"Tito Boboy" Syjuco and his visions...

Augusto L. Syjuco, Jr. aka "Tito Boboy" is one of the presidential candidates this coming  May 2016 elections

Honestly, I've only known Sir Augusto L. Syjuco Jr. before as the Director General of TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), and I am pretty aware that during his term, (2004-2010), he was a very effective director and has been very active in promoting various training skills to let the Filipinos be aware that TESDA can really aid in improving our lives. 

He was also known to be the father of Ladderized Educarional Program, empowering 11,742,200+ graduates with his free Tech-Voc Scholarships. 

Last Saturday, January 9, 2016, I was one of the privileged bloggers who was invited by his office. I was so surprised to know that, "Tito Boboy," was really inspired by his Tech-Voc program, contributing to one of his major advocacies and vision is to make our nation acquire the fastest internet in the world!

During our intimate dinner with the KBL Presidential candidate, he was also keen about giving FREE Education for ALL! He is so positive to implement this, (if he'll be elected), on Day 1. Under this vision, he enumerated these essential points:

  • Wala akong ititira sa Pilipino na hindi kumpleto ang pag-aaral.

  • Ang kaibahan sa pagitan ng mga anak ng mayayaman at mga anak ng mahirap ay ang edukasyon.

  • Gagawin kong libre ang Technical Vocational (TEKBOK), college and higher education para sa lahat. Sa TESDA ay nakapagbigay ako ng mahigit sa 8.5 milyong scholarships na may P50 pang transportation at daily baon sa bawat scholar.

  • Bilang pangulo, madali kong magagawa ang magbigay ng 15 million Scholarships kada taon, o ang kabuuang 90 million Scholarships sa loob ng aking 6-year term. Ang 100 milyong Pilipino ay tataas ang antas ng karunungan at kakayahan bilang WORKERS OF THE WORLD (WOWS).

Younger Tito Boboy 

I guess Tito Boboy, must have really love and appreciate education that much, since from his records, he was really an achiever and excels in everything he does. No wonder his parents were so proud of him, and we can account to that, having grew up with such great values by his loving parents.

DAY 2: Tito Boboy's so firm and confident enough to start enhancing our country, Philippines to be the "Jobs Capital of the World," His keypoints were as follows:

Magdadala ako ng mga industriya, mga pagawaan at mga negosyo para magkaroon ng trabaho ang ating mga Skilled & Trained Workforce & College graduates, sa sumusunod na paraan:

a) Papayagan ko na ang dayuhang negosyante ay may 60% na pag mamay-ari sa negosyo

b) Tatanggalin ko lahat ng buwis sa produktong petrolyo at sa kuryente upang tayo ay maging lowest cost production center of the world.

c) Tatanggalin lahat ng Value Added Taxes (VAT)

d) Lahat ng importasyon ng mga produkto ay tax-free

e) Ang personal at business income taxes ay mga simple lamang flat rate na 8 to 12%.

As I've mentioned above, though we think that it is such a big, big dream and a next to impossible thing to achieve, Tito Boboy's affirmative about the Philippines, being the Number 1 Business Process Outsourcing Internet Services provider in the world even at present and for the coming years!

despite lost opportunities of  $45 billion that would also have increased our 1.3 billion employees by an additional 1.04 billion employees to 2.34 billion. Tito Boboy even shared to us that evening that, we succeeded despite having 1 of the notoriously SLOWEST broadband speed in Asia at 3.6 megabits per second, compared, say, to Singapore's 69.69 mbps, which is 19 times faster than we are.

As part of his advocacy, he said he will ensure that we're going to have the fiber optic INTERNET PHILIPPINES BACKBONE in the year 2017 that will be the fastest internet speed in the world!

You may be thinking that it could really be that ambitious but I guess, if a dedicated ruler would really want to pursue and implement such acts of progress for the benefit of the whole nation, nothing is impossible.

Tito Boboy Syjuco, official Presidential candidate for May 2016 Elections

Way to go Tito Boboy! Thank you for having us and being such a good company. (Ptc Cherryl Luis)

Here's looking forward to hear more of your presidential platforms in the near future. 

More power Tito Boboy!
Mabuhay Ka!!! 

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