Martin del Rosario and his dream bar: The Armory in QC

Martin del Rosario and his dream bar: The Arnory in Quezon City 

An underground bar catering premium cocktails, beverages with very affordable prices, and a club at the second floor both with continuous music provided by the top DJs in the country... a venue for acquaintance, night bonding with friends or colleagues, a hub where you can unwind and hang out after work or after school (for students, best to visit during weekends only, okay?). 

Probably you were asking where could you find this place aa cool as like what you've imagined. Oh well, it's just loacated along Congressional Ave. Extension in Quezon City. And I am referring to GMA Artist Center Martin del Rosario's very first business venture >>>> " The Armory" Bar. 

The Armory Bar along Congressional Ave. Extension in Quezon City

Martin del Rosario during our interview (pardon for the poor lighting it was taken inside The Bunker at the Armory bar)

According to Martin, this is his dream business venture and he's very excited to this brand new chapter of his life. Aside from keeping himself busy with work, he also attends school and during his free time he sees to it that he's able to visit and manage the bar being in charge of the promotions, marketing and operations as well. 

The bar of The Bunker at #TheArmoryQC 

DJ's Booth at The Bunker (ground level of The Armory) 

During the grand launch of "The Armory," we were able to try and sip on some of their mocktails and premium cocktails...

Paasion Fruit Mocktail 

White Sangria Cocktail , the best tasting sangria ever!!! 

During the grand launch of #TheArmoryQC , Martin has mentioned about a combi van outside, which they will be transforming into a food truck in the near future.

This is the combi van that will soon be transformed into a food truck, cool right?!

The young celebrity entrepreneur has also shared us that he has business partners here and not all of them belong to the same age group, it so happened that they have the same interests, digs and aspirations. 

The Armory houses up to 200 pax in total comprising both the club upsatairs and the Bunker bar at the ground level. They are also open for private functions just in case you are interested to rent their place and have your events there. 

The handsome young businessman also shared that he even enrolled himself to a two-week cocktail mixing lessons. Do you wanna see him personally attend and mix your own cocktail? 
Well, come and visit "The Armory!" 

That's me with my blogger/friends during the Grand Opening of #TheArmoryQC last Friday, May 20. 

Can you resist that look in his eyes and smile? ☺ 

Congratulations Martin and good luck on your bar business! So happy that you've achieve another dream and milestone in your life! 

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