Show your love to them, celebrate "Grandparents' Day" at SM Supermalls

Celebrate Grandparents' Day at 63 SM Supermalls nationwide! 

We always look forward to celebrating "Grandparents' Day" every second Sunday of September right?! Aside from celebrating Mother's Day in May and Father's Day in June, this celebration of love and appreciation must not be overlooked or taken for granted at all. They were mainly the reason why we are all here... the root of our family. 

Just recently, we were able to attend the media launch of #DateWithLoloAndLolaAtSM held at Mall of Asia Arena Annex (MAAX). Present during the launch were celebrity lolas Miss Angelie Pangilinan and Miss Jackielou Blanco, together with Mr. TJ Cuenca, SM Supermalls AVP for Marketing and Mr. Danny Chavez, Program Director for SM Cares Committee on Senior Citizens. 

Celebrity grandparents present during the media launch were Miss Angelie Pangilinan and Miss Jackielou Blanco, together with Mr. TJ Cuenca, SM Supermalls AVP for Marketing and Mr. Danny Chavez, Program Director for SM Cares Committee on Senior Citizens.  

The two beautiful and happy lolas went to talk about how they had discovered that they are goin' to be first time grandmoms. It was so refreshing to see these two fab lolas telling stories about their apos (grandkids). For me, I still couldn't believe that they are already in that status. 

During the launch, SM Supermalls was very generous in raffling off SM GCs and yours truly was also fortunate to bag the grand prize which was a 24" LG Led TV!!! My utmost gratitude goes to the Lord for this brand new blessing and of course to SM Supermalls! It was a belated birthday gift for me! XOXO 

This is me!!! Yey! To God be the glory!!! 

I would like to share you amazing peeps this picture with my Loli (Lola/ grandma) from my mother side. She was the only living proof of our family's roots. My Loli Luding is so precious to me, I only wanted her to be happy and comfortable always. Whenever we have free time, we see to it that we make quality bonding that we can forever cherish. I love her so dearly and I do believe that we should render full respect and understanding to all elderlies, relative or not because someday we are all going to be like them too, right?!

My Loli, me and my son Jigo. This was taken just recently at SM Mall of Asia during my pre-birthday celebration. 

My son Jigo, was so fortunate that he was able to be with his great grandmother. With this alone, is a great blessing itself and another reason to celebrate. 

Me and my Loli 

 To my Loli, happy happy Grandparents' Day! I love you very much more than you'll ever know. 


Grandparents’ Day at SM. Janine Gutierrez and her “Mamita,” Pilita Corrales, Asia’s Queen of Songs, grace the cover of Shopmag this September as SM Supermalls ushers in a “grand” two-week celebration of Grandparents’ Day in 63 malls nationwide. (Photo courtesy of SM Shopmag)

“She’s very maalaga, always making sure everyone around her is having a good time and being taken care of,” remarked Janine Gutierrez when asked about her “Mamita,” Pilita Corrales, Asia’s Queen of Songs. The cover shoot outtakes undeniably characterize the special connection that Filipinos share with their elders.

This September, SM Supermalls underscores this meaningful bond as SM celebrates Grandparents’ Day in 63 SM malls nationwide. Recognizing our beloved seniors’ tenderness towards the family, this season also allows grandparents to express their love for their grandkids through a host of fun-filled activities at SM.

Starting August 29, “grand” treats and activities for lolos and lolas include exciting shopping and dining deals, and the Sounds of the 60s Fitness Party, where mallgoers can join our elderly as they get fit with fun fitness classes.

Also not to be missed are the App with Apo (Sept. 2, 3, 9, 10), an activity where grandparents can learn useful mobile apps with their grandkids at SM Cyberzone; and the Art with Apo (Sept. 9, 10), where lolos and lolas can enjoy meaningful bonding moments with their aposthrough arts and crafts. Come Grandparents’ Day (Sept. 10), there will be a special blessing for grandparents after the Sunday Mass.

Mallgoers can also join the digital promo where they only need to share on Facebook their plans on how they will spend their family’s happiest #DateWithLoloAndLola for a chance to win PhP10,000 worth of SM GCs. For more details about Grandparents’ Day at SM, check out

With the nationwide Grandparents’ Day celebration, SM promotes new and fun experiences in the malls, as well as enables customers of all ages to create memorable, family-first moments for everyone to enjoy and cherish in the years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Visit any SM Supermalls nationwide, show love to your lolos and lolas and celebrate "Grandparents' Day!" 

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