya dito. Kailangan, I had to be charming towards her, I had to be caring towards her so I had to show in the movie na 'hey this girl is whom I love . Na-build naman ang friendship namin througout this movie kasi we had a kissing scene " Jerico also shared to us that he did all the minor and major stunts in this movie. 'Atta boy!!! 

Jerico and Sanya 

Jerico Estregan showed his super fit body during "Amalanhig" presscon. It was surely worth every sweat he shed and effort he made. 

The newest millennial action star, Jerico Estregan who is also Jorge Antonio Genaro J. Ejercito in real life belongs to the very iconic showbiz clan. He was the third son of action star in the 80's and former Laguna governor E.R. Ejercito (Jeorge Estregan) and Pagsanjan, Laguna Mayor and former actress Girlie Maita Ejercito. Jerico is also the grandson of the multi-awarded movie actor, the late George Estregan and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. 

He has appeared in several films like his dad's film, "General Emilio Aguinaldo," "Asiong Salonga,"  where he played the young Asiong , also in "Muslim Magnum 357," "Across the Crescent Moon," and "Mandirigma." We should also take note that Jerico has still two upcoming action films entitled "Ben Tumbling Robinhood ng Malabon" and "Pancho Villa" where he plays the legendary Filipino boxer. 

During our interview, he was proud to say that, his family wanted to consistently produce quality movies for the moviegoers to see and to give jobs to the people not only from the main scene but to the people behind the camera.

As of now, he is taking his Masteral Degree in Communications Major in Applied Mass Media in De La Salle University Manila and is currently Nike's ambassador. Apart from his numerous awards and recognitions, Jerico remains grounded. The 25 year old actor is very well-rounded and is very active in sports and other physical activities such as athletics/ track and field, mixed martial arts (MMA), Parkour, gymnastics, and Arnis de Mano. He is also knowledgeable in Microsoft programs, photo & video editing and is currently active in media production communication, hosting, acting, dancing and sports coaching. 

Jerico poses with his very supportive dad, E.R. Ejercito during the presscon 

Just a brief plot of "Amalanhig The Vampire Chronicle:" 

Jerico and Sanya both belong to the graduating medical students who found a mysterious unfinished letter with blood stains and infos about human vampirism virus. Finding this, their group proceeded with their research. They went to a San Esteban, one of the barangays of the remote municipality called Pilar. The letter by the way came from the Chief of Police of that place. 

Their search started on Maundy Thursday during the Holy Week, their main mission is to interview a cult leader and faith healer known as Amang Kulas. In the event of their quest, the group still decided to pursue their mission despite the warning of Amang Kulas. Incidentally, the following day, which is Good Friday, a lunar eclipse will take place, blood moon or Hunter's moon on a Good Friday is a bad omen for the people of Pilar. An impending doom and danger for the group who are also strangers to the place awaits. They had even suspected Amang Kulas as the "Amalanhig." 

With this plot, you would now imagine how terrifying and horrible the scenes would be! A mixture of zombie and vampire in the middle of nowhere?! My gosh! No way! I wouldn't risk my life. But these millennials were so brave, risk-taker and adventurous. I really wanna find out how would they face the real struggle that they have to experience. 

So if you're a fan of zombies and vamoires and action/ horror/ thriller films, this one's for you! 

Brought to us by Viva Films and VicVal BlueShowing Sapphire Productions, this movie is showing on September 20, 2017 in cinemas nationwide! 

See you there!!! 

Me and my blogger/friends with Jerico Estregan and his dad, Mr. ER Ejercito during "Amalanhig" presscon 

You can watch the full videos during the film's presscon here. 

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