Something New at the Table: "On The Job" movie

"On The Job" movie, a spectacular crime, drama, action movie by prime director Erik Matti starring Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Joel Torre, Joey Marquez, Shaina Magdayao, Empress Schuck, Angel Aquino, Leo Martinez and others. Showing in more that 100 theaters nationwide!

It's been quite a long time, since a film as sensational and as daring as "On The Job" (OTJ), was ever made here in Philippine cinema. Scorning the danger and political nuances of the movie, direk Erik Matti was still vigilant to push through with this film project. Three years in the making, is not a joke he said, they also had difficulties in trying to fix the main characters' busy schedules aside from shooting those fast-paced, chase scenes in real-time crowded areas in the city of Manila, they'd even shot scenes inside a particular city jail. 

The saying, "After every hardship, there comes ease," has proven to be true enough for "OTJ." The film was one of the twenty-one selected feature films screened and had a world premiere in the Directors' Fortnight at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival held in Cannes, France from May 16 until 26, 2013. Based from the different testimonies gathered, the film was warmly received by the viewers (majority French) and had a two-minute standing ovation after its showing. Another recognition received was because of Joel Torre's formidable acting, he was awarded the Best Actor at the Puchon International Fantastic (PiFan) Film Festival in Bucheon, South Korea and the film also received the jury prize. 

During one of the movie's blogcons, direk Erik has mentioned that, "This is a movie that's not about third world poverty, kwento talaga s'ya... may mayaman, may mahirap... it wasn't playing on the third world flavor that much." They also feel so proud of this movie because, "This is a movie that was really made for the local audience, it wasn't made because we're thinking of going to Cannes, this is not art house, di kayo makakakita dito ng nananaginip bigla si Joey, nasa gitna ng laot, di na n'ya alam ang gagawin n'ya sa buhay or si Piolo magsu-suicide, this is a mainstream film and we're even surprised that Cannes took notice of it. They were so thrilled about the film." 

Award-winning filmmaker Erik Matti, Piolo Pascual and Joey Marquez during the 1st leg of the OTJ movie blogcon

Piolo shared during the blogcon: "There was a time when my mom visited the set, 'yun pa 'yung time na pinakamaganda 'yung eksena ko, so naiyak 'yung nanay ko, (he laughs), hindi... seryoso, naiyak talaga 'yung nanay ko because 'yun 'yung ni-lulook forward ko sa pelikulang 'to; something different, something offbeat na never ko pang nagawa sa lahat ng pelikulang nagawa ko sa Star Cinema. Wala sa trailer 'yun, kinareer ko 'yun! Panalo 'yun!"

Gerard shared his experience at the Cannes Film Festival: "Pinaka-surreal na moment was after the premiere, na nagtayuan lahat ng tao, and to think na everybody was French, iba't-ibang lahi, and the movie was in Tagalog pero sobra nilang naintindihan, may subtitles but 'yung kwento, 'yung values, 'yung message na gusto naming iparating, kuhang-kuha nila. I think it was a 2 minute standing ovation."

Joel Torre wants every Filipino moviegoers to witness the controversial chase scenes, he said, "This is a crime story that has a lot of action sequences. Kung mapanood n'yo ang pelikula, maipagmamalaki ko 'yung you'll witness the best chase scene ever. It could even be the best chase scene ever in Philippine cinema. At my age, akala ko relegated na lang ako sa tatay roles, na you get to shoot five days and that's it. But Tatang is a role of a lifetime for an actor. So I'm very grateful to be part of OTJ."

Joey's one-liner: "It's very hard to be right in the wrong government."

I can say that, this film has arrived just in time. you know, of all the things that has been happening around our country, especially with the issue of  Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or famously known as "pork barrel," a budget to spend for localized projects intended for the citizens of this country, now smirched by selfish intentions of certain suspected politicians and businessmen (alleged). This is the time for realization. And in another aspect of life, "On The Job" speaks of the real world, the real truth about real people living in the dirtiest and most unpleasant situation and setting you wish you were not in their shoes. And the redeeming value would be, always stick to the truth and do the right thing for it will lead you to a better, much safer and peaceful avenue. 

"On The Job" is a story of four main male characters in two tandems from opposite ends. Piolo Pascual (Atty. Francis Coronel Jr.) and Joey Marquez (Sergeant Joaquin Acosta) belong to the group who were at the side of the law, chasing criminals who are "on the job," while on the other end, Joel Torre (Mario "Tatang" Maghari) and Gerald Anderson (Daniel Benitez), were the inmates acting as hired hit men every time there's an "outside job" for them. This is a story of struggle, survival, courage, power, desire, corruption, money, lust, domination, love of family and hunger for justice. You will witness how intense their characters are and how they effectively portray their respective roles. 

Piolo Pascual as Atty. Francis Coronel Jr., NBI agent

Joey Marquez as Sergeant Joaquin Acosta

PiFan Best Actor Joel Torre as "Tatang," and Gerald Anderson as "Daniel Benitez"

Tatang and Daniel had their own reasons why they engage in such dreadful acts, the movie only stated the facts to be realistic without justifying such illegal and sinful actions. A lot of us were quite ignorant of that "On The Job" situation being set up from the politicians, to the middlemen involved down to the hit men transported from their cells out the surface. This movie displays that there is really an existing so called "underworld" in our society. Witness those heart-pounding, breath-taking hard action never-before-scenes when these two groups cross each other's paths as they struggle to live caused by their respective missions. 

The powerhouse cast of this internationally-acclaimed action-thriller was also joined by Ms. Vivian Velez, William Martinez, Rayver Cruz, Michael de Mesa, Dawn Jimenez, and Al Tantay. This is a Reality Entertainment and Star Cinema production. 

An action, drama and crime film as vigilant and as transparent as "On The Job" is something you shouldn't miss!
 It is indeed something new at the table... 

L to R: JP Abellera, Dawn Jimenez, Gerald Anderson, Direk Erik Matti, Empress Schuck and Joel Torre during the second leg of  OTJ movie blogcon

Happy 20th Anniversary Star Cinema!!! Do continue to produce elemental, value-oriented and entertaining movies. More power! 

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