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It's true! T.G.I.Friday's Philippines is now celebrating its 20th anniversary! And since the very first time that it arrived here in the Philippines, Filipinos really fell in love with their sumptuous dishes, and that includes me and my family! :))

The best thing about T.G.I.Friday’s Philippines’ 20th anniversary is that it’s so big, everybody is invited. Starting as your favorite go-to restaurant for after-office hangout and reunions, it has now evolved as your family-friendly, craving-solver restaurant. 

As a big thanks to all the love and support for the last 20 years, T.G.I.Friday’s is giving away 200 of your favorite Jack Daniel’s burger(oh yeah!).

. In turn, they just ask you to tell them the 20 things you love about T.G.I.Friday’s and the first 10 people gets to win! Like T.G.I.Friday’s on Facebook as they spearhead this party today! 

Let’s kick-start this awesome online party with a bang! Create your own list of  "20 Things I Love about T.G.I.Friday's" as I now share to all of you my dear amazing readers, my complete list. Please place your entries (1 per person only) on the comment box below. I just want to remind you that there should be no repetition of "things" in your list. The promo will run today, December 10 until tomorrow, Dec. 11 only so hurry peeps! 

Qualified winners will be announced on December 15, 2014 on my blog. 

Good luck! 

If you get to be chosen as one of the fastest Top 10 to post their entries, you get to have this, for FREE! It's the Jack Daniel's Burger whoa!!!

20 Things I Love about T.G.I.Friday's

1. The name itself! T.G.I.Friday's is a well-known and respected international restaurant.
2. The ambiance is so cool, very comfy and conducive to eating (super!)
3. The very friendly and hospitable crew.
4. One of the keenest things that I take into consideration when dining-out, is I see to it that the place is clean, and T.G.I.Friday's got it!
5. Highly maintained restrooms. 
6. Ample place for family dining.
7. I like their interiors, so classy yet trendy. 
8. I love the idea that they also post some memorabilia to keep the fun and reminisce remarkable and most cherished memories of the past. 
9. I love watching their talented bartenders do their flaring acts, so breath-taking!
10. I like their color-combination, red and white, (stripes) it's very complimenting. 
11. Of course, how could I forget their food! I get to taste AMERICA!!!
12. To start-off with my most fave and the dishes that I love with T.G.I.Friday's... I'm a fan of spicy food so I really dig their Buffalo Wings which is a traditional upstate New York style chicken.
13. Who doesn't love their crispy and real potato fries?! Have you tried their Chilli Cheese Fries? It's a #musttry dearies :))
14. For salads, I've a new love. It's the Southwest Shrimp Caesar Salad. The next time you visit, ask for it.

Southwest Shrimp Caesar Salad

15. Of course, I wouldn't want to miss Jack Daniel's Burger! 
16. They always come up with different concoctions and my classic love is the Gold Medalist which is a mixture of Strawberry purée,  (I so love strawberries!) banana, grenadine,Coco Real
17. Another new love, Chicago Braised Pork Belly.You should not miss this oh so tempting huge piece of meat. 

Can you see this? This is the irresistible mouth-watering Chicago Braised Pork Belly. This is braised pork belly topped with rich brown sauce served with mashed potatoes and sauteed broccoli.

18. They have wide-array of food selections, they even have local favorites like the Three-Meat Platter which is good for 3-4 pax, perfect when you're dining with family and friends.
19. BIG SERVINGS that suits our budget.
20. As much as I want to add my fave dessert, I'd prefer to end my list with a very good compliment that, kudos to T.G.I.Friday's for always keeping up with their valued clients and optimizing their industry by creating exciting and great promos, like this one. So to you guys... more power! 


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Hi y'all! Hope you're all doin' fine whenever and wherever you are, amazing peeps! As promised, I am now announcing the qualified winners for the T.G.I.Friday's Jack Daniel's Burger Giveaway that ran last December 10-11, 2014 here in my blog, courtesy of our very friendly and well-loved restaurant, T.G.I.Friday's in line with their 20th Anniversary here in the Philippines. But wait, before anything else, here's another great news from T.G.I.Friday's, instead of having 10 winners, we're gonna have 11 winners for their giveaway! Isn't it amazing??!!!

