It's Goldilocks new and exciting Strawberry Caramel Thirst Quencher!!!

Goldilocks Strawberry Caramel Thirst Quencher

What would you say if you get to taste two of the most-loved flavors, Strawberries and Caramel combined in one refreshing thirst quencher? Heavenly, right?! 

Actually, strawberries are considered a very flexible fruit, you can combine it many other different delectable flavors as well. And here in the Philippines, when we hear strawberry, what comes first our minds is the "Summer Capital of the Philippines," which is Baguio City!!! It is where the fresh strawberries come from.

And in connection with the "Panagbenga Festival," which is an annual commemoration and celebration in the summer capital of the Philippines, people flock to Baguio to celebrate the coming of summer, where the flowers go into full bloom! It's like a celebration of life! You get to see more colourful, vibrant and fragrant. Locals parade on the streets, tourists dance to the music, and everyone can enjoy the scent of fresh flowers—a true feast for the senses.

In line with all of these, Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, gives you the Strawberry Caramel Thirst Quencher that will be launched this coming February 12, 2016. This tantalizing strawberry-flavored drink, topped with sweet caramel syrup and strawberry gelatine is sure to refresh and cool you, much like a trip to Baguio.

You may grab the Strawberry Caramel Thirst Quencher in any Goldilocks Foodshop Stores.
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