Grab a bite.. send a bite of Mister Donut's Belgian Love Bites

It's Mister Donut's Valentine promo! Avail the 6 Belgian Love Bites together with the bear, the wrap, the box and the balloon for only PhP 160.00

It's the sweetest and most romantic month of the year amazing peeps! What could be more exciting other than having dates with your special someones or bonding with your loved ones?

Yup, you got it right! It's sending out surprises and special gifts to them! Single or not, heartbroken or moved on... with or without lovelife, NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth), NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth) or single by choice, it's still better to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones or even families or friends.

And Mister Donut's Belgian Love Bites is one of the sweetest things you can offer to let them know they are loved and remembered. With its price, that's very affordable, you don't have any excuse not to share it or send it out. For only Php160.00. which includes 6 Belgian Bites, Wrap. Heart-shaped Balloon, Bear and Box, your Valentine gift is presented.

These Belgian Love Bites come in three fancy cute designs: 

Mister Donut Belgian Love Bites in Ruby Heart, White Heart and Ruby Flower

These mouth-watering treats are fancied up with sweet toppings of white vanilla, strawberry sprinkles and ruby red glitter icing. 

You can also avail the Classic Belgian Bites as another Valentine Gift option instead of the Belgian Love Bites 

Closer look at the luscious Classic Belgian Bites

Another sweet and great news from Mister Donut! They're also introducing Dream Job Donuts! Kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy this mix snack and playtime moment with mommies, daddies and friends.

A very interactive yet flavorful set of donuts loaded with everyone's favorite fillings: Classic Bavarian, Chocolate Bavarian or Strawberry Jam (love this!).

Dream Job Donuts by Mister Donut

While you get to eat the Dream Job Donuts, you also get to cut out the outlined boxes, fix it up and play with your kiddos! Such a fun way to happily bond with your little ones. Isn't it amazing?! ☺ 

Dream Job Donuts retail at Php 10.00 per piece and Php 120.00 per box (12 pieces) 

Thank you Mister Donut for this lovely Belgian Love Bites Valentine gift. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! 💗

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