The "Glow" that Ahglow brings...

Ahglow Professionnel Rebonding System has brought the "glow" in my hair that I ever wanted!

I never thought that "Ahglow" could ditch off all my worries and fears after few hours of rebonding session. It seemed like they had cast a "magic spell" over my hair! I do hope you could very well distinguish the remarkable difference! On the left side of the photo above, it was taken at exactly 11:30 am, as you could see, I still have my irregular curls because I had it "digipermed" a year ago, and on the right side, one could evidently see that my hair had become so straight, silky and shiny after exactly 3 hours of  amazing rebonding experience with Ahglow products. You wanna know how did this all happen? Come, read further!  

Just wanted to give you an idea first on how I look a year ago, after having a Japanese "digiperm." 

See? Not bad, huh! :))

It has been 12 long months that I'd been meticulously taking care of my hair to maintain those curls. As the months pass by, worries had begun to surface. I've feared that I might not be able to regain my straight hair the way it used to be, and even thought that I might have caused damage on my hair due to the continued usage of some curl defining milk and lotions. 

You see, those thoughts do kept me worried... not until my good friend Ms. Leilani Juan, PR Supervisor of Mindset Marketing Communications, Inc. asked me to try Ahglow, since she has also tried and tested it for herself. Without having any second thoughts, I had agreed to Ms. Lani's proposal giving her my full compliance and trust. 

The whole Ahglow experience took place in Dermcare located at Boulevard, Pasig City. I've met the very amiable Ahglow National Sales Manager, Mr. Louie Luzentales and along with his pretty and awesome professional staff, namely Racquel, Leah, Fe and Elvie. Kudos to this very dependable Ahglow team, for they travel to different national key cities and conduct seminars in order to help aspiring beauty consultants and practitioners to learn more about Ahglow products and share them the proper ways of rebonding. 

While Ate Leah and Racquel were doing their "magic tricks" on me, hihi, I've learned a lot from Sir Louie, he'd been discussing and explaining to me the rationale of every Ahglow Rebonding product and its effects. I deeply appreciate and very thankful for that. 

Ate Leah (Left) and Racquel (right) applying Ahglow Hair Straightening on my hair. 

Here's the Hair Straightening Cream held by Ate Elvie (thank you!)

I'd like to share you some important facts about Ahglow according to Sir Louie: 

1. A good hair rebond results in "permanently" straight, smooth and shiny hair since it is a method that recreates wavy, curly or frizzy hair. 

2. Rebond originated from Japan 15 years ago and is known to the US and the rest of the world as "Japanese Straightening System," while in Asia, it's simply called Hair Rebonding.

3. Ahglow Corporation introduced good rebond here in the Philippines ten years ago, the internationally accepted quality is retained having it patterned after the "Japanese Straightening System." Before, it was named Ahglow Hair Rebonding System and was even popularized when Ahglow conducted rebonding seminars for hairdressers in major cities nationwide. 

4. Ahglow Rebonding System is made with the best quality ingredients needed to obtain perfect rebonds, and to even assure us of its best ingredients, Ahglow uses special ingredients from Germany. 

5. Ahglow utilizes effective five-step system instead of the other regular rebonding products which only uses two steps i.e. chemical and thermal or heat application. Ahglow begins with Straightening Cream, followed by Keratin Hair Protek, Neutralizer Cream, Keratin Conditioner and HairKote. 

6. A good rebond takes good care of your hair's health. Ahglow does this by infusing Keratin in its products. Keratin is the first layer of hair stands that is most exposed to damage especially from poorly conducted rebonding sessions. 

7. A good rebond should be convenient and affordable. Customers should not have to pay a king's ransom just to be beautiful by getting beautifully straight hair. Ahglow has the Stand-Up-Pouch (SUP) versions of their straightening cream (No.1) and moisturizer cream (No. 2) in 165g. pouches good for single use or one application. 

8. Ahglow also has a partner! It's their Gold Titanium Straightening Iron that does not pull or snag, which carries a warranty too. 

9. A good rebonding should not come from a painful process. Other rebond takes more than three hours to finish, Ahglow rebond does it in the most perfect time and not to mention, huh, the products don't contain any foul, sharp and intolerable smell. Everything's pleasant with Ahglow. 

Ahglow Gold Titanium Straightening Iron with an SRP of PhP2,200.00 

Look how it works on my hair, it creates wonders! 

By that time, they were applying their latest Waxing Color product. According to Sir Louie, it's washable... good for until several washes. 

My second and last rinse for the day! I really love this pic! I had so much fun with you gurls, Ate Leah and Racquel ;))

The final step! They were blow drying my hair, OMG I am so excited, guess you are too! 

Dyarraaannnn! I love my new hair! Goodbye curls! This is so shiny, soft, silky and at its best shape! Notice the purplish color? Thanks Ahglow!!! 

(R-L): Ate Leah, standing beside me was Ms. Lani, Racquel, Ate Elvie, Ate Fe and last but not the least, Sir Louie. 

Words are not enough to express how thankful I am for bringing the "Glow" in my life! The glow that Ahglow brings! I really feel so stunning, everything's just perfect for me. Thanks for the amazing Ahglow Straightening Products and to the skillful and professional works of team Ahglow! More power!!!

And now I'm so ready to bounce back and flaunt my beautiful crowning glory! I know I'm glowing! hahaha

Kerafix Deep Moisturizing Keratin Treatment Conditioner and Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo

So how would I be able to maintain this great glowing hair by Ahglow? I have to be assured that the life of my newly rebonded hair would last for six months or until a year. Of course, to be able to achieve that, I use the right products for my daily hair care and maintenance. Ahglow, being the pioneer and the expert in hair rebonding in the Philippines, knows how to do, they have come out with its Kerafix line of treatment products (as shown in the photo above). Other Kerafix products include Leave-On Conditioning HairShine Treatment and Heat Protection Treatment (for frequently ironed hair or blow-dried hair). 

My latest #selfie pic! Having the "glow" that Ahglow brings... #selfie is not only an option, it's a prerogative! Thanks Ahglow for my "New" Me!!! 

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  1. Wow dear lucky you.. i have never experienced rebonding in my entire life and with what you've shared parang type ko na din cya hehe.. i know it takes a lot of time to do the procedure, for my very long hair i dont know how much time... anyway, will soon try, try hehe pinipilit pa talaga sarili... you indeed are glowing.. and this is nice review. Napabasa talaga ako.

    1. Gees, thanks Chai, glad you liked my review and hope that you've learned a lot as much as I did. And yes, you should try having a hair rebond, it could really enhance your beauty and will also make you glow!
      Thanks for posting and hope to see more of you here! :)) God bless!

  2. hi mam, how much po bili nyo sa ahglow moisturizing keratin conditioner reconstructor 500ml at kerafix shampoo?? thank you! :)))

    1. Hi! Ahglow Ahglow Keratin Conditioner is available in 250ml (PhP 106.00) & 480ml (PhP 196.00) while
      Kerafix Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo- SRP P95 at 200ml

      Thanks for the interest, hope you'll try Ahglow products available in RB Hortaleza branches, Dermcare wellness and spa, HBC outlets. ;)

  3. Hello po. Just wanna ask how much does rebonding cost at their salon?


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