Goldilocks' 10th Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge in its Xtreme level

Goldilocks' 10th Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge (ICDC)

Cakes overload! Colorful and creative cake designs! Uniquely created and delightful to the eyes! Those were the adjectives I used to describe the recently concluded Goldilocks 10th Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge held at The Block of SM City North Edsa.

It was my very first time to witness loads of cakes being decorated all at the same time, with a totality of 50, being passionately done by 10 participating colleges with 5 cakes to finish for each team under a time-pressured mode (take note!) of 5 hours! 

Hosted by top personalities in their own fields, the bubbly and pretty Sam Oh and the very witty and charming DJ Rico Robles, the whole competition would not be that lively and kicking without these two awesome dudes. Kudos to you guys! 

The event hosts Sam Oh and DJ Rico Robles

When I say loads of cakes, I really mean them. Take a look at some of the pictures I've taken during the competition.

This cake collage was also posted on my Instagram account: @amazingjing . You might wanna check it out ☺

These were some of the materials that they've used during the challenge and were also evenly distributed to them. It was up to the teams how would they recreate these decorating materials. 

I took advantage of taking a picture of this particular student who was using an air brush to add color to his cake. Hmmm, I'm really learning from this cake decorating challenge huh! 

Look how crafty and creative these contestants are! 

Just to give you an idea about some of the sidelights of the event

View of the Goldilocks event from the top
Chef Tristan Encarnacion mentoring the students/participants from the Trinity Univesity of Asia 

Here's a brief background of the whole event: 

Since 2006, Goldilocks has been drawing out the most creative cake decorating talents among the youth through their annual Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge (ICDC). Indeed, the competition has transcended school pride, and has become a venue where would-be pastry chefs and bakeshop masters are discovered.

This year’s ICDC drew a particularly large crowd of spectators at The Block at SM North EDSA. Finalists from ten schools were given base cakes that they could stack in layers, gallons and gallons of ultra-premium whipped cream (supplied by co-sponsor Avoset Pour N’ Whip), and a seemingly endless array of edible hues, different shapes and colors of jelly, chocolates, decorative flowers and other ingredients for edible art works. This year, however, provided a truly “Xtreme” twist: teams were made to decorate five cakes in the span of only five hours, based on themes that they only learned about on contest day.

Each team had five participants, representing the best of their culinary arts or hotel and restaurant management courses. In the lead up to the competition, each team was mentored by a top professional chef, in order to prepare them for this one-of-a-kind challenge. Consequently, students from Calayan Educational Foundation, Sain Anne College of Lucena, Pangasinan State University, Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna, Trinity University of Asia, Western Institute of Technology Iloilo, DMCI College Foundation Dipolog, Lyceum Subic Bay, Far Eastern University, and Colegio de San Lorenzo were all on hand to show the audience a delightful display of skill and creativity.

As expected from their young, artistic, and spirited imaginations, all the competing teams came up with five masterpieces that bordered on sculpted cakes to intricate icing art pieces. Submissions for the 50th birthday cake, 50th wedding anniversary cake, “Year 2050” cake, the gold-themed cake, and the number-themed cake showcased intricate, colorful, and even gravity-defying designs.

Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna took the top prize in the 50th birthday cake category, while St. Anne College of Lucena won the 50th wedding anniversary cake category. Western Institute of Technology Iloilo was judged to have the best Year 2050 cake, and Pangasinan State University and St. Anne College Lucena won the gold-themed cake and number-themed cake categories, respectively.

After tallying the cumulative scores, judges Penk Ching, Heny Sison, Millie Dizon, Carol San Pedro, and Cara Wu declared the overall winner and 2016 ICDC champion to be St. Anne College Lucena. The announcement was met with jubilation and wild cheers, particularly from team mentor Chef James Antolin.

Congratulations St. Anne College Lucena, INC

“Some of these designs were really impressive – even at par with commercially available cakes. It’s amazing that these were made on-the-spot by students,” noted Goldilocks Marketing Director Cherry Caluya. “The level of talent possessed by the Filipino youth is truly overwhelming,” she concluded.
It was such an amazing day for everyone, including me, who's just an expectator and admirer of great works! Hoping to cover again the next Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge next year. 
Thank you Goldilocks for being an inspiration and instrumental to these amazing and aspiring students. Truly, this has been an Xtreme level of experience for everyone!!! 
Congratulations to all the winners and the participants! 

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