You've "Got to Believe" in the "magic" of KathNiel love team

"Got to Believe" on Kapamilya network starring the hottest love team in town, 
Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

The question will be... "Do you really believe in magic?" And if you do, did it somehow affect your views? Do you carry out "magic" in your life in a positive perspective? 

The phrase "Got to Believe" denotes decisiveness and affirmation just like the character of Kathryn Bernardo who plays "Chichay," a simple girl with big dreams for her family in ABS-CBN's latest  tv series of the same title. Chichay is a teenage girl with a "never say die," motto, a go-getter with such a positive outlook in life despite her family's status. For her, dreaming big and reaching for her ultimate goal is never an impossible vision. As a kid, she takes "magic" as her inspiration, she reckons that everything will turn out right if you just believe in magic. And that attitude had brought her to what she is today.

Kathryn Bernardo during "Got to Believe" grand presscon

If only people would be thinking the same way like Chichay does, I guess, each and everyone of us will be successful in our own respective careers. This is the good point about Chichay's character in the story. 

We've been seeing from "Got to Believe" teleserye teasers that, Daniel Padilla, who plays "Joaquin," in the story has the exact opposite of Chichay's #goodvibes attitude. But this attitude of his, has a very deep and dark reason behind. Joaquin, as a kid, had an accident- he was victimized by a stray bullet from an incident he wish he wasn't there when that happened. That traumatizing experience had really changed Joaquin's personality and attitude... and life; despite of his status as a rich, spoiled prince, he still continues to carry that #badvibes until he grows up. And that's what he became after the freak accident, he feels like the world for him never promises anything bright or positive. We can never blame him for being like that, how could one live a normal and regular life, with a bullet that was struck in his head since day one of that ill-fated and unforgettable moment of his life? Any attempt of recovering the bullet from his head would just aggravate the case, his parents didn't push through with that more risky step that might take their son's life, so they've chosen the other option instead.

Daniel Padilla during "Got to Believe" grand presscon

Back when Chichay and Joaquin were still kids, before the so-called "accident," they were playmates. They were just separated by life's inevitable circumstances. Time passed by, and fate really has its own way... the two teenagers crossed each other's path again. Could you imagine a #goodvibes girl and a #badvibes boy, being together? It's like good girl meets bad boy thing huh! Would Chichay's "go-go-go" attitude do "magic" tricks on Joaquin's cruel and dark world (according to him)? What could possibly make Joaquin's life complete? 

KathNiel sharing "magic" moments together during the presscon held at Dolphy theater

We've really "Got to Believe" in the "magic" of love, I suppose... And once again, the magic of KathNiel's love team will do the tricks. Wanna bet? ;-)

The Philippine showbiz reigning "Teen Queen and King," Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla will be joined by equally good actors from local industry that includes, Manilyn Reynes, Benjie Paras, Ian Veneracion and Carmina Villarroel, directed by the box-office director, the very sexy and pretty, direk Cathy Garcia-Molina. 

One of my fave directors, Ms. Cathy Garcia- Molina :))

L-R: Benjie Paras, Ian Veneracion, Carmina Villarroel, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla during the "Got to Believe" red carpet at their grand presscon

"Got To Believe" cast with direk Cathy and writers

Magic starts tonight... watch "Got to Believe" on Kapamilya network's Primetime Bida after the highest- rating tv series "Juan dela Cruz."  

Let's witness how magic sprinkles on air... 


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