The Coffee Man: Sasa Sestic's Journey towards his Holy Grail

Sasa Sestic

I've been open about myself, being a coffee-lover, an enthusiast, a coffee-drinker of sorts. But in my almost 20 years of having my cup of coffee (which perks me up), never had I known such an enthusiastic and as compassionate as Sasa Sestic. 

Why am I saying these? You see, I was invited by Sanremo Coffee PH (thanks!) peeps through my blogger friend Gracee Bongolan to watch the special screening of "The Coffee Man," held at The Powerplant Cinema in Rockwell, Makati City. 

This was taken at the special screening of "The Coffee Man" in Powerplant Cinema. Sorry for the blurry image :) 

I also had a Cafe Latte during the event freshly brewed from the Sanremo Coffee Machine 

Yey! Got the ticks and my coffee, now I'm ready to watch. 

Let me give you a brief life background of Sasa based from what I've learned from the documentary film, "The Coffee Man." Sasa is a Serbian born child who later in his life migrated to Australia with his family because of the peace and safety situation of their country, Yugoslavia. 

Sasa, became the Australian representative to the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sidney for the Men's Competition for Handball. What I have observed with Sasa was his compassion in everything he does. He's a very well-motivated person which is a good characteristic and for him, nothing is impossible. 

His affection for coffee is incomparable! And because of this, his search for the Holy Grail, his perfect cup of coffee had brought him to places like Ethiopia, Honduras and Colombia. He traveled the globe along with his family, staff, coffee growers and vendors in pursuit of his perfect coffee, such a very dedicated man. 

Sasa Sestic with his family, friends and team at La Finca De Beti in Honduras

He even bought a coffee farm in Honduras and named it after his wife Beti, it's called La Finca de Beti. Hope Sasa could visit our coffee capital in the Philippines too, which is Batangas. 

In line with his being a certified coffee afficionado, he has joined the Australian Barista Competition and made it to the finals on his 7th attempt . Having won the championship title, he became the Australian's representative to Seattle, USA, where the 2015 World Barista Championship was held. His very efficient coach is the World Barista Champion in 2014 Hidenori Izaki from Japan. 

When finally it was announced that he won the 2015 World Barista Championship, I really felt the positive impact on him and his family and everyone who believes in him. 

Congratulations! You really deserve it! 

Sasa's journey in finding his Holy Grail is a very personal documentary film which will make you feel involved. I felt admiration, I feel the thrills for every competition he joins, I even cheered for him while watching inside the cinema, I laughed and I cried during his down times, most specially when he was greatly affected by the sudden passing away of his trusted man in charge in their Honduras farm. I was unmindful of the time passing by, I really love the whole film. A success story indeed! 

Just recently, another achievement was added to "The Coffee Man" film. They bagged the Best Australian Documentary Film at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (MDFF). 

Sasa Sestic, a family man, a frend, a boss (he owns Ona Coffee in Australia) , a dreamer, a dedicated person, inspirational, and he's definitely "The Coffee Man." 

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