Zanjoe Marudo will set a trend in comedy films via Bromance: My Bother's Romance

Bromance: My Brother's Romance cast: (L-R) Carlo Romero, lead star Zanjoe Marudo, direk Wenn Deramas and sultry actress Cristine Reyes 

We've seen Zanjoe Marudo as a serious actor in films such as Star Cunema's Sa'Yo Lamang and his very remarkable performance in Star Cinema's official entry to MMFF 2012,  One More Try with co-actors Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban and Angel Locsin. Being a Star Magic talent, Zanjoe's versatility as an actor was even defined as he became more relaxed with comedy roles. His regular stint in  the gag show Banana Nite and Banana Split: Extra Scoop has even enhanced his capabilities as a comedy actor. 

Zanjoe Marudo during the Bromance presscon

Today, all his efforts and anticipations will be paid-off, as Zanjoe Marudo will set another trend in Philippine comedy films in his own time via the movie Bromance: My Brother's Romance showing in all theaters this May 15,2013 nationwide! In this movie, Zanjoe plays a dual role, portraying Brando as the very masculine mechanic and Brandy, the girly (gay) and successful interior designer. Playing a gay role was not Zanjoe's first, actually, he had done this before in one of the romance anthologies in 24/7 In Love last November of last year under Star Cinema. He played a gay best friend of his "real love" partner, another gorgeous and award winning actress, Bea Alonzo. 

Zanjoe in dual role as Brando and Brandy 

Zanjoe was given another rare opportunity to portray again a gay role, but this time, in a full-length movie, Bromance: My Brother's Romance. He find his role very challenging in a different way, despite the fact that he had been doing comedy roles in Banana Nite and Banana Split: Extra Scoop in ABS-CBN. He said, "Kasi 'yung Banana Split, gag show 'yon, madalas, parang nagbibiruan lang kami doon. Pero dito sa movie, seryosong comedy ang ginawa ko." 

Zanjoe Marudo laughs during the movie's presscon

During our set visit to the movie's one of location shoots in Manila, direk Wenn Deramas was quoted as saying "Zanjoe Marudo will be the Adam Sandler of the Philippines." And based from the movie's teasers, I couldn't agree more with you direk! I can still recall how direk Wenn believe and admire Zanjoe, he has only but good words and praises for his lead actor as well as Zanjoe's leading lady, Cristine Reyes who, according to direk Wenn was so professional, very patient and "real" person. 

Direk Wenn Deramas and Zanjoe Marudo during our set visit 

Cristine Reyes during the movie's presscon

Bromance: My Brother's Romance "blockbuster" director Wenn Deramas

When the full script was offered to direk Wenn, the only actor that he had in mind that will perfectly fit the role was Zanjoe Marudo and the only actress for the role of Erika as Brandy's bestfriend and Brando's apple of the eye was Cristine Reyes. During the movie's presscon, Zanjoe admitted that he mimics his celebrity girlfriend, Bea Alonzo's "pouting lips." Zanjoe was asked if what would he think Bea  would say and react after watching his movie Bromance: My Brother's Romance, Z (Zanjoe) enthusiastically replied, "Bea will be proud of me!" Zanjoe is one hardwroking, humble and friendly actor who's so confident about his sexuality, that's why I really admire his versatility. 

Bromance: My Brother's Romance cast

Bromance: My Brother's Romance is a different kind of comedy film for everyone, it depicts of a family relationship with differences and conflicts. It will also show how they will traverse through life and realize life's lessons and  will leave us thinking how we can relate at the same time be entertained by the funny scenarios and wacky characters in the story like Arlene Muhlach, Joy Viado, Nikki Valdez, Manuel Chua, Boom Labrusca, Joey Parras, Lassy, Maricar De Mesa, Abbie Bautista, Carlo Romero, Jeff Luna and Atak. After all the stressful events that us, Filipinos had experienced these past few weeks brought by the national elections, it's high time that we should go out with the whole family, friends, peers and loved ones. Treat yourselves to a movie date with 

There would be surprise cameo roles of four star celebrities, watch out for it! 

Check out Behind the Scene (BTS) photos during our 
Set Visit and the Grand Presscon here

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