Before I proceed with the list of winners, please allow me to first, thank everyone who have read my blog and participated in "20 Things I Love about T.G.I.Friday's" online promo. It was a very brief giveaway, but I  hope you all had a great time! And I promise you more online promos and blog giveaways to come! Just keep on visiting my blog, subscribe, tweet me, follow me on my social media accounts and see you online!

Winners Circle

1. Leira Pagaspas
2. Bedalyn Aguas (Bedalyn Daylisan)
3. Marie Lovelle Gomez
4. Lally Ruth M. Gonzales
5. Paula Marie Raymundo
6. Yhie Nocasa (Lorielyn Nocasa)
7. Angelyn Demo
8. Ailyn May F. Gilvero 
9. Jay Hendrix (Jayson Rosales Sarza)
10. Allyzon Mae Sabio
11. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

Congratulations to all the 11 winners! 

Please contact me through my email addy, so I can send you the details on how you could claim your prizes! 

God bless everyone!!!

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  1. 1. Perfect place for family dine-in
    2. Ambiance
    3. Wide varity/selection of food
    4. Discounts, Promos and Freebies
    5. Friendly, well-trained staff
    6. Good service
    7. Restaurant colors and designs are soothing
    8. Big servings, big savings
    9. Homey Atmosphere
    11. Clean restroom
    12 The Food never changes
    13 .Crispy, fresh salads like Citrus Shrimp Summer Salad
    14 .Al Dente Pasta dishes
    15. The sweetness of desserts are just right like the Mud Pie…yummy
    16. Cutie uniforms with pins and caps
    17. Awesome Holiday Events being joined and celebrated
    18. Price just right for the bite
    20. Kiddie Friendly

  2. Happy Anniversary T.G.I.F
    1. Perfect name (T.G.I.F)
    2. Friendly Staff
    3. Offer my favorites pasta dishes.
    4. Talented Bartender
    5. Perfect Place for family bonding.
    6. Perfect place for reunion with old friends.
    7. Perfect place for lovers.
    8. Offer big & juicy burgers.
    9. Lots of promos and discounts.
    10. Offer healthy salad.
    11. Wonderful ambiance.
    12. Mouthwatering menu all the time.
    13. Offer my favorite drinks like shake.
    14. Wonderful set up for party and events.
    15. Wonderful website.
    16. Updated on social media.
    17. Offer Filipino dishes.
    18. Jack Daniels Burger.
    19. Big Servings
    20. Love their colors!!!!

  3. 20 Things I Love about TGIFridays:
    1. Great place to dine in.
    2. Good service.
    3. More food options to choose from.
    4. I love the American food they serve!
    5. Their yummy and crispy french fries.
    6. Luscious ribs.
    7. Jack Daniel's Burger
    8. Huge Servings!
    9. Superb quality of food.
    10. Mojitos
    11. Very entertaining bartenders
    12. Tasty smoothies.
    13. Peppercorn New York Steak
    14. Mocha Mudslide.
    15. Worth our budget.
    16. Awesome ambiance.
    17. Clean comfort rooms.
    18. Cajun Chicken Shrimp Pasta
    19. Music
    20. Great party packages!

  4. Happy anniversary TGIF! Here's my 20 things I love about TGIF:
    1. The name itself. Thank God it's Friday :-)
    2. Superb dishes.
    3. Ambiance
    4. Friendly staff
    5. Shakes
    6. Value for money
    7. Great place for our me and hubby's dinner date
    8. Awesome interior
    9. Jack daniels burger
    10. Salad
    11. Kid friendly
    12. Clean comfort rooms
    13. Nachos, my favorite
    14. Desserts
    15. Discount and promos
    16. Taste of American food
    17. Pasta
    18. Great place for dinner with friends
    19. They have lots of branches in the metro
    20. User friendly website

