My Goldilocks Story and its 10th Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge

I am happy and proud to say that, I've finally had my cake and decorated it myself! 

Have you ever wondered about trying to decorate your own cake? Oh well, I've tried it and I must say, it was a very exciting and different experience for me. It turned out that, while I was in the process of decorating the plain, circular, chiffon cake that Goldilocks has given us, I made a surprising discovery of myself. You wanna know how and what it is? Let me take you to my own Goldilocks story. 

Just recently, we were invited by Goldilocks to try and join the challenge of cake decorating. Honestly speaking, I've never done it before, so everything was new to me and I find it very thrilling and interesting. 

We're all set and accept the challenge of cake decorating. Here with my blogger/friends Chelle Campos and Milette Sison.

The cake decorating materials were all laid down on our table 

The demo is about to start

The plain, undecorated chiffon cake that'll be used for the demo. 

The Goldilocks Master Pastry Chef started to put some icing on the top edges first

After filling up the top portion of the cake and making it smooth as possible, proceed to the side 

This was Chef's finished product. Isn't it so lovely? 

Other than that, they also showed us some array of Valentine-themed cakes, check it out! 

Awww, so sweet and yet so touching. Who wouldn't be attracted to these set of Valentine cakes, they speak of the real message you want to convey. And after seeing all those beautiful and delightful cakes, I aaked myself if "Am I ready for this cake decorating challenge?" Well, I guess this is it! It's now or never, and been having this thought that,  this would render me a different and memorable experience of a lifetime.

Oh yes! This is it! I was really excited to start right away that time

That's me! Getting real serious on putting some icing on my cake. 

While I was doing the whole process, it was very clear that for a first-timer like me, aside from being creative and using our imagination, one should be patient, must possess a steady and firm hand, don't take it hard in stroking the spatula and most especially, we must concentrate in what we do and at the same time, enjoy doing it. 

As I've said here at the start of this article, I've made a surprising discovery of myself. I never knew that I could actually go through with this challenge and that as I go with its very meticulous process, I also come to realize those aspects. And look what I've happily created... 

Now tell me, is it real bad for a first time? 

For me, the hardest part would be covering the whole cake with icing and ensuring that it's very well-sculpted but thanks to the Goldilocks Pastry Chef for assisting me and for the valued tips that would forever be useful, who knows, right, I might pursue a career in baking and cake decorating. After our experience in Goldilocks, this has inspired me more to give high regards and respect to all the bakers, pastry chefs and cake decorators. 

Thank you Goldilocks for a very worth while experience and for being so generous in sharing to us the skills in Cake Decorating 

And so, this is my amazing "Goldilocks Story." 
Do have one? 

In line with the cake decorating challenge, Goldilocks, the country's number one bakeshop is now on its 10th year of inspiring and searching for deserving students who will emerge as winners in the innovative "Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating (ICDC)" competition highlighting the artistry involved in cake decorating. It is a nationwide activity that is highly anticipated by both participating schools and audiences alike.

This type of exciting extemporaneous competition requires not only familiarity with techniques, but a definite originality and creativity to set the winning team apart. On the contest day itself, 10 teams will share one stage and one central supply bin. They will decorate their cakes within a given time frame, basing on the themes that'll be revealed to them at that very moment. A panel of judges and a live audience will be the mere witnesses for this competition. 

Almost a hundred entries were received from different schools nationwide this year. The winning school will receive a baking showcase worth a quarter of a million pesos, while the team itself will receive Php 20,000 in Goldilocks gift certificates. 

After a comprehensive round of judging, the teb qualifiers were determined, and they are, Calayan Educational Foundation, Colegio de San Lorenzo, DMCI College Foundation Dipolog, Far Easrern University, Lyceum if the Philippines Laguna, Lyceum Subic Bay, Pangasinan State University, Saint Anne College of Lucena, Trinity University of Asia and the Western Institute of Technology Iloilo. 

Given that 2016 marks a milestone for the ICDC, however, the country's number 1 bakeshop has something considerably more demanding in store for the talented participants. "This is the 10th year of the ICDC, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Goldilocks," explained Goldilocks Marketing Director Cherry Caluya. "Because of this, we've decided to add some major twists. In fact, we're calling this year's cimpetition 'ICDC Xtreme'," she noted. 

While these new elements (understandably) cannot be revealed, they arw obviously challenging ebough to warrant expert supervision. As such, Goldilocks has enlisted the help of ten of the country's tio pastry chefs to guide a randomly chosen team in the lead up to competition day. 

Chefs Jackie Ang Po (Calayan Educational Foundation), James Antolin (Saint Anne College of Lucena), Joan Dela Cruz (Pangasinan State University), Bryan Dimayuga (Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna), Tristan Encarnacion (Trinity University of Asia), Jackie Laudico (Western Institute of Technology Iloilo), Rizalino Manas (DMCI College Foundation Dipolog), Amador Mendoza (Lyceum Subic Bay), Pixie Sevilla (Far Eastern University) and Buddy Trinidad (Colegio de San Lorenzo) have been tapped to provide high-level, hands-on mentorship to the participating students. 

"Having these renowned chefs on board early on will alow the students to learn from the best and most experienced professionals in the industry," Caluya pointed out. "It's also worthwhile to note that every region is represented - North and South Luzon, the NCR, Visayas and Mindanao," she concluded. 

The 10th Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge will be on February 25, 2016 at SM North Edsa's The Block Activity Center. Numerous activities and side attractions will also take place beginning 10am. For more information, please visit or follow GoldilocksPH on Facebook and Twitter. 

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