The "Oh My Mama" lesson

Inah de Belen plays Maricel while Jhake Vargas plays Julio in "Oh My Mama" tv series of GMA Network

November 28, 2016

Each and everyone of us has our own sacrifice/s in life. Inah de Belen, belongs to a showbiz royalty being Janice de Belen and John Estrada as her parents who are both equally great in their crafts and acting profession. No wonder Inah really has what it takes to make it here in showbizness. 

Inah is very thankful because GMA Network has given their full trust and confidence in this project which is her starring role. She plays Maricel in the story and it is based on the 1981 film if the same title with Maricel Soriano and William Martinez in lead roles directed by Tony Pascua under Good Harvest Productions. 

GMA's "Oh My Mama" story evolves about a young girl in search for his real father. While she devotes her time searching, she had found out that his real dad works for a syndicate forcing young blood/ kids to work that is punishable by law (child labor). She had become close and has developed attachment to the kids played by Teri Malvar as Peewee, Jhiz Deocareza as Bayani, Bryce Eusebio as Bimbo, David Remo as Empoy and Sofia Pablo as Nicole. 

Inah de Belen with the kids. Photo taken during our "Oh My Mama" set visit in Rizal Provincial Jail 

In order to make things right, they have decided to escape from the syndicate and live their own lives with Maricel as their single adult companion whom they call Mama Cel. 

BTS (Behind the scene) photo taken during our set visit to "Oh My Mama" in Rizal Provincial Jail 

Eunice Lagusad plays Sara Bartolome, Phytos Ramirez as Justin and Analyn Barro as Miley 

Jeric Gonzales plays Zach Ynares 

The take away lesson that we've learned from "Oh My Mama" is that being independent, kind-hearted, family oriented and helpful really pays a lot. For us humans, we have this certain instinct that we are concerned and offer our help to the needy. Regardless of what we would become or what we will have as a result of helping others, Maricel really stood up to her acquired responsibilty despite her young age. 

And as a Filipino, part of our culture is being family-oriented. One would really seek for his/her own blood roots like what Maricel did when she dedicatedly pursued her search for her real father. Amidst all the trials, hardships and sacrifices she still managed to resurface and achieve what she wanted in her life. 

Hope you'll watch the last episode of "Oh My Mama" on December 2, 2016, Friday after Eat Bulaga over GMA Network. 

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