  5. 1.Clean restroom
    2. Greets birthday with freebies
    3. Cozy Place
    4. Good services
    5. Promos
    6. Wide choice of foods in the menu
    7. Food is served hot
    8. Discount
    9. Gift Certificates
    10. Bartenders
    11. The Crew Cap
    12. Great Chef
    13. Fine Tasting Western Foods
    14. Music They Played
    15. Desserts
    16. Fast and efficient service
    17. Classy
    18. Approachable Staff
    19. Their Uniform
    20. Great sports memorabilia

  6. Happy Anniversary T.G.I.F
    1. Perfect name (T.G.I.F)
    2. Friendly Staff
    3. Offer my favorites pasta dishes.
    4. Talented Bartender
    5. Perfect Place for family bonding.
    6. Perfect place for reunion with old friends.
    7. Perfect place for lovers.
    8. Offer big & juicy burgers.
    9. Lots of promos and discounts.
    10. Offer healthy salad.
    11. Wonderful ambiance.
    12. Mouthwatering menu all the time.
    13. Offer my favorite drinks like shake.
    14. Wonderful set up for party and events.
    15. Wonderful website.
    16. Updated on social media.
    17. Offer Filipino dishes.
    18. Jack Daniels Burger.
    19. Big Servings
    20. Love their colors!!!!


  7.  Their chicken fingers
     So tasty Garlic Chicken Primavera
     Free WIFI
     Affordable Party Food Packages
     Nice staff uniforms with pins and caps
     Delicious food
     Their famous fish Tacos
     Oh so tempting desserts
     value for money
     Jack Daniel's Burger
     World-renowned bartenders
     Secured parking space
     Presentable and neat table setting
     Scrumptious servings
     Chicken Quesadilla
     Oreo Madness
     Accommodating staff
     Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
     Clean restroom
     Great furnitures

  8. Top 20 things I love about TGIFriday's Philippines
    3. A place for family and friends
    4.They have a lot of branches
    5.Of Course their Beer!
    6.There are Child Friendly
    7.Clean Restroom
    8.Their Party Packages
    9.Delectable menu all year round!
    10.They offer the best past dishes
    11.Mouthwatering desserts
    12. Contemporary design of resto
    13. Jack Daniels Porckchop
    14. Their American pop culture memorabilia
    15.Clean Restroom
    16.The Bistro Group Loyalty Card
    18.Great Chef
    19. Shakes
    20.relaxed music
    #‎TGIFridaysPh‬ ‪#‎TGIFPhils20thAnniversary‬

  9. The Top 20 things I Love about TGIFriday's Philippines
    1. The name f course TGIF Thank God It's Friday
    2. Good Service
    3. Kiddie Friendly
    4. Uniforms with pins and caps
    5. French Fries
    6. Ambiance
    7. Promos and discount
    8. Kiddie Food
    9. Jack Daniel's Burger
    10. Shakes
    11. Salad
    12. free wifi
    13. Music
    14. Clean Comfort Room
    15. American Food
    16. Huge Servings
    17. wide selection of food
    18. Accessible location of their stores
    19. cozy place
    20. Perfect for family bonding ever!
    Happy 20th Anniversary TGIF!

  10. i like about TGI Friday's
    1. huge servings
    2. baby back ribs
    3. the staffs are very accommodating
    4. the place to be in any occasion
    5. quick service
    6. heavenly desserts (oh god!)
    7. the ambience
    8. instagram perfect food presentation
    9. chicken fingers
    10. PROMOS
    11. cocktails
    12. green mango shake
    13. bacon cheeseburger
    14. the music
    15. american feel
    16. buffalo wings (cant get enough)
    17. Mozzarella sticks
    18. majestic Seafood platter
    19. forget the diet feel
    20. Its always friday!

    happy 20th, TGI Friday's!

