Laser tagging could be this fun at LAZER MAXX

Lazer Maxx at Centris 

I've been passing the Centris MRT station for several years and been seeing the Lazer Maxx laser tag arena nestled along Edsa just few walks away from the said station. 

Never had I imagined that one day, I'll get to try laser tagging at Lazer Maxx. All along I just thought that it's plainly for the younger generations and that it would be awkward on my part to participate in such futuristic and modern kind of laser tagging game. 

All my odd thinkings were thrown away when one sunny afternoon, I was invited to Lazer Maxx together with fellow blogger-friends Lou and Erika. They said we could tag along one companion so, I came with my teener son, Jigo. 

After few talks about the brief background of Lazer Maxx and watching their rules and guidelines on video, we are now set to attack! 

All geared up for laser tagging

We're divided into two teams, each team consists of four members. And Jigo, was one of my opponents hahaha. This is gonna be exciting and very thrilling! 

Inside the two-storey Lazer Maxx arena you'll get to see this 

There are hidden ports or bases inside which you have to search for and once you find it, protect the base from enemies or anyone outside your team. 

My son Jigo has found his hiding place, During the laser tagging, been wondering who's been tricking me and tagging me, 'cause once you're tagged, it will automatically emit sound from your vest and any activity on your part will be suspended but only for few seconds. 

The scenario was, when I discovered about where he was hiding, I just focused on him, I didn't let any chance for him to tag me ever again hahaha, so it was a "Mother and Son laser tagging!" 

Fifteen minutes has passed but I felt it wasn't not enough since all of us were really enjoying and having a great time at my new found adventure which I think, could help us in releasing those stress and at the same time, bond with family and friends! But you can always extend the time, actually it's all up to  you, just inform the Lazer Maxx peeps before you enter the arena. Oh btw, oir team got the highest points so, we won the battle! 

Pretty sure we'll be back to this place, I just realized, this is a different diversion, a modern kind of adventure and everything's fun after all!!! Another amazing experience for me. 


Bring your family and friends and choose your side, as you battle it out in a fun filled game, shooting or tagging your opponents with Laser guns in an arena designed with your civil war and x-men characters.

Laser tagging at Lazer Maxx is not just all fun, it also helps you build team work, strong camaraderie and at the same time, gives you a great physical activity and challenge.

We can also bring the Laser tag experience to you in a  customized indoor/outdoor arena complete with inflatable bases, lights and sound system and seven sets of vests and guns per team. The venue of the outside game will be the client’s preference, whether it be  at a garden, a covered court or even just a spacious room.

Lazer Maxx is open to players of all ages and each arena can accommodate up to 24 participants per game. A single game lasts for about 15 minutes, set in a two-floor arena with obstacles where players can hide and chase their opponents.

Walk-in customers are welcome but reservations are recommended especially on weekends. Standard rates are Php 190.00 per head on weekdays (Monday-Thursday, 12nn-9pm) and Php 220.00 on weekends (Friday-Sunday, 10am-10pm).

For inquiries and reservations, contact Lazer Maxx at 584-5958 for Greenhills and 441- 1958 for Eton Centris Walk. You may also access online at and

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