Know your luck from World of Feng Shui Master Marites Allen in SM Supermalls

Marites Allen interacts with shoppers

Every Chinese New Year season, people look to feng shui to push their luck for the year ahead. They buy round shaped fruits, wear red, rearrange furniture, and everything that has feng shui vibes. But does feng shui really bring luck and good fortune?

“World of Feng Shui” master Marites Allen said yes – and no – by telling her own story.
Coming from a poor family, Marites worked her way up to where she is now. She is the only Filipino to be dubbed as a Master of Feng Shui by the International Feng Shui Association.
 “I came from a poor family and married, had kids and separated at a young age. I found out about feng shui through my foreign bosses’ wives during my stint at an Australian company in Cebu,” Marites stated. “But my obsession for it strengthened when my mother passed away. I started to question the universe, for why would something so tragic happen to someone who was good and God-fearing? From that point on, I became focused and started practicing feng shui much more seriously.”

Leaving everything she knew to start fresh in Manila, the odds were definitely in Marites’ favour as she landed a stream of jobs that provided well for her children. As her career blossomed, she found herself looking for another shot at love. She then started to activate all the right auras by wearing all the right clothes and rearranging her life to point toward her “love” direction. She eventually found herself with a pool of suitors, ending up with a British national who is now her husband.

“Feng shui alone did not bring me all this good fortune; I’ve also had to work hard to get to where I am. But I feel like I have come full circle with my journey through it,” Marites quips, remembering the first time her husband brought her to England. “I opened a guide book on feng shui and saw a photo of President Fidel Ramos and the 500 peso bill, with an article about him following a feng shui master’s advice about the landscape in Malacañan. During that time, the economy was booming. It amazed me to see this article in London, of all places. I took it as a sign that feng shui definitely works, seeing as how my personal life and my country were all brought to good standing by it.”

At present, Marites is blessed with an elite clientele who consult her. However, her string of tours in various SM malls this February proves that feng shui is for everyone. With all her good fortune, she doesn’t have to go out of her way to go around SM malls – yet she does. In fact, she has been doing tours and giving free consultations for SM patrons across the country since 2008, providing people with the same services she does her VIP clientele.

Marites Allen with the shoppers

“I feel driven to keep doing this because it gives people something to hope and work hard for. It’s really about touching lives more than anything,” Marites shared.

 “I keep working with SM because I feel their sincere commitment to the public. They want to provide the public with this, and I am someone who is able to give it to them. It is such an honor to be given the opportunity to do this because not everyone can,” Marites said.

Apart from her string of SM mall tours, paid VIP consultations and TV guestings, Marites also channels her practice through Frigga, her own line of feng shui-embedded clothing and accessories. With all the great things her fortune has brought, it wouldn’t hurt to come see her soon and bring to life your own good luck. Catch her in the following SM malls.

For a complete schedule of Marites Allen’s SM mall tour, follow the SM Supermalls’ official social media accounts at,, and at You may also check out SM Supermalls’ Chinese New Year calendar at and get an insider access to all the fun happenings.

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