  11. "Happy 20th Anniversary TGIF Philippines! ‪#‎TGIFridaysPH‬ ‪#‎TGIFPhils20thAnnversary‬

    20 Things I love About T.G.I.Friday's Philippines:

    1. I love their flavorful burgers, hi fantastic Jack Daniels Burger!
    2. I love their free wi-fi access.
    3. I love their very nice atmosphere.
    4. I love their excellent food servings.
    5. I love their music.
    6. I love their mouth-watering desserts.
    7. I love their kiddie packages.
    8. I love their wonderful and exciting promos.
    9. I love their staff because they are excellent, very friendly, polite, attentive when needed and genuine.
    10. I love their awesome surprises.
    11. I love the quality of their food and their chef's creativity.
    12. .I love the cleanliness of their comfort room.
    13 .I love their energetic managers.
    14. I love their updates.
    15. I love the convenience of their branches.
    16. I love their extensive food menu with a good variety of price options.
    17. I love their nicely decorated interior.
    18. I love their coctails selection.
    19. I love the prices which seemed very reasonable for the high quality of the food.
    20.I love TGIF beacause it is truly an excellent restaurant and I strongly suggest this
    perfect place to everyone!

  12. Hope to win this fabulous mouth watering superb obese food. I want this. Hehe. Thanks jing.

  13. 20 Things I love about TGIFridays
    *The dishes are so flavorful
    *Cute servers in costumes
    *Majestic platter of Nachos
    *Free WIFI
    *Wide variety of dishes to choose from their menu
    *Kiddie crew during summer and more paandar for everyone
    *Mojitos and good looking baristas
    *Perfect dining ambiance for family and friends
    *Staff are so nice and attentive to your needs
    *Happy and positive vibes only
    *Dishes are good for sharing
    *Instagramable food and interior pieces
    *All-time american favorites are within your reach at TGIF
    *Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta lover forever
    *Best hangout place for friends chika and catch ups
    *Mocha Mud Pie
    *Freebies and Promos
    *Buffalo wings
    *Momentous gatherings are perfect to celebrate here such as birthdays or anniversary
    *Mouth watering and heavenly desserts

  14. 1. FREE WIFI
    2. Attentive and accommodating staff
    3. Jack Daniel's Burger
    4. Oreo Madness
    5. Delicious food
    6. Scrumptious servings
    7. Delectable desserts
    8. Chicken Quesadilla
    9. Affordable Party Packages
    10. Their branches are accessible along the Metro
    11. They offer other services that can complete a grand party like, magician, bubble show, glitter tattoo and many more.
    12. Their famous fish Tacos
    13. World-renowned bartenders
    14. Freebies given to the birthday celebrator. I had my birthday here in this resto and they gave me free cake! That was 10 years ago tho.
    15. Friday's mozarella! I love this cheese!
    16. Their chicken fingers (They will have a promo tomorrow! Php20 for chicken fingers!)
    17.Garlic Chicken Primavera. So delicious, I ended dreaming about this!
    18.Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I don't eat veggies but this one of my favorite! Wala akong tinira, as in! Ubos! :)
    19. Jack Daniel’s Ribs. One of the best ribs that my Dad and I really really loved!
    20. Gold Medalist. One of my favorite smoothies!

  15. 1. good service
    2. tasty food
    3. discounts
    4. promo
    6.excellent costumer service
    7. great ambiance
    8. drinks
    9. menu
    10. good location
    11. perfect dipping sauce
    12. approachable crews
    13. price
    14. good ambiance
    15. social media updates
    16. quality foods
    17. entertaining music
    18. Full Rack of Ribs
    19. big portions of foods
    20. delicious fries

  16. Top 20 things I love about TGIFridays

    1. Ambiance
    2. Friendly Staff
    3. Locations
    4. Salads!
    5. The Jack Daniels Menu
    6. Cocktails
    7. The flaretenders!
    8. Wi-fi in all stores
    9. The cozy couches
    10. Promos~
    11. The hearty serving
    12. Milkshake
    13. Buffalo wings
    14. Thick cut fries
    15. Great American flavor
    16. The culture
    17. Burst of happy colors
    18. Their huge burgers
    19. Appetizers
    20. It's a wonderful place to kick back, relax, and have fun!

