"Who is your first love?" Video #SigeMomLove

Every time this popular question "Who is your first love?" is being brought up, who do you really have in mind? Without even batting an eyelash, if you would care to answer that question, who would that be?

Breeze Philippines has selected various celebrities and personalities proudly and unhesitatingly talking about their "first loves." Watch this video as the likes of Sam YG, JC Intal, Mikael Daez, Mikey Bustos and Paolo Abrera share their greatest revelations. 

If I am to ask about my first love? 

She is my very first and true love. My Mom! The most amazing mom in the world, who gives us unconditional love and always brings out the best in us. A true inspiration and the real mom icon for us. We owe her everything as well as who and what we are today. And oh, btw, she's also my "first kiss." :)) I love you my Mama Tess, more than you'll ever know. Thank God for giving me  parents like you and dad. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

Make everyday a "Heart's Day!" 


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