Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco filed a complaint against SSS officials

KBL Presidential candidate Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco filed has filed a complaint against the SSS officials last January 18, 2016 at the Ombudsman

A very timely and generous act of concern from KBL Presidential candidate Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco otherwise known as "Tito Boboy," has occurred last January 18, 2016, Monday at the office of the Ombudsman when he filed a complaint against the SSS officials.

Here's the partial statement that was indicated in his complaint:

Pensionadong Api.

For Year 2014, our Social Security System (SSS) paid 116 million pesos to its 34 Commissioners, Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents, compared to its more than 2 million Pensioners!
In 2014, Payments given to Pensioners were only 102 billion pesos, compared to salaries and bonuses of its top 34 Executives who were paid 116 million pesos, or .09% thereof, as enumerated hereunder.
I am specifically charging the nine (9) persons, including John Does and Jane Does that I related in my aforesaid complaint of January 18, 2016: for Graft & Corruption, financial abuse of their positions without any sense of propriety nor conscience, and outright dishonesty;

I am also charging those others of them included in the following list enumerated hereunder (which I opted to withheld) with the same aforesaid crimes evidenced by the following information.

And in connection with this also, Tito Boboy's camp has also released this article: 

Sobrang Sakim Sa Sistema 
Kabalikat mo sa Kamatayan

Bankrupted by Corruption, our Social Security System (SSS) is a milk-ing cow that is skin and bones, its four legs stretched out to the sky, in abject surrender. Its tail does not move.
Truth faces us now, instead of later, when it will be a more sinister and deadly time bomb. 

Like cancer, truth finds its way out in the worst of times.
Truth is truth, and it cannot be hidden. So too, it carries its own
urgency that cannot be postponed. What’s there is there.
What’s gone is gone.

The government’s responsibility is to cover the Social Security Fund with a sovereign guarantee. It must infuse subsidy and help employers to carry the burden of providing workers a meaningful retirement benefit. 

Opportunists from Congress and those other do-gooders who want to grab public limelight and look good for the camera and the press, please beware, your look-good posture will be gravely resented by Aquino, because you are doing this at his expense. Simply put, you are embarrassing him, putting him to shame to pay up with money he simply cannot obtain.

It is beyond the ability of President Nonoy Aquino to provide a P2,000 across the board increase to SSS members simply because if he does so, at this point in time, the SSS will have to close down as a casualty before the end of Aquino’s term.

On the other hand, if Aquino postpones or diminishes it for whatever reason or alibi, there will still be one year more before the SSS Fund dries up after Aquino’s term, thereby passing-on the catastrophe a few months into the next administration.

President Aquino said SSS funds would dry up by 2029 if the P2,000 pension increase would be implemented. THIS IS MISLEADING. SSS WILL DRY UP IN THREE MONTHS IF THE ADDITIONAL P2,000 INCREASES ARE GIVEN, NOT IN 2029!

There are 32 million SSS workers in the private sector that are in im-minent danger of being cut-off from the retirement lifeline and this will tumble down our whole economy, like Humpty-Dumpty’s great fall.

Unless something is done to arrest the bleeding, SSS contributors — workers and employers — need support to remain viable. But gov-ernment has no available money to subsidize the fund because it is overspending way beyond its means. And if it prints more money, there will be a galloping inflation on prices of the most basic goods and essential services, so help us God.

So, where will the government get the money, when already trillions of pesos are carted away as dole-outs for their plundered Priority Devel-opment Assistance Program (PDAF), Development Acceleration Pro-gram (DAP), Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs and an ava-lanche of election expenses for the administration’s electoral 2016 candidates?

SSS losses have accumulated to their worst ever. According to a Senior SSS Investment Executive, the grim reality for our pensioners.


On my opinon, Whatever this issue will lead us, and whatever outcome of the brave action that Tito Boboy has undertaken, I just hope and pray that, if there were real corrupt odficials and responsible for the losses not only in the SSS department but of the pensioners and their families as well, who also rely on the pensions they receive, may those guilty people be given due punishments and that the deserving pensioners may also be given the amount they duly deserve. This has been a long overdue issue already.

Let fair justice prevail. 

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