I joined the "Thank A Mom Movement" @CenturyCityMall

Being greatful is one absolute virtue that we all must possess. Even for one tiny thing or gesture/s that we receive, we should all be thankful. The amount or quantity doesn't matter, the efforts gestures, the time spent and the accompanying concern are all that matters. 

This Mother's Day, what could be more fitting to say our "thank yous" to our most beloved mothers? Century City Mall has created a campaign called, "Thank A Mom Movement." This campaign lets us write our own letter especially dedicated to our mothers, Mama, Nanay, Mom, Inay, Inang, Nanay, Ima or whatever you deem to call the only woman who gave her all and has brought us to life here on earth. 

My mother, her name is Tessie, for some they call her Mama Tess, but for us, we just simply call her Mama. She was a fighter and a survivor. Why? When I was just 14 years old, my dad had unexpectedly left us and the world to be reunited with his Creator. I have 3 other siblings, and we were all studying in a private school. 

Imagine that, she was able to surpass all the challenges and struggles that passed us by. Being the eldest, I saw how our Mama transformed from being a spoiled wife (she often tells us she was really spoiled by our dad), to a Superwoman, fighting for her kids to enable us to have a brighter and stable future. 

And so this is what I'm gonna write to her: 

Everdearest Mama, 

                    I know that we always say that distance is never a hindrance to a relationship. But with you, being there in the United States with my brother and sisters, I will be honest with you... life will never be the same without you. In my years of existence here, this is the very first time that you got away (too far) from me. 

                     But everytime I feel that I'm longing for you, for your love, your care and your presence, I just think of you and how brave you were before and until now, trying to cope up with the culture and lifestyle there, is not an easy thing to do. Good thing that we are now living in a digital world, we get to be in touch with each other in an instant. 

                     I do not usually say this Ma, but I'd really like to THANK YOU, for your unconditional love. I guess, if I am not receiving that kind of love, I won't be able to give that kind of love also to my son. You have been our idol, our role model, our Ms. Universe, our mentor, preacher, our teacher, adviser, fashion icon, stylist, our handler, best friend, our all-around ever reliable mother. Thank you for being you, for always being there for us. I know that when we are happy you are elated, when we feel success, you are the champion and when we feel sad, you grieve. That's how amazing you are to us Mama! 

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. I love you more than you'll ever know. 
We thank God for having you as our Mom.  

Happy Mother's Day!!! 

Hugs and Kisses Mama, I miss you sooo much! 


Thank you for your time my dear amazing readers. Thank you for reading my letter to my mom. If you were inspired and you feel that you also want to write a "thank you" letter to your moms, please do so. 

Visit and LIKE Century City Mall's FACEBOOK PAGE

Share the Thank-A-Mom Movement Poster above and write a thank you note for your Mom and tag Century City Mall's Facebook Page from May 2-8. 

Fill out the sign up form at https://www.facebook.com/CenturyCityMall/app/269862423359705/ and a voucher will be sent to your email. Once received, print the voucher and go to the Thank-A-Mom booth located at the Ground Floor of Century City Mall to pick a prize. 

You may win Php10,000 worth of prizes like gift certificates, cinema passes, discount coupons and more! Prizes may only be claimed from May 2-8, so make sure to join now!

For more information about the #thankAMomMovement@CenturyCityMall, you may visit their website at www.centurycitymall.com.ph. You can also follow them on Twitter @CenturyMall or Instagram @centurymallph.

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                                                     May 6, 2016

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