  17. Top 20 things I Love about TGIFriday's Philippines are:
    1. Huge servings/portions
    2. Chicken Fingers
    3. Pinoy Platter
    4. babyback ribs
    5. awesome dips!!
    6. Jack Daniel's Burger
    7. Fun vibe!!
    8. Discounts and promotions
    9. high quality of food
    10. Mojitos
    11. Kiddie Crew program
    12. Garlic chicken primavera
    13. Chicken quesadillas
    14. Oreo milkshakes
    15. Salad options
    16. free wifi
    17. Promos and discount
    18. Kiddie Food
    19. Jack Daniel's Burger
    20. Various Smoothies

  18. 20 Things I Love About T.G.I.Friday's Philippines

    1. Who doesn't love Fridays?
    2. And Mojitos.
    3. Jack Daniel's Rib & Shrimp
    4. Great crew uniforms - "I'd like to apply!" was my first thought on seeing them. Haha
    5. Crazy good store decorations
    6. Elvis!
    7. Cajun Style Fish and Chips
    8. Caramel Cheesecake
    9. Texas Ribeye!!!
    10. Cowboy Triple Meat Burger o_0
    11. Chili Pineapple Mojito (Bicol version! Haha)
    12. Great service!
    13. Did I mention great foods and food choices?
    14. It's a complete weekend hangout - dine, wine and relax with friends and family.
    15. French Onion Soup, let's not forget.
    16. And they have Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad!
    17. There's always great promos and deals!
    18. Having a party? No problem! They have great party package selections.
    19. You don't have to go to the US to taste great American foods.
    20. Php20 chicken fingers for their 20th anniv!

  19. I - Incredibly fun ambiance

    S - Superb quality of food

    O - Outstanding customer service

    L - Location is at its best, we have one 5 minutes away from home.

    O - Oreo Madness

    V - Very wide array of choices.

    E - Everyday feels like Friday!

    Y - Yolo so best spend it at TGIF!

    O - Onion Rings

    U - Unlimited mojitos

    T - Three for All Sampler Platter

    G - Good for sharing servings

    I - Iced cold drinks

    F - Freshest greens available.

    R - Really fun bartending

    I - Instant discount with BDJ Coupon

    D - Date nights in TGIF

    A - Amazing experience

    Y - Your promotions

    S - Starwars designs.

    Ma. Clarice Itumay

  20. Top 20 things I love about TGIFriday's Philippines:

    1. A place for family and friends
    2. Tender pork & beef dishes
    3. Big servings
    4. Helpful website
    5. American vibe
    6. Healthy & fresh salads
    7. The bartenders are awesome
    8. Juicy Burgers
    9. Contemporary design of resto
    10. Relaxing ambiance
    11. Mouthwatering desserts
    12. Mojito
    13. Delectable menu all year round
    14. Fresh and unique drinks
    15. Free wifi
    16. They offer kiddie package
    17. They offer the best pasta dishes
    18. Friendly staff
    19. They have a lot of branches
    20. Promos & discounts

    Maria Corazon Letada

  21. Kristina Marie LetadaDecember 11, 2014 11:56 PM

    Top 20 things I love about TGIFriday's Philippines:

    1. Best place to go if you want a full meal
    2. A place to drink
    3. comfort food
    4. Their burgers and ribs
    5. Must try is their Adobo
    6. Awesome place
    7. Good ambiance
    8. Yummy steaks
    9. Place to watch sports games
    10. Good music
    11. Updated websites
    12. A lot of branches
    13. Freebies
    14. Pasta dishes
    15. Desserts
    16. Friendly staffs
    17. Promos
    18. Big portion of food
    19. Good music
    20. Varieties of drinks

  22. Thank you #amazingjingforlife #itschowtime

    1. Hi Jay! Please email me asap for the details on how you could claim your prize. Thanks and Congrats again!


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