Cheers to long-lasting Hapee-ness! #HapeeDelivery

Long-lasting smiles for long-lasting Hapee-ness!

Just watched a very touching video about three people with one purpose in life, that is, to live happily with their family in the simplest way they can. They all have the same job description: To deliver the packages to the right persons/ designations no matter where and no matter what. They spend long hours of travel and search, sometimes not even knowing where they're heading since most of the time, they deliver to peculiar people in most unusual places, risking their lives. 

We know them, they are our neighbors, maybe we have friends who are like them, relatives perhaps or acquaintances. They belong to the silent workers in the society that are often neglected and less appreciated. They send us packages personally right to our doorstep, rain or shine, they are present to deliver us hapee-ness! And their mere presence in front of our door, means a lot to us, isn't it? Be it a surprise or an expected package, they still are instrumental to all these great happenings. Yes, they are our very hard-working messengers like Geron Samson, Nilandro Lagando and Wilmer Peracion.

This Christmas, Hapee Toothpaste had an initiative to bring Hapee-ness by putting priceless smiles to three dedicated messengers from different companies. Each has their respective stories to tell... but this time, something different yet special happened to them... hope you watch this very heart-warming video so you'll know what I am talking about my dear amazing readers.

Salute to all the Filipino workers! 
May you all have the Hapee-iest Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!! 
"Ngiting Pinoy, Ngiting Hapee!"

Cheers to long-lasting Hapee-ness